Sounds Like A Swell Campaign Slogan For The Next Veronica Mars Visual Aids

Scandalous security-cam footage, dumb bulletin boards, adorable emotional-support puppers, and more key snapshots from S02.E16.

You know, all the girls on track are jealous of the accompanying Go Pirates! podcast.

What are these two, again?

tfw you have to go through with the deal you made.

tfw you didn't know about this deal and are totally blindsided.

Because of course George Michael grew up to be a campus tour guide.

Sweet tee on Wallace.


Aw, Hannah even used the Monopoly jailbird design.

Frat douche is a douche.

Not that it wasn't still satisfying, but the actor closing his eyes before the beer arrives suggests this isn't the first take. Or the third.

"Did I do that?" (Ron Howard: "She did.")

An Ashmore commits.

And Alia Shawkat is here for it.

What could this be?

...Oh. (hee.)

Ew, but at least he'll lose that hair.

Frat douche still douche. Also, what's with these names? They're amazeballs. "Chanter Legree"?

Not quite the #MeToo movement yet, but again, we appreciate the background actors' giving it their all.

Dick's game face. "It's meeee, your spiiiine."

An affecting reveal, despite a still-obvious bald cap.

Wig lady is perfection.

Always bring props on a blackmail trip.

Smug recognize smug.

This actual "me too" is a rough one.

When you stupidly keep/proudly display the evidence that you're a rapey felon club. Also, "Mr. Roofie"? ffs.

Not sure how much good Killer's going to be in the protection department, but he's rull cute.

"Dad, your hooker's here!"

Too bad Griffith picked now to grow a spine, eh what, Logan?

Fake Journo Veronica is one of the best Veronicae.


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