Private Eyes Are Watching The Veronica Mars Visual Aids

Sing it out with all the most important pics from S01.E17, 'Kanes and Abel's'!

The Go Pirates! podcast that goes with these Visual Aids were looking for "pimp" in the phone book.

Help you, Mr. Guy N.T. Loomis?

Where else to stash Amelia, after all.

And what else would she be watching in her lam room.

You're in college, not first grade.

Photoshop lulz.

Maybe don't leave this open? Ctrl-Tab, come on.

The sweater says it all.

Aw, Dick is friends with a poor!

Great moments in novelty signage.

Oh, Kaz. Shouldn't a 35-year-old's lurking game be tighter than this?

Oh, Backup's already been broughten.

Rave dorks.

Like everything else about this character, the weird shirt-tucking is a perfect beat.

...Does Camille bite?

Checks out.

Swiss Family Awkinson.

Still the best.

Still...not the best.

Grade-grubbing bray.

Go Pirates!

Mustache hee. (Sarah still would.)

When trees attack.

Anyone hear sizzling?

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