An Alarm That Sends The Veronica Mars Visual Aids To Your Cell Phone?

Veronica busts a couple hackers; John and Sarah bust on aughties fashion and simpy one-off love interests in the most important pics from S01.E04.

The Go Pirates! podcast that accompanies these Visual Aids should probably go straight to the dance.

Among the tragedies of Lilly's death: She can't be Veronica's fashion consultant anymore.

Don't drop this pile of STUFF ...Too late.

tfw your bestie's crush is a simp.

Our queen.

Don't worry, Lilly, WE WOULD.

They used to be friends. Aw.

"Hamm"? More like prozhoot! With a little mootzadell!

"Pasta fazool! Now where are my SAG points?"

We'll be giving this subreddit a wide berth.

Every college RA's first idea for a party.

Dipping a toe into nerd cosplay.

The Silicon Not-fia.

Backup 2.0 joins the party. Hey, buddy.

So do Veronica's classic-mid-aughts super-low-rise pants.

JonBenét Kane.

When you realize your gf's dad is all the steps ahead of you.

Yes please.

So. Many. Cassettes.

Dear nerds: Pwnage.

By a young lady using this "technology," no less.

Completely unearned shade from Georgia.

"Driver, let's just keep going."

Before we get too close to these flashback wigs. Who made Celeste's bangs, SunSetter?

Blue is the Duncan-est color.

And we neeeeever saw her again, thank God.

"Dad, get it together; you're looking real Leland Palmer right now."

"Maybe you're not so bad after all!"

"Just wait till the end of the season, kid."

Hair and makeup to the shore set, please!

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