Are The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Giving You The Birds And Bees Again?

The Marses are making friends all over; we made friends with the most important visuals from 'Like A Virgin.'

The Go Pirates! podcast about 'Like A Virgin' didn't even take the test!

Cliff may have failed law school, but he knows something's up.

Clothes in the crapper: boo!

But Veronica has a friend: yay!

And Meg lent her some clothes: ya...y?

It's actually slightly more modest attire than this classically-mid-aughties 11-inch mini.

Purity-test dorks.

Lizzie might be a try-hard but we don't advise fucking with her.

Just giving a platonic friend a quick flash, what could go wrong?

Oh. That.

"Hi, I'm Mac, and this is my beater. Don't get used to it."

"Hi, I'm Duncan, and this is me smelling a fart. THAT face you can get used to."

Password problems, ooh la la!

This bro's not quiiiiite methy enough to be truly scary.

"Oh, your name is Mars? Pass-adena."

Welp, that went well. Need a scarf, Keith? 'Cause Alicia's shit is brrrrisk.

Veronica's best Vanna.

LOL bus-ted!

Dick, you're screwed.

Why is Meg's co-anchor forty years old?

Pam goes ballistic. We are here for it.

Keith goes ballistic and we're here for that too.

And...for this, which Sarah acknowledges is kind of weird shut up.

Speaking of weird: shudder.

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