The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Are Out Of Cocktail Wienies

But they're chock-full of Cliff, bad Photoshop, and comeuppance faces, as we catalog the most important moments from S02.E06.

The Go Pirates! podcast that goes with these Visual Aids weren't entirely up-front with you.

When your dad just lost an election.

When you just lost an election, and to Lamb, no less.

When your work friend just lost an election but at least the booze is free. ...Well, what's left of it. you. Hee.

Lying dork who lies.

Deputy Sachs displaying his customary enthusiasm.

"I won the election AND I get to arrest Logan Echolls?"

"Nah, it's cool about you and my stepmom...since I jerked it to your mom on the reg."

"Cool story, bro?"

Logan seems pretty into this handcuff sitch.

Abel Koontz has seen better days. Like, even in jail.

Doorstops were different back in the day.

Pretty sure this is a different dweeb from the non-speaking one who played Amelia's BF the last time.

"Everyone loves me -- with good reason! -- but you should still get a 'real' attorney."

In which Logan begins to see the wisdom in Cliff's advice.

The PCHers are pissed.

REALLY pissed.

We love Lamb's expression at the Casa Echolls barbecue.

Wait, who's this rando? (We know who it is, don't at us.)

At least this ANTM alum is dressed appropriately for her ostensible job.

Hello, Hick Central Casting?

If Keith buys this ruse, he needs his eyes checked.

Guess Veronica located Amelia's...Palm? Don't get up, we'll fire ourselves.

Uh oh.

Don't fuck with them, squared.

Smug Aaron.

"I can get to you anytime."

Unsmugged Aaron.

Wiedman Confidential.

You mess with the bull, Grandma gets the horns.


Not Photoshop's finest hour.

"Sure, Amelia's happy. Can't you tell from this crestfallen face?"

When your ex moved in with your boyfriend and nobody bothered telling you.

The education system under Betsy DeVos. ...Too soon?

Wellllll looky here what Keith found on the bus.

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