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You Say Po-Tah-To

Tori and Dean clash over microwaved vegetables and working the program.

The Charlie summit is an anticlimax, of course -- Charlie, not a total fool, refuses to let the cameras record it, or him -- but Microwaved Baked Potatogate aside, last night's True Tori got at some interesting things about the balance of power in the Tori/Dean relationship. That she's getting tired of pretending for the nation that there is one, for one thing, and that he's getting tired of pretending he doesn't notice/care/feel like a genital-less Ken doll in their ultra-shared life most of the time.

Everyone's getting migraines to avoid dealing with their shit, and then Dean gives me a migraine in his black-and-pink biking spandex. How True was this episode of True Tori?

True Tori-book Element Present?
Chopped Canada's importance is overemphasized to a peace-talks degree Dean takes a Chef Works tote to the bike shop, and his ongoing critical attitude with Tori in matters cooking is a motif, but it's not mentioned by name.
A super-phony moment accidentally reveals a truth
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Screen: Lifetime

Recovery-speak Ironically, given his reluctance to attend meetings, Dean's lousy with it: "closure" this, "self-loathing" that, "I'm afraid she's gonna live in that fear" the other thing. He does go get a nine-month chip, which is great. "Anything good in my life, my brain wants to destroy" is decidedly less so, and good for Tori for impatiently reminding him that she heard because he passes that buck all the time.
Sure: horse around during sex ed instead of paying attention. That'll work out great Dean attributes "get[ting] away from" fun physical stuff he likes to do like surfing and hiking to his depression or being in a bad headspace; he's genuinely baffled by how it happened that he's so much less active. Uh: four kids? Kinda cuts into the ol' hobby time?
Who's the boss Tori's quite a bit more open about 1) parenting Dean about going to meetings and 2) resenting having to do so. She says in so many words that she wants to get back into "doing [her] businesses again," and she needs to know he's not too fragile to cope without her because he's not supporting the family financially so she's got to go earn. The "I bought us ALL whiteboard calendars to organize our lives and write down every single place we plan to go and activity we plan to do, for EVERYONE, DEAN" burst of scheduling synchronicity is a passive-aggressive masterstroke which I have no choice but to applaud, both for its artlessness and Tori's "...what?" face.
Spellings: they're not just like us, at all Tori struggles with the paps intruding on her post-Charlie-meeting cry time. She also takes Stella to cheer clinic alone; presumably nannies have charge of the other three, and she's excessively proud of having gotten it together to take Stella herself.
Call me, Tori! Tori's yeah-yeah-ing of Dean's "demons" -- "I hear about it a lot" -- is boss. I also enjoy her giant sunglasses in the final scene, her cardi with the little space-invader-y pattern on it, and the "no no, THIS massive investment in plastic bins and whatnot will totally bust our clutter/procrastination probs" spending spree is relatable in its delusion. Girl, I've got a whole drawer of Post-It flags if you want 'em.
Preach, friend/outsider Courtney's gentle but firm note that, if Dean's always correcting her in the kitchen, maybe Tori should just accept that quirk and not care.
…Henh? Dean is on Tori to go to an Al-Anon meeting to "understand [his] situation better." Not what it's for, bro. And he does seem to get that later on, and I agree she'd benefit from it, but someone who's not even Facebook friends with Bill W. right now could stand to chill with that.
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