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Watch An Exclusive Clip From Sunday's Season Premiere Of Veep

Someone went through hell to bring it to you.

Guys, I don't want to be rude about this Private Twitter Chat I was invited to participate in today because I don't want to be blackballed from any that may come up in the future. But this Veep thing was as close as I hope I ever get to Comic-Con. I guess it was useful if you've spent every minute since the end of last season wondering what was in the garbage bag Selina desperately demanded that Gary dispose of and really wanted to see lots of people ask about it and get ignored. I spent most of it realizing that I now understand what motivates trolls. "What's the dumbest question you've read so far?" and "Which participant would you kick out of this chat if you could?" were both queries I wished I could ask after reading the likes of "Will Selina debate Frank Underwood?" and "what if Seinfeld on tv today?"

After about half an hour, I couldn't handle it anymore, and apparently I wasn't alone.



Anyway, at the end of it, we all were treated to an exclusive clip from the first episode (airing this Sunday, April 12, at 10:30 PM on HBO), so here it is! You're welcome.

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