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Wood You Believe Bravo Upcycled An Existing Show To Make Timber Creek Lodge?

Après Ski gets an even Below Deck-ier makeover; we've got your 'New' Show Fact Sheet!

What is this thing?

Remember Après Ski? Remember how I said it was "Canadian Below Deck on skis"? Timber Creek Lodge takes place in Whistler, BC just like Après Ski, and the titular lodge is theoretically run by the same outfit, Gibbons Life -- but the show's got a new name, and an all-new, all-white cast to go with all that snow.

But it's still Canadian Below Deck on skis; it's just even Below Dick-ier than AS.

If all of that's still Greek to you, Bravo's PR materials describe the show as "the upstairs downstairs antics of the hardworking and sexy staff whose job is to serve a slew of elite clientele [sic] at an ultra-luxurious North America ski lodge."

The "custom concierge business" conceit has been abandoned, at least on paper, but it's the same deal: a bunch of outdoorsy foxes live on top of each other, clean up puke, "fight, fuck, and schlep rich people's shit around." There's just a chef this time.

When is it on?

Mondays at 10 PM on Bravo.

Why now?

If I had to guess: Below Deck performs well for Bravo; Après Ski didn't, but should have, so net execs did a teardown to make the second thing more like the first, getting rid of the inept/assholic managers who'd never seen snow before in favor of a theoretically more competent cast who's nevertheless still self-absorbed enough to create friction.

Too, it's December. Not much else on if you don't go in for the kuntry Khristmas specials creeping over the dial like minty kudzu.

What's its pedigree?

Same as AS's: Bravo; Tricon Films, a Canadian media company with credits such as Restaurant Takeover, Unsealed Alien Files, and Bitchin' Kitchen.


I liked Après Ski pretty well, and watched the whole season, but TCL is a marked improvement. The painful whiteness of almost everyone on camera, staff and guests, isn't great, it's true -- but on the other hand, the show's first iteration cast women of color as unprepared fishes out of water who had two settings, soggy self-pity and strident defensiveness. TCL cast/"counselors" have experience on mountains and in hospitality, and it makes for better TV.

Said cast is also an expertly mixed cocktail of lazy airheads like Jenna, a former Mavs cheerleader who got fired for boning players; Type A guys like assistant lodge manager Jamie, who's got the Jennas under him on one hand and an everyone's-friend manager, Katy, using words like "underminded" (note: not a word) instead of actually giving him clear direction; self-regarding douchebro Mark (second from R), who makes this face a lot while condescending to others


and his BFF Nikita, the chef, and her delightful drag brows and pro attitude. People to like, people to hate, people wearing bikinis to ski.

Timber Creek Lodge wastes no time getting to the heart of it, either; in the first episode, you've got workmates hooking up, Colston high-fiving Katy during an interminable "welcome" speech and leaving before she's done talking, a Jack Daniel's bong, and loving close-ups of bachelor-party barf on the floor.


...Bachelor-party barf on the floor. As well, it's a lot of travelogue filler at times, as Below Deck often is; we get it, British Columbia's purdy. And, you know, it's rich assholes and the 99% assholes who wait on them. If you don't care for that stripe of programming, the Canadian accents won't change your mind.


The this-season-ons make it look like Jenna's going to take another pink slip for "fraternizing." I'm-a stick around to watch.

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