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Jonah Puts A Button On Veep's English Adventure

Different people offer comfort in different ways.

Given the triumphant introduction last week of Ray, Selina's personal trainer/intercourse partner, I had expected to use this space to praise both his character and his ass, which is a national treasure. And as much as we all enjoyed the services Ray provided, the crackpot ideas he published, and his inability to leave the premises after getting fired...I feel it is my duty to memorialize another important aspect of the episode.

We've already seen Jonah arrive at the hospital to visit Dan, who's recovering from a panic attack, and offer about as much comfort to his sick counterpart as we'd expect: none! But that earlier scene was complicated because of Amy's presence, and her whole thing where she had to make sure she didn't reveal that she was Jonah's source and Dan's undoing. As the credits end, however, we return to Jonah and Dan, and one of the single funniest monologues of the season thus far. Now, we can all treasure it forever.

"Okay! Let's check out your chart. Let's see how you're doing, here. Okay. All right. Dan Egan, sixty-seven, female. Unemployed campaign manager. Thirty different types of semen pumped from stomach, inverted nipples, abnormally high douche readings -- that makes sense. Cancer of the soul, traces of dog excrement found around the corners of mouth. Chronic cretinism, leprosy, anal bleeding. Uh -- tiny child balls?"
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