Maybe If The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Discreetly Flash Mr. Taser

...at whoever picked out Greg from Felicity's psychedelic shirt. This and all the other important visual moments from 'Drinking The Kool-Aid'!

The Go Pirates! podcast that accompanies these Visual Aids intends to collect.

Spy vs. Spy.

"Hey, Danny MacEachern! I got these cuts playing hockey. Wanna come over and watch Slap Shot?"

Shouldn't Weidman drive a cooler car?

Always remove the price tag when you buy your child a waterbed. Also, always never buy your child a waterbed.

The finger of This Time I Mean It, Young Lady.

When you get caught passing off Social D lyrics as your own poetry.

Mid-aughts argyle-sweater game on point. (Not to mention Veronica's blazer, one of three Sarah counted in the ep.)

Dr. Greg from Felicity gives good hug.

If only it stopped there, hee.

Maybe some of the money is for a less fakey-looking fire pit? In which case: legit.

The sinking feeling when your unusually permissive Dad is still going to be supes mad.

[Thunk. - John]

Okay, the brows need a tweeze, but still: [Thunk. - John]

Now is the time on Sprockets when we deprogram.

The too-old-for-this-bullshit diptych.

Got Rain?

C'mere, baby. Let John comfort you.

Pretty good burial on 20 minutes notice.

Hey, hands off Casey! (Though we understand the instinct.)

Aaaaand Casey's a dick again, and yet: [Thunk. - John]

All the "awwwww"s.

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