A Mash-Up Of 'Hate It' Reveals From Trading Spaces

Or, 'The Desperation Of Paige Davis.'

What the hell? You have to give Trading Spaces credit for knowing its audience; they didn't let anyone else put together a supercut of the awkward negative reveal reactions from the show. They did it themselves. And it is hilarious.

How'd you find this...whatever this is? Googled "trading spaces worst."

Who cares? I expected to enjoy judging a parade of crybaby ingrates as they seized on bagatelles as reasons to melt down, but the fun part of this supercut is how justified the loathing of the new look usually is. Beige wall-to-wall; a Pepto ceiling; the patented "stick hay to the wall" look a producer should have stepped in to banish permanently after two uses some cases, the decorees' objections are horseshit (it's a pillow; just throw it out after), but overall I was impressed with how diplomatic folks tried to be about, you know, manure whamped onto the wall of the TV room.