Nobody Likes The Veronica Mars Visual Aids In A Hamster Ball

All the most important snapshots from S02.E21, 'Happy Go Lucky.' Surprise!

Seems the Go Pirates! podcast that goes with these pics was struck by lightning.

The personality-disordered cousin of the humblebrag, the humblesmug.

And we neeeeever saw her again. Sigh.

Enjoy these two while you can, too.

Good thing this sort of incident is in the past. ...Wait.

Probably not quite what they had in mind vis-a-vis mentorship there, chief.

This lady is not having it with "mrgoodwood." Hew.

Is he dying of consumption, or what?


When a witness lies, and not in your favor.

An air-quote too far.

Not to Mars-shame, but this is kind of a lot of cleavage for a teen girl in court.

The tutoring is going swimmingly.



Scary range here from the Gute.

Hark: a clue!

Not worth it, Veronica.

When Lamb has to eat shit re: Woody.

Extremely same on that not-guilty verdict, Logan.

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