The Things The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Will Say To Get Past Second Base

What's wrong with this picture?, and other questions raised by the most important screenshots from S02.E01.

The Go Pirates! podcast that goes with these Visual Aids can't believe how squeamish you are.

"So you're an 09er now?"

"Your face is an 09er."

"New" "York" weather forecast.

"Thanks, but only I get to make inappropriate comments about Keith."

"I know this is awkward, but my hair looks great, right?"

We're kind of loving Meg's heel turn.

Because the most interesting mysteries get solved on a whiteboard.

Spawn of Clemmons.

What's this Riverdance business? Is that how Weevil got kicked in the face -- peering at it close up to try to figure out what's going on with it?

RIP Felix, and Brad Bufanda.

Does Logan shave his armpits?

Although if this version of Mrs. Robinson asked him to, we suppose we get it.

So THAT'S how it is in their family.

Behold the ultra-aughties 6-in jeans rise.

Isn't it log-roll-mantic?

LLOL Logan's face in this screengrab.

Please don't say the word "nipples" ever again, Sheriff.

It's interesting that these four are so chummy. And by "interesting," we mean "messed up."

Fine: hee.

Of all the people to turn into a stage-five clinger...

Woody. Hooooo boy.

We love Gia, though.

The as-yet-unseen Jackie's dad.

Not to speak ill of the about-to-be-dead, but what is this outfit.

We know we say on the pod that it's Meg who saves Veronica, but maybe it's actually Lilly. Lilly is, after all, the best.

"Get on. Not that I'm happy about it."




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