The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Are A Little Tired Of Doing You Favors

Dig the minty-freshest screenshots from S01.E18, 'Weapons Of Class Destruction'!

The Go Pirates! podcast that accompanies these Visual Aids is something else, isn't it.


Double sigh with extra fazool.

Good thing it's not super-awk that the 'rents are dating or anything. [kaff]

Pirate pride done right. Ready? Okay!

Clemmons is not having it, but for once, we disagree.

Special guest star Jonathan Slater Thomas.

tfw your flashback wig has regressed in quality.

Mac and Veronica, sitting in a tree? K-I-S-S-I-N-G? Once Lani brought it up, we couldn't unsee it.

Meg and Veronica, sitting in a tree? Well, okay, actually it's that someone needs to chop down the tree that's between them whose name rhymes with "Flunkin'," but: bagatelles.

Oak-ay, who farted?

Someone's been eating cabbage, and Duncan is a beech about it.


Well. Yeah.

Aaaaand that's how the internet exploded. Worth it!

Norris and Veronica, sitting etc.

"Hi. I did it."

Nothing to see here.

Meg wonders why Duncan wood leaf her.

Joey Lauren Adams gets to leave on a triumphant note.

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