Two And A Half Yen

The Japanese version of Two And A Half Men seems to have missed the point. Or has it?

Did you know that the sitcom Two And A Half Men also airs in Japan? Well, it does, and this is what it looks like.

BTW, if you have so much creamy love for the song that you want to own it forever, then we are badgers from the same hole! Buy it here.

  • choosybeggarmike

    This is inspired, but my favorite part might be the bafflement-becoming-rage in the Youtube comments.

  • David T. Cole

    We have a policy of no YouTube comments on our videos but we made an exception for this one because we thought they might be entertaining.

  • gwe2101

    I've been waiting YEARS for this moment...

    "FAKE AND GAY!!!!!"

  • shelwood

    It is gloriously on the edge of believable.

  • David T. Cole

    Awesome. Jon Cryer tweeted it out (well, the HuffPo version of it).