Like Timber Creek Lodge Really Gives A Crap

One Lodger's already down the drain; Sarah D. Bunting dumps all over the rest in the TCL power rankings!

The sophomore ep of Timber Creek Lodge should have felt more exciting, because a lot happened -- Katy left to deal with a situation at home; we saw two sets of guests; Jamie feng shui'd the office; nuts were 'scaped


-- but it kind of dragged for me, especially Katy's decision to leave, about which the show was very cagey for as long as it could be, and of which the timeline felt very weird (the staff's "day" off seemed to go on for more like 48 hours). It's still semi-interesting, though; Jenna is irritating (talks about herself in the third person) but kind of appealing at the same time (isn't trying to hear about a "relationship" with Mark). And it looks like Nikita gets a heel turn next week, maybe.

How'd everyone rank? To the list!

  1. These two idiots.


  2. Nikita
    "I hate gluten-free people." Snerk. Her "yeah...nope, not how it works, I already grocery-shopped" when Jamie's telling her to assume guests will need snacks is well played, too. Let's hope she continues not punching Andrea in the face next week!
  3. Colston
    Good with the guests; stays out of the nutscaping flap by shrugging, once, that it wasn't his idea and moving on to the next thing.
  4. Louise
    That her response to Jenna's "eee-yew-wuh" vacuum histrionics is to jump in cheerily to help without getting sucked into the negativity is very smart. I could have done without quite so many talking-head interviews focused on her wild past, but as with Katy, that's not on Louise herself.
  5. Blake
    Seems like a basically decent, positive guy, although the superior "I work to live, maaaaan" ethos of certain Western outdoorsy types is an eye-roller for me.
  6. Cynthia
    Cynthia seems like she might shape up as one of those twentysomethings who tries a liiiiittle too hard to be one of the guys, but she barely registers this week; no real objection.
  7. Katy
    It's not Katy's fault that the show drags out her departure while making her look like a flaky drama queen, but with that said: most people have addicts in their families or circles and would understand if you just said, look, my ex-boyfriend OD'd and I have to go deal with that (I don't know that that's what happened, but based on what isn't said, it seems likely). And then just...go deal with that. Again, probably more the production's doing than hers, especially the endless texting cues on the soundtrack.


    That's a pro WTF face, lady. Best of luck to you and yours.

  8. Jamie
    I feel for Jamie, from the "low-carb, high-vodka volume" strategy for maintaining his sanity to the rehearsing his welcome once he's installed as the interim lodge manager...but I also feel for those who have to work with this personality type, and I'm not excluding myself from it by any means, but the unspecific and inefficient "stressy aura" Nikita describes can be frustrating for underlings.

    Also not sure I understand how the nutscaping "doesn't really align with any of our values." It's a five-star bachelor-party weekend; "what the guests want to do" is your "values." I get that it's tacky, but...and?

  9. Jenna
    She needs not to refer to herself in a George Costanza fashion, and she needs not to be such a fragile posey about changing the vacuum bag and cleaning toilets, but...


    ...hee. There's something about her unapologetic attitude about herself and her own math-major/cheerleader contradictions that I like; like, she's kind of a jackass sometimes, but she's not cutesy about it.

  10. Mark
    Mark actually thinks the biggest issue with l'affaire nutscape is that they didn't all just use a single phone to do the backgrounds...? idk. He's not as bad as his ranking would suggest, and in fact I feel bad for the guy: he's all "I don't know where this relationship with Jenna is going" in voice-overs, while Jenna and the viewing audience are like, "No...where, obviously?"; and his doofy pillow talk got put on blast.

    2016-12-13-tcl-shut-up-mark-01 2016-12-13-tcl-shut-up-mark-02

    Buddy. No. And it's not like every one of us hasn't had our own "asshole says what" moments during makeout seshes, but if you know a camera's on you?

  11. The guests
    It's too bad the bachelor-party dudes, who seemed pretty cool, have to pay for the sins of Andrea and Jimmy, who came all the way to Whistler, BC to get high-strung about Italian food; have gluten demands; coat everything in black pepper (NB: I also do this but I'm well aware that it's considered classless); and want a meditation "guru" on call "at all times." A fun-fur vest over an off-the-shoulder top wouldn't suggest the most realistic expectations of a northern-resort vacay.
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