Tell Me What You Think About The Veronica Mars Visual Aids

Seriously, be completely honest about all the key snapshots from S02.E17, 'Plan B.'

The Go Pirates! podcast was admiring her sweater.

The face of future civic responsibility.

Remember when Weevil was King Shit of Fuck Mountain?

RIP, squared. Sigh.

When Weevil knows you too well.

N...ot the shocker. Hee.


Even bester.

What's an FBLA, exactly?


Also cute! Enjoy it while it lasts.

When your intern is a big photo op.

Readers, please source this Logan shirt for us.

"Yeah, I'll totes testify on this smug 09er brat's behalf."

Wavy hair of sadness.

Charlie, who deserves better than this bullying.

Jackie, who agrees.

And who needs to share her line on that sweater AND those bracelets with Sarah like yesterday.


Good on Molly getting some useful intel out of this viper'snest.


Cutest couple, the end.

Welcoming committee.

Oh, Wallace -- we get it, but: no.

The dumb weiner kids who may get Weev busted.

Sad no-sex face is decidedly less cute than beaming happy face on this kid.

This relationship cracks us up, primarily because neither Weev nor Keith finds the other amusing at all.

"Did I mention how very NBD that DVD is? And can I...have it now?"

"Sure can, 'cause I definitely did not make a copy thanks to your sketcho behavior."

Not a face that bodes well for a relationship IOE.

Sad Mac with tater tots.

Adios, puta.

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