Damn. Up High, Veronica Mars Visual Aids

Celebrating the most important snapshots from 'Rashard And Wallace Go To White Castle.'

The Go Pirates! podcast that goes with these Visual Aids will just say adios, and hope that covers it.

LOL at this book title (and that it's by Bill O'Reilly).

Double LOL that it was used to break the law.

Molly is busted. And...in her early 30s. (It's probably the styling; she's just not a convincing HS-er.)

Weevil is not thrilled about this.

Friends, Romans, countrymen: lend us your dummy text.

"Hey so maybe we could all hang out and a tentative question mark?"

tfw the guy who was in the middle of y'all two encourages y'all two to hang out without him.

What if tf, but more.

Veronica feels all the awk.

Even when he can't help, Cliff is the best.

Not the best, at subterfuging: Weevil.

Rashard is an eejit, but BJ Britt's foineness almost makes up for it.

Not to be fucked with.

Weird runner, and not necessarily one this overstuffed-plotwise season should spend time on, but: heh, we guess.

Maybe Veronica should light that candle for poor Karaoke Idiot over here.

"Forgive me, Father, for I am about to sin."

Jackie scorned?

Deputy X. Machina to the rescue.

We love everything about this.

And this, while we're up. She looks lovely here and we're glad she's back.

Looks like Thumper's a bad actor in more than the thespian sense.

PCH coup bray.

Not that Weevs had this coming, but he played the whole thing so dumbly, it's tough to feel sorry for him.

Funny how you forget how crappishly this plot was written when Cress Williams does finally show up and turn on the grin.

Oh, how the Eli have fallen.

Flashback Gia is better than no Gia.


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