Quid Pro Quo, Veronica Mars Visual Aids. Quid. Pro. Quo.

Harry Hamlinnibal, national treasure -- and other important snapshots from S02.E15, 'The Quick & The Wed.'

The Go Pirates! podcast that goes with these Visual Aids will be wearing an I'm With Stupid t-shirt.

True Detective Season 3. ...Hey, we'd watch that.

When Keith changes his tune again.

Hee! However: totally would.

Dick, sensitive as ever to Echolls family tragedy.

Try-hard, part the first.

And part the second. Lord, remember when you literally could not find a skirt longer than 14 inches? Shut up, aughts.

Why is a rock that looks like a Christmas tree -- from one of those party-favor sets at the dollar store -- so expensive, again? Putting the "loo" back in "heirloom," if you ask us.

Nobody does smug like this guy.

Is that binder actually full of women, because knowing Cliff...

"Wanna see my huge tracts of land?"

Looks like that's a yes from both Aarons.


That's a good way to lose a finger, Logan.

Viewers at home, this incorporation lesson will be on the test.

He's cute, buuuut this seems like a lot of effort.

We get that the mother of the groom doesn't think this is going to happen, but then why is her husband in full morning-coat regalia if she's half-assing it with business cazh?

Kind of a lot of pics -- and stagey ones -- for a dude, IOO.

Kendall earns her percentage.

It feels good to give up when you've been overmatched from the jump. (Or it feels like you're pooing a cube. Hard to tell with this actor.)

"I've been a bad boy, some more."

"No shit, some more."

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