Is That Not The Bedrock Upon Which The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Were Founded?

Find out who's the number one, G.O.A.T. in our collection of the most noteworthy screenshots from S01.E16!

Remember that time the Go Pirates! podcast that illuminates these Visual Aids wanted to shave its head like Cyndi Lauper?

That's...a lot of acting.

One of the few believable Lianne moments to date.

Get it, Wallace.

In which the hook is baited.

Hard-bargain face.

"Oh, fine" face.

Clueless idiot goes for high five, leaves star player riddled with splinters -- film at 11!

Pretty sweet caf for a high school that's supposed to be Poor Central.

Sarah's not a hundred on the proto-Keith Partridge hair, but this idiot's likable enough.

Well, until you compare him with Leo.

We would feel bad about the "Did someone order a pizza?" joke we're making here if we weren't pretty sure that acne was applied in the makeup trailer.

Anyone else suddenly feeling patriotic?

Getting Wallace's goat.

Camille is not having Keith's interrogation. Sarah is not having Camille's wig.

The only restaurant in Neptune, apparently.

"You're right: Duncan IS stupid and also a log."

"Young man, these test results clearly indicate that your sap content is 5.1 percent blood."

Richie shows off the acting lessons he got from Duncan.

"It's a waste of money!" - Lianne. "SERIOUSLY." - everyone else.

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