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Why Is Selina's New Look So Familiar?

Before the season's over, someone's going to tell her, and she's not going to like it.

In the service of comic plotlines, Veep has, from time to time, deviated from political reality. For example, there's the issue that Selina's Vice-Presidential staff wouldn't be able to work on her presidential campaign while also running support operations for her current job, but if it leads to gold like Dan's panic attack, no one's going to get too mad about it. This week, we're required to suspend our disbelief on the matter of Selina's hair, as though a female presidential candidate would ever dare to change her haircut without running every conceivable option past a battery of focus groups first if for no other reason than so that the unwashed masses could be the ones to compare a short-haired Selina to a boy or a lesbian before her staffers could (behind her back). But, again, even if all the show did with her makeover was let Dan come up behind her with a polite "'Scuse me, buddy," it was worth it.

By the time we get to the episode's centerpiece -- the first candidates' debate -- Team Selina has a raft of all-new problems: she's got an intractable twitch in her right eye; the campaign's attempt to get positive coverage by having Mike's wife Wendy do a style story on her is overshadowed by Gary's flub about the bad decisions Ray induced Selina to make; everyone's still trying to keep a lid on FLOTUS's suicide attempt; and Selina has replaced "renew," the third "R" of her immigration plan, with the somewhat more totalitarian "repel" in the middle of the debate -- which, since it seems to be testing well, may end up getting added to her platform on a permanent basis. By episode's end, everyone's probably looking back fondly to the moment when Selina's k.d. lang look was the worst setback they all had to deal with.

Everyone's so distracted by the various weather systems that have contributed to this particular shitstorm that even seeing Selina's new head in the same room as Jonah apparently hasn't led anyone to make the obvious I guess I have to.

Screens: HBO

Screens: HBO

Guys. Selina apparently asked her stylist for The Jonah. WHO WORE IT BETTER?!

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