Watch Tori Spelling Walk Back Those Comments Implying She Has An Open Marriage Now

I mean, she might, and mazel either way, but based on her interview with E! News last night, it doesn't seem like she does.

After Tori Spelling told The Today Show that she and husband/helpmeet/brand-hostage Dean McDermott are "kind of turning monogamy on its head" last week, speculation ran rampant -- I guess? the email blast I got from E! wanted me to think so; I hadn't heard about it until then -- that she meant they had an open marriage but stayed together for the kids. I guess Tori got sick enough of having to clarify that question in the middle of what's supposed to be a promotional run-up to Tori and Dean's latest project, Tori & Dean's Spring Picnic, that she decided to go on E! News and go over it once and for all.

You can watch for yourself, but my take, despite somewhat lofty and poly-sounding pronouncements about how she and Dean "have evolved further than" monogamy, is that she actually means using "successful" monogamy to gauge the health of a marriage or relationship is judgmental and narrow-minded. Like, as long as Dean is kind to her and the kids, not using, and not embarrassing her or endangering their joint family brand, and goes to get her migraine meds when she's laid out, she's willing to forgive and forget.

But if you're tenting your fingers looking forward to seeing either of them out and about with their non-primaries, I don't think that's the deal. I could be wrong.


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