Okay, So The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Lied To You

Some notable looks (in both senses of the word) from the show's pilot episode.

Listen, man, the Go Pirates podcast that goes with these Visual Aids doesn't have a problem with you.

Razor-y pilot hair, which Sarah for one wishes had stuck around, because the short and bristly 'do spoke more to the character's alienation.

No one's missing the pilot wig, exactly? But this one's less budge than in future flashbacks.

Spelling and compassion: neither a hallmark of the PCHers.

This is about where Sarah fell in love with show and protagonist.

The Belted Collarless Trench Of Hatred. (Sarah would wear it.)

Who's got KANE 1? Did they retire Lily's number or something?

Hey, Cliff!

Hey, aughties tech like pagers and photo CDs!

His acting might not be the easiest to detect, but you can't beat the baby blues on this kid.

"My sister died. Also, who farted?"

Maybe he's reacting to the omnipresent Uggs on Veronica. That said, though they're hiddy, it's one of the ways the show is good at feeling real and making the kids at its center seem like kids.

Backup 1.0 (series-run Backup is not cow-patterned).

Aw. Hope!

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