Maybe The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Should Just See What Dad Has To Say

Let's start with the height differential between father and alleged-basketball-star son as we collect some important snaps from S02.E05.

The Go Pirates! podcast that goes with these Visual Aids is still planning your surprise party.

Duncan's nerves pre-offering an olive branch to Logan are kind of adorable.

Ditto Logan's shy acceptance of the invitation.

When your son finds out about his real dad despite your "best" "efforts"...

...and is not buying your ensuing attempts to explain...

...but you're acting the shit out of the scene.

Homecoming nomination says what?

Mandy's hair: better, but still dorky. Aw.

Maybe Jackie shouldn't laugh at the great idea Mandy just gave her?

"Hiiiii, Jackie."

"...Bye, Veronica." Brrr.

"Yes, I'm a psychic -- and to prove it, I'll tell you that I'll be playing Joan Holloway's mom on Mad Men in a few years."

For once it's not Veronica who needs a favor.

Offsides parenting-advice bray.

Uh, it was Lianne who was the shite parent, not Keith.

"Why are you looking at me like this jacket cost $1500?"

Guess actual Sak's wasn't having it. Or Conoco.

If you listen closely, you can hear Keith's bowels liquefying as Lamb calls him out.

Well, this is uneggspected. #sorrynotsorry

Lamb must be pret-ty thirsty to think this is Jake Kane's handwriting, tbh.

He's also now crossed the line from big-fish-small-pond jackass to corrupt.

But he's still the...Sherrif. Sigh.

"Ha ha ha that Mammomax tidbit is hilare and I'm totally not filing it away for future use at all no ma'am."

Oh, Backup, you whore.

Hee, love the shows on the Ti-Faux.

The Psych-ick Friends Network.

"Sure, I have a message from the time of the bus crash. Why?"

Yeahhhh, that was an explosion, all right. At least one.

"So your sister told your girlfriend to stay away from her boyfriend. Who Say that five times fast."

Game has to recognize game.

Wallace has had it bray.

Even gorked on pills, Jackie has Veronica's number.

When you fucked up with your BFF.

Chicago, here he comes! Until the show can afford to pay Percy Daggs again, anyway.

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