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Veep Star Timothy Simons Has Published His Yearbook Photo

It's real and it's spectacular.

There are two ways to do #TBT: you can aggrandize yourself with the cutest photo you can find, or one where you're somewhere cool doing something cool. Or you can remind yourself of your roots by making a dorky spectacle of yourself, all over social media. Timothy Simons -- a.k.a. Veep's Jonah -- went the latter route.

In a post on his blog titled "The Throwback Thursday I Have Dreaded," Simons describes the hideous knowledge that this incredibly shocking yearbook photo existed and might surface to haunt him any time. He explains how each element of the photo came to make it into the frame. He implores the reader to get all the way through his prose before scrolling down to see exactly what he's talking about, and other than the thumbnail you see up top, I will respect his artistic choices as a personal essayist here and not ruin the surprise of the photo in question. I feel you and I, dear reader, have built up enough trust over the years for you to take me at my word when I owe yourself this click. You just do.