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The Wine Show Ltd.

The Wine Show Gets Holy

In S01.E04, Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys take a trip to the Vatican in search of good Catholic wine.

The Wine Show takes its viewers all across the globe in pursuit of some very fancy wines, but no segment yet has been quite as great as watching our hosts -- the ever-charming Matthew Goode, and the fiercely hirsute Matthew Rhys -- leave their Italian villa and head down to the Vatican in search of some holy wine. This week, the pair have been tasked by Joe to meet with a Catholic priest and find a delicious wine that represents the relationship between Italy and the church -- a task that makes Matthew Goode say "blimey O'Reilly," an expression I was not aware existed but am very excited to start using.

A real highlight of this venture is the dopey hat Matthew Goode wears, because it proves that man looks good in anything. But the real treat comes when the Matthews are waiting to meet this priest, who, in a voice-over, has been called "thoroughly modern." What does "modernity" in a priest even mean? Does he let you Snapchat parts of mass?

Anyway, they're standing in this incredibly beautiful, spiritual place and Rhys is looking at his phone. Goode asks him what he's doing, and Rhys replies, "I'm just having a look at his Facebook page so we know what he looks like."



Even a Jesuit priest who lives in the Vatican is on Facebook. Does that mean Facebook is officially over? It's one thing to have to accept friend requests from every relative who owns a computer. It's another thing entirely to get a friend request from your spiritual counselor. How do you handle that? If you decline a priest's friend request, do you have to confess it to him? If you accept it, are you very nervous about what you post from then on? Such a predicament. But I guess the Pope is on Twitter now, so all bets are off for the rest of the clergy.

Rhys's claim that he pulled up Father Brian's Facebook so they'd know what he looks like when they meet him this raises even more questions vis-à-vis Rhys having a Facebook profile in the first place. Are famous people really on Facebook? Is there a secret Facebook just for famous people? Are he and Keri Russell Facebook official? These are things we may never know...but Father Brian probably does.

Father Brian does show up and whisks the Matthews away to find some good priest-approved vino.


And in case you worried that there might be Catfish in the Vatican: Father Brian looks exactly like his profile picture.

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