Part Of The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Are Proud...

...but we won't just leave it at that as we compile the most notable screenshots from S01.E03!

The Go Pirates! podcast that accompanies these Visual Aids would have expected sex, had that worked.

Oh look, the scion of a tech magnate has the same iPod as everyone else.

In Troy's hands, the faux gratitude at Veronica agreeing to go out with him is adorbs. (Now imagine Brandon Walsh doing it.)

"God, my head's all fuzzy. What am I doing here again? ...'Acting'? That doesn't seem right."

"Future Oscar-winner here, can I get some service?"

tfw when your friend gives you shit because a fetus made you a mix CD.

Troy does his best to cope with the awkward.

Duncan laughs at calling Shelley the wrong name, and so do we.

Cross street: Parot Blvd.

Get it, girl.

"...Having a sandwich? Doing a flip off the bleachers? Maybe this Grease reference will jog my memory."

"But you're not my sister, are you? Oh, wait."

"To quote a personal hero of mine, WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS?!"

[Austin Powers voice] Is it cold in here?

Classic mid-aughts brooch styles.

Lots of "So THAT'S how it is in their family" all up in here.

When they invite you to stay for dinner, but you've gorged yourself on Un! Comfort! food.

They hate each other, but they're both concerned about their friend's acting health.

tfw when your shitty college roommate left you to deal with her kid AND drank all your Schnapps.

A rough episode ends on a high note.

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