Oh My God, Tell Me That Is Not The Veronica Mars Visual Aids

This and other not especially maternal reaction shots from S02.E09, 'My Mother The Fiend.'

The Go Pirates! podcast that accompanies these Visual Aids does love a good exit line.

Aw, Hauser looks almost maternal!

...Well, that ended.

Because why wouldn't Duncan have a sense of humor about babies at the moment? ...Sigh.

Is Beav looking kinda goth here? If so, we're not hating it.

Hee, "Philipina."

We make the same face when someone mentions Lianne.

Night Weevs.

Not sure we'd be so quick to laugh at Weevil's plight.

Especially when he's looking this roof.

The one person with good things to say about Lianne.

This Trina Hamlet poster is kind of great.

This Trina yard sale on the Yorick skull is kind of the greatest.

The BTVS Memorial Catfight is on.

Using Kendall's money-grubbing like a boss.

What is this face? Not that we want to look into anything Lianne did either, but...weren't you married? Didn't she steal your daughter's college fund? Is this thing on?

When Celeste overhears your super-obvious shade.

This won't be the last time we admire the commitment of the background actors in these Visual Aids.

A-plus production design as well. Whichever PA had to strew all those paper towels around: well done.

Hector's not buying what Weevil's selling.

This is cute...for now.

Would watch.

As much as we love Veronica for coming clean with Trina about her ruse, we love Trina even more for being so into it.

If you don't tear up at this moment, no judgments. Buuuuuut you might be a monster.

Trina's big moment is entirely earned, and this extra's gawping is a little bonus for us.

Awwwww yeah.

Oh, shit.

Ohhhh, shit.


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