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They Went There

After several uneventful episodes, the show rears back to kick you in the teeth with a conclusion to the Crazy Lizzie storyline.

  • Previously

    Confused Lizzie didn't think walkers were dead, just "Different." Because she ain't right. Tyreese discovered his ladyfriend Karen (and some other dude named David) were burnt to a crisp, murdered after coming down with a flu that almost killed everyone. A budding young visual artist created a piece of pulled-rat-on-canvas art at the prison. Rick kicked Carol out of the group after she confessed to him about murdering Karen and David. Carol caught up with Lizzie, sister Mika, baby Judith, and Tyreese and then they discovered the signs for Terminus, which is probably the nightclub from the Matrix sequels or something.

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  • Meeting Time

    Lizzie Stalls Before Bedtime

    Who called the meeting? Lizzie, since Carol was already on night watch.

    What's it about? Rather than go to sleep, Lizzie talks to Carol.

    How'd it go? Seemingly fine. Lizzie is acting normal, asking whether Carol thinks there'll be kids at Terminus and offering to help keep watch while Mika, Judith, and Tyreese sleep. The only sign that something's amiss is that when Lizzie talks about saving Tyreese, she expresses remorse for shooting a woman in the head rather than just shooting a lady. Carol also mentions, after having lied about it in the past, that she had a daughter. When Carol says Sophia didn't have a mean bone in her body, Lizzie takes that to be the reason the girl didn't survive. Carol doesn't have a heart of stone; she says she still misses Sophia every day. Then she says, weirdly, that Lizzie is "dead on her feet" and should go to bed. I WONDER IF THAT MEANS SOMETHING.

  • That Quote
    "She's confused about the walkers. She doesn't see what they are. She thinks they're just different."
    Carol, filling Tyreese in on the crazy that is Lizzie
  • Alert!

    What Are You, PETA For Zombies?

    Alert Type: Walker Sympathizer Alert.

    Issue: Tyreese is about to smash in the head of a walker on the train tracks when Lizzie stops him.

    Complicating Factors: Lizzie tells Tyreese that she understands why they have to put down walkers sometimes, but that this isn't one of those times.

    Resolution: Tyreese, against all common sense, complies.

    Spoiler: This would appear to not help Lizzie's fascination with walkers one bit and will likely have dire consequences. Meanwhile, the walker is all, "So, uh, you guys gonna put me out of my misery or what? No? All right, I'll just hang out here, then."

  • Meeting Time

    Carol Tries To Toughen Up Soft Mika

    Who called the meeting? Carol.

    What's it about? Probably troubled by her conversation with Lizzie, Carol decides to tell Mika that she's little and sweet (awww) and that those things are going to get her killed (ohhh).

    How'd it go? Frustratingly. Mika says she's good at running, but Carol shoots that idea down by saying her daughter ran and it didn't help keep her alive. Mika, perhaps sensing where this is going, insists that she's not like her batshit-crazy sister. But she doesn't want to kill people, even if they're bad people. Carol insists that she probably will have to. Mika retains her innocence, insisting that people who kill are just sad and probably weren't like that before. Before Carol can convince her otherwise, they find a house. "My mom used to say everything works out the way it's supposed to," Mika says cheerfully. Mom's dead now, though. But maybe she had a point.

  • On The Menu

    What's On The Menu At Chez Grove?

    The house Mika and Carol find seems to be surrounded by a bounty of goodness in the woods. Why, there's...

    Pecans: All you can eat! Pecans, pecans, pecans, underfoot, go nuts!

    Deer: Perhaps not as plentiful as the pecans, you can still probably take one of these down and eat for days, if not weeks.

    Peaches: I mean, it's Georgia. There have to be some around here somewhere.

    Smoke Monster: Or maybe it's just a smokey on your tail. And where there's smoke, there's usually BBQ! It's not like somebody recklessly set a fire using moonshine or something.

  • Snapshot

    Sad Baby Grave Is Sad

    While they wait outside the house as Tyreese and Carol search it, Lizzie spots this grave, complete with itty-bitty baby shoes. That's one taboo the show hasn't quite crossed, but Lizzie thinks they might find an undead toddler inside the house.

  • I Am Not A Crackpot

    Dear Mister President, There Are Too Many Parental Guardians Leaving Their Kids Alone With Flesheaters Around. I Am Not A Crackpot!

    Listen, I try not to be a helicopter parent. I don't even own a helicopter. But if it was the apocalypse? And there were murderous monsters walking around every second? And I was put in charge of two young girls and an infant? I for damn skippy wouldn't be leaving them alone every 10 minutes all, "Hey, you stay here, I'm gonna go toward the danger, good luck!" Because you know what happens when you leave kids alone for even a moment in a deadly new world?

    walkingdead-s4e14 kidsinperil

    That. That shit right there.

  • Playing Games

    Parental Guardians Just Don't Understand


    What's the game? Tag, But With Stakes.

    Who's playing? Lizzie and some random walker who was able to get past the fence (probably with Lizzie's help).

    What's at stake? Only Lizzie's life, but Lizzie thinks she made a friend.

    Who wins? Carol, who knifes the walker through the head, although this sets off a Lizzie tantrum of epic proportions when Lizzie insists the walker just wanted a friend and had no intention of biting her shoulder off. Carol says that Lizzie was about to get killed and Lizzie screams back, "It's the same thing. You killed her! You killed her! ... What if I killed you!?" If you've ever been a parent on the receiving end of a screaming tirade like that, you will understand that no one ever wins at this game. Tyreese, watching from the window, is like, "I'm sure not going outside. I'm gonna hide."

  • Mutual of PTV's Animal Kingdom

    In another attempt to keep Mika from becoming walker chow, Carol tries to get her to shoot a deer. It does not go well and the deer walks away with attitude. "We have peaches!" Mika says brightly. Carol's stomach screams.

  • Bad Habits

    Rachael Ray, But For Walkers

    Why not feed the deer? Or the baby? Or anything other than a walker, Lizzie?!

  • That Quote
    "They just want me to change. To make me be like them. Maybe I should change. I can make you all understand."
  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Carol, Tyreese, and the Girls vs. Fresh Brisket Walkers

    Lizzie's mouse-feeding attracts the attention of walkers who got charred up, probably at Daryl's moonshine bonfire. As they're trying to run back to the house, Mika gets caught in the fence.


    Carol and Tyreese arrive just in time to start shooting.


    Not everybody gets off a clean headshot. This poor guy has to wait a few rounds until it's his turn to have his head blown off.


    Ditto this one.


    Carol is thrilled to see that Lizzie has been shooting as well. A family that takes down walkers together stays together. Until someone gets eaten.


    Winner: Carol, Tyreese, and the girls by a blowout.

  • That Quote
    "I know what I have to do now. I know."
  • Love, Hate & Everything In Between

    Wanna Be Wilderness Roommates?

    As they wander through the grove (and leave the girls alone again, what is wrong with you?!), Tyreese and Carol talk more seriously about Mika's idea of just staying here and being safe rather than forging on ahead to Terminus. Tyreese feels safe and comfortable here with the people he knows, and after what happened at the prison with Karen, he's not quite ready to meet new people. Carol stops just short of confessing what she did and it looks as if Tyreese is ready to take things to the next level -- if not romantically, at least in the sense that he, Carol, and the girls could be a family for a while. That warm feeling lasts only about 30 more seconds before things go very, very bad.

  • Alert!

    That's Nuts!

    Alert Type: Blue Collar Comedy Tour Joke Alert.

    Issue: Carol is telling Tyreese a joke her husband used to say every time they went hunting. It's not a good joke.

    Complicating Factors: You see, there are beer nuts and there are deer nuts. And the joke how they are different. Beer nuts cost $1.79...

    Resolution: ...and deer nuts are just under a buck.

    Spoiler: This joke is meant to cushion the blow of what happens next. That cushioning does not work at all.

  • Passages

    R.I.P. Mika Samuels, (2004-present est.)

    In a horrifying turn of events, Tyreese and Carol return to find Mika on the ground, dead. Lizzie is holding a knife, grinning, having killed her younger sister in hopes that she'll return as a walker no worse for wear, proving Lizzie's point that they're no different. Sweet, trusting Mika knew her sister was crazy and, at least for our own sanity, we don't actually see how the death went down.

  • Plot Lightning Round

    And Then Things Got Even Crazier And More Horrifying

    Lizzie is pretty proud of herself for killing Mika and insists her sister will be right back. But even baby Judith, who saw the whole thing probably, has her doubts.


    Carol and Tyreese, horrified, try not to make any sudden moves to put themselves or Judith in more danger. I mean, look at Lizzie's bloodied hands and scary knife.

    2014-03-17-walking-dead-28 2014-03-17-walking-dead-29

    When Carol tries to make a move, Lizzie pulls a gun, upping the stakes even higher.


    Lizzie demands they wait. Carol plays along, asking for the gun and doing an admirable job not freaking out when Lizzie reveals she was about to do the same to Judith, who she thinks could change too. "She can't even walk yet," Carol says. That somehow makes sense to Lizzie. Carol says she'll tie up Mika, but of course, she has to do something else once Lizzie walks away with Tyreese and Judith besides break down and cry. Carol pulls out her knife.

  • Awkward

    Situation: After the horror that just happened, Carol and Tyreese have to figure out what to do next.

    What makes it awkward? No one is safe in the group now that Lizzie is an official murderer of humans.

    Who's feeling awkward about it? Every single person, especially the viewer. But not Lizzie, probably.

    How is order restored? In a long conversation in which Tyreese reveals he's learned that Lizzie was the one feeding walkers at the prison and eviscerating rats (yeah, we figured), Carol counters the notion that Lizzie might have killed Karen and David. They discuss whether they should stay or leave or try to help her somehow. Carol blames herself for not seeing sooner that this is just how Lizzie is going to be. "She can't be around other people," Carol concludes.

  • Hell No!

    Things Are Pretty Fucked Up Right Here

    As easy as it is to hate crazy, messed-up Lizzie right now, the knife is twisted even deeper in the gut when Lizzie agrees to go with Carol to the grove to pick some flowers for Mika, who she believes will be back soon. When Carol looks to the smoke and remembers something Mika told her, she gets teary and Lizzie, in eager-to-please-ma'am mode, stresses that she's made Carol upset somehow. "Are you mad at me?" she asks, pathetically, on the verge of tears. Carol tells her to look at the flowers, as Mika used to tell Lizzie, and Lizzie cries and cries until Carol ends it, Steinbeck-style.

  • Passages

    R.I.P. Lizzie Samuels, (2001-present est.)

    It wasn't hard to guess from the beginning of the season that Lizzie had problems and that things weren't going to end well with her, but it would have been hard to imagine things turning out so horribly. (I mean, unless you read the comics.) It was easy to hate Lizzie, but by the end, very difficult not to feel very sorry for her brain's inability to wrap itself around the dangers of the new world.

  • Meeting Time

    Things Can't Possibly Get Any Worse...Or Can They?

    Who called the meeting? Carol.

    What's it about? With nothing left to lose (except perhaps Judith), Carol confesses to Tyreese that she killed Karen and David.

    How'd it go? Surprisingly well for Carol, not so well for Tyreese. As they sit across a table with a puzzle between them, Carol gives Tyreese a gun and tells him to do what he has to do. Tyreese grabs the table and asks if Karen knew what was happening and whether she suffered. Carol says it was quick. Tyreese, who seems sick of all the killing and death, says he forgives Carol. He won't forget, he says, but he does forgive her and seems to understand, especially after what just happened with Mika and Lizzie, that Carol does what she has to do to keep the group alive. Tyreese decides they can't stay. It's off to Terminus they go! (Very morbid bit of trivia: according to Melissa McBride on Talking Dead, the puzzle on the table was of Sophia.)

  • Snapshot

    Leaving Ghosts Behind

    After an excruciating montage of images from the abandoned house (the doll, the pecans, baby food jars, the fresh graves) coupled with dialogue bits from the past ("I'm not afraid to kill. I'm just afraid." "We all change."), we're left with the image of Tyreese, Carol, and Judith (carried via backpack) moving on toward Terminus. Have a happy week! Go get a scoop of ice cream or something because this was a toughie.

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