This Is A Sorkinisms Supercut, And You Know It, Too

Don't worry, it won't feel like getting screwed with your pants on.

What the hell?

It's not just you; Aaron Sorkin does cannibalize the same phrasings -- some of them a little too quaintly self-satisfied to use once, never mind as many times as he goes with "all about Eve" to communicate that a character is a lesbian -- over and over again. He even did it in a commencement speech, if Kevin Porter's supercut is to be believed:

What, no Gilbert & Sullivan references?

Short of my humming "I've got a little list"? No.

Who cares?

The West Wing makes up the bulk of the clips, but you've got some Sports Night and some Studio 60 and a couple of his screenplays in there, too. I'd totally forgotten he wrote Malice!


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