The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Are Just Somebody's Patsy

Our hero confronts a Gossip Girl, Keith, and Abel Koontz in the most important snapshots from S01.E14, 'Mars vs. Mars.'

The Go Pirates! podcast that goes with these Visual Aids award the point.

When your frenemy thinks his mother is still alive.

Doofy face/sweater combo.

Classic aughties super-narrow scarf...

...and super-low-rise pant.

That's right, Wallace; make her work for it.

Not that she cares what we think but missy's lip gloss is on point.

We love Adam Scott, and this vanity-free performance, but the hair is not good.

Neither is...this.

And then Veronica finds out her dad's repping Lip Gloss instead of Bad Hair.

The ghost of lip gloss past.

White trash walkin'.

Sometimes, your witness is an Echolls crazer.

Foxy portrait with shit-ton of glass brick.

"Jenga, bitch!"

Keith regrets nothing. Nor should he.

Being petite FTW.

Carmela Soprano, is that you?

The black sheets of get me the hell out of here.

"Hold on, just Planet Zowie-ing that information." LOL.

Vintage Clemmons skepticism, possibly of the fact that this hearing is open to randos like that lady behind him.

Dumb Wiener Herzog.

Abel's dying AND he just got owned. Rough day at the office.

Game recognizes game.

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