The Walking Dead Gives Rick His Turn At Bat

Rick finally gets a piece of Negan, but it's far from a satisfying conclusion.

We open on a super-tight shot of Negan's face. The framing is close and a little fish-eyed, so that while we're focused on his eyes, his grin is a little out of focus.


We switch immediately to a similar close-up of Simon, who is looking a lot less happy than Negan. He slowly looks to his right, and squints.

Speaking of squinting, we next do a close-up on Dwight, who looks worried. We focus hard on his burned face. Then something seems to occur to him. He empties out the contents of the cigarette package he carries, and in it are a half-used smoke and the engagement and wedding rings that belonged to Dwight and Sherry. Dwight, already back at his room at The Sanctuary and standing there shirtless, stares at the rings. There's a knock at the door. Dwight puts down the rings and answers. It's Negan -- grinning, as he does. He hands over a six-pack of Sanctuary-made beer and says, "Welcome home, Dwighty-boy."


Negan says it's good to have Dwight back because he needs his top boys getting things done. Dwight, cautious, just says, "Thanks." It's hard to tell if Negan is suspicious, but he asks Dwight about his close call. Dwight starts talking a little too much, saying they got ambushed. He points to a bandaged wound on his arm. Dwight says he managed to get into the woods and headed to Hilltop because he figured Negan's forces would get there to put up a blockade. Negan chews on that for a bit before he says, "Good job." Negan says they pulled the blockade to "let the mice play," and so that their own people could get stuff done. What's more important to get done than stopping Rick? Negan invites Dwight to slug a beer, put on his best vest, and get downstairs since there's work to do.

It's gratuitous messy zombie effects time! A chain is being used to grind open the torso of a walker tied to the Sanctuary fence. The guts spill out.



I mean, damn. We hear Negan suggesting that guts are guts and that they're going to get a big pile of these. So lots of shots of knives in gross, darkened zombie bellies. Axes and knives are being rubbed in the guts. "Damn, this is gonna be all kinds of awesome!" Negan cries as Simon is kneeling, doing most of the grunt work. Negan thinks that once The Hilltop gets a taste of this kind of warfare, they'll drop to their knees. Simon says, "Yes, sir!" but when Negan walks away, he looks more thoughtful.

Dwight comes outside, wearing a shirt instead of a vest. He looks around, and it's just business as usual. Nobody suspects what happened. And Dwight's not a huge talker. Simon gathers his men to tell them that today is about scaring people at Hilltop, not going for headshots. He says it's all about flesh wounds. They're gonna injure them and just let them turn. "Don't kill 'em!" he demands. Simon spots Dwight getting on a motorcycle and tells him that Negan is doing his own transport, so Dwight can ride with Simon. Dwight was planning to scout ahead, but Simon tells him they've already got that covered by actual scouts, who are more expendable than Dwight. "Not that you're expendable," Simon corrects. He suggests that Dwight ride along so that they can get him up to speed on the plan. Was that not just the plan? Simon says it's what Negan wants. Dwight reluctantly gets off the motorcycle and into the big truck with Simon.

We see the line of now-gutless zombies still moving around, tied to the fence as the trucks take off. A pair of boots approaches a car, and we see Lucille the bat dipped in a bucket of guts.

Gene Page / AMC

Negan is then inside the car, the bucket in the passenger seat, Lucille dipped inside. "You look beautiful, baby," he tells the bat. So cartoony, this moment. It takes us to the opening credits on a decidedly goofy note.

We return at the gates of The Hilltop, which open to a very weary-looking Rick Grimes and a watchful Michonne. Rick strides in as slow, somber piano music plays. Wow, that is very insensitive of Hilltop to blast that music just as Rick is arriving. In a very, very wide shot -- like practically from a helicopter -- we see Maggie and Michonne embrace. Rick warily watches the caged Savior prisoners, who are just below the gate watchtower areas. A woman with red hair brings Judith to Rick. Rick hugs and kisses Judith while Daryl, standing nearby, gives him a bro-nod.


We cut to Rick sitting out by some of the Hilltop graves. Daryl comes over to have a non-conversation, starting by saying, profoundly, that he thinks about the people that are gone and the people that are still here, and it ain't right. "It ain't fair," he concludes. It ain't English, really. Daryl also apologizes for trying to end things too quickly at The Sanctuary. "I just wanted it done," he tells Rick. He didn't want to give Negan another chance. Daryl says he didn't care who was there. Rick has come around to believe that it didn't matter if there were innocent people on the scene: he says to hell with people who aren't their own. Way to honor your son's beautiful legacy, Rick. Daryl says they'll keep fighting until Rick is ready. "I'm ready," Rick replies hastily. Are you, Rick? Are you really? Rick reminds Daryl that Maggie has lookouts every half mile. He plans to go out there, too. Daryl offers to go with Rick, relishing another bro-date. "We should split up," Rick answers, dumping cold bro-water on the bro-idea that bro just had. "A'ight," says a heartbroken Daryl. "I'm okay," Rick says, with no conviction whatsoever. He shrugs: "I'm gonna be okay." Someday. Not this season, probably. Before he leaves, Rick stops to thank Daryl for getting everybody to Hilltop safely. It was a real bro thing to do...buddy.

We see Rick in an SUV peeling out from The Hilltop. The camera pans back to show Maggie and Rosita watching from over the gates. "Think he'll come back from this?" Maggie asks. Rosita asks Maggie if she's come back. Maggie shakes her head. "We just keep going," Rosita tells her. Maggie looks around amid the sound of steady hammering.


She sees Enid sitting next to Michonne, presumably reading the note Carl left for her. "Yeah. They will, too," Maggie concludes. Rosita thinks it'll be harder when things are over and it's quiet. Maggie disagrees. She says that if Negan's dead, it'll be a whole lot easier -- at least for her. Maggie suddenly notices something out beyond the gates. It looks like a green milk cart with some plastic tied to it like a little flag. Maggie squints hard into the distance.

Convoy! A hugely mismatched set of trucks, vans, and other assorted big-boy vehicles are driving together. Negan is trailing behind in a black sports car. Simon, driving a truck with Dwight in the passenger seat, eyes Negan through the rearview mirror and asks Dwight what he thinks about this little road trip. Dwight says there's nothing wrong with an opportunity to close. Simon scoffs and says, hilariously, "Let's rap here! Let's get candid. Let's get weird."


He says it's nobody here but us chickens, so he wants to know, top guy to top guy, whether Dwight thinks Rick's folks are going to cower after The Saviors deliver what amounts to another warning. Dwight says he doesn't get paid to think. Simon disagrees: he values Dwight's opinion as someone who's been on both sides of the iron. Ouch! Simon beautifully speechifies that he doesn't believe this maneuver is going to deliver the desired outcome. Dwight asks what they should do differently, and Simon backs off, saying they're doing what the Big Man asks. But then, after some facial contortions, he remembers that they've thrown an awful lot at Rick, The Widow, and The King (that's Stephen King's scrapped sequel to The Eyes Of The Dragon), and they just keep coming. Like...the undead, maybe? "They don't scare!" Simon says emphatically. Dwight can't argue with that. So, he doesn't.

Hilltop. Rosita has returned from scouting out that mysterious thing Maggie saw. There was a note that said in exchange for filling some crates with food or phonograph records, the mysterious person will give them a key to their future. So reassuring that, even in a zombie apocalypse, Publisher's Clearinghouse still manages to give out that prize money. Rosita says they also left coordinates for a meeting spot. Michonne examines the note and says that this isn't The Saviors: they'd blow through the gate and make a big show, and "this isn't that." Maggie says she wouldn't put it past The Saviors. Rosita says that would be a pretty obvious trap. Maggie replies that that's what would make it a trap. Ack, my brain's gonna explode. This conversation feels like a trap. Michonne wonders what if it's someone who actually wants to help. Maggie says if it's someone who wants to help out and they miss it, oh well. But if it's someone trying to kill them, they die. Yeah, I can see how that would be a dilemma. Michonne says that won't happen if they're careful. Enid whines that being careful means staying put. Michonne gives A Major Look and says she'll go. Rosita agrees to tag along. Enid brings up Rick wanting them to stay put, as if Rick is the boss of Michonne or some shit. She says the last time they took a chance like this, it changed everything. And Rick may not have agreed with her then or understand her now, she says, but he will. Maggie, with a change of heart, agrees to get some records (from the old-time Tower Records in Hilltop?). Enid offers to go with her, and Maggie tells her to get some extra clips (the gun kind) in case things go badly.


Weird shot: Rick is perched on top of the roof of the SUV he was driving like a fucking eagle or some shit. He's listening on a walkie-talkie as the caravan of Saviors approaches. Rick uses his binoculars to see them coming, then rushes down. He was going to honk a warning, but when he spots Negan driving himself in the sports car, he hops into the SUV instead and gives chase.

We come back from commercials to see the caravan going through what appears to be a small city with hilly streets. Simon, still driving, notices the SUV barreling toward them from a side alley. Instead of alerting anyone, Simon just keeps driving. Rick's SUV plows into Negan's car from the side. Negan is able to squeeze away in the car, but Rick follows. The rest of the caravan stops as someone asks over the radio what happened. Dwight says it was Negan's car. Simon fakes concern: "Jesus, it was!


Rick is in hot pursuit of Negan in what suddenly looks like an episode of T.J. Hooker. Ridiculous music with what sounds like a cop siren embedded in it is playing as we watch this stupid car chase on a zombie show that takes place at a time when all the gasoline should have gone bad by now.

Simon and the rest are backing out of an alley, but Simon seems to be deliberately slowing them down. He wedges his truck and gets out, directing the other Saviors to stick together. He and Dwight will go find Negan, who should be able to take care of himself. Simon says it may be a ploy to get them to split up. He directs them to close off the alley on the other end with another truck. Simon and Dwight go to find Negan. Very slowly. Like chickens-with-nowhere-in-particular-to-be slowly.

Negan's car is turned over and he's lying in a gross pile of all the blood and guts from the bucket. We cut to a wider shot and see that Rick's SUV is right behind, having hit a pole in pursuit. It's kind of hilarious that the show didn't have the budget to show us as those wrecks actually happened. Rick comes out shooting, attracting zombies as Negan grabs Lucille and scrambles to try to get out of the car. Negan slips out and avoids Rick's bullets. Rick walks past some zombies, switches rifle clips, and follows Negan into a building that is clearly labeled "Stay Out!" Rick, out of bullets he just wasted, tosses the gun outside. As soon as Rick enters the doorway, Negan is already swinging the bat at Rick's head. Rick dodges. Negan gets one hit on Rick's back, but is soon running away as Rick fires his pistol. On the wall is a sign with "BASEMENT" crossed out and replaced with "Abandon all hope ye who enter here." That's a little on the nose, guys. Rick follows and shoots. Zombies enter the building. Negan runs up some stairs as Rick tries to fire, but he's out of bullets. "Hey, prick. You are out of bullets!" Negan points out. Rick throws a hatchet at Negan, who dodges, but in doing so falls through the railing and ends up hanging by his fingers. "Lucille!" he calls as the bat falls. Rick takes the axe from the wall and comes to Negan, who calls him an asshole. Rick cuts toward Negan's hand, but Negan lets go and falls down a deep hole.


We fall into commercials.

Maggie and Co. approach a black van with giant tires parked at a crossroads. Two young people in sunglasses are standing on the side of the van facing the approaching vehicle, and one of them in a hat that makes the person look like the ghost of Carl Grimes. Maggie and Enid get out of their SUV, guns drawn, while Michonne has her sword sheathed, but ready for action. As they approach, one of the young people opens up the van door, and a woman in a gray striped pantsuit gets out who I swear I thought was Glenn Close at first. I thought, how did this show manage to get Glenn Close as a guest star, that is amazing, why didn't I hear this was happening, what a coup, oh wait, that's totally not Glenn Close, it's just a haircut Glenn Close might have worn at one point, atop the face of a woman who is probably confused for Glenn Close at the airport a lot, particularly when she's rocking a Glenn Close-adjacent hairdo. Which is all to say, it's not really Glenn Close, but...close?


Michonne puts her sword over her shoulder like, "This is no threat," as the woman stands between Silent Jay and More Silent Jay and tells them her name is Georgie and her friends are named Hilda and Midge. Oh, okay. They are kind of androgynous and possibly siblings; I wasn't sure if they were male or female, not that it matters, and the names could have been misnomers. "And you are?" Georgie asks. Nobody answers. "...Suspicious," she concludes. She walks forward and says she knows they're curious enough to show up, and that she only accepts musical albums, not spoken word. She says that if they have survived out here, they know how to survive; she's not interested in sharing her knowledge with the weak. "Good," Maggie says. She gives side eye toward Rosita, who emerges from the side, flanking Georgie's crew. Georgie is not scared of having guns pointed at her, it looks like. Rosita and Enid search them. Before Enid reaches Georgie, Georgie says, "None for me," but Enid does it anyway. Maggie wants what they have. Georgie says she can't do that. She has knowledge that she has in her head and she'd prefer to keep that where it is (on her body). "You're trading knowledge," Michonne says, for those of us who can't keep up. "That's what I have," Georgie tells them. It's knowledge she says they'll need for the future. Like lottery numbers? She says she's made the offer before and it's not a trick -- just a fair trade. "It's an act of benevolence," says Hilda. Maggie asks why she'd do that. "What else...should I do?" she replies. Maggie has had about enough of this "follow your dreams by registering at your local community college" bullshit and tells Rosita to move forward. Georgie says what's in the van is not part of the deal. Maggie tells her there is no deal. Try that knowledge on for size! Rosita asks how many other communities she's found. Georgie says not many, and none for a long time. She says what they have is special and that what's happened has brought out the worst and the best in people, with the worst winning out lately. "But that won't last forever," she says. "It won't," reiterates Midge. Georgie says four crates of food and music is worth far less than a sustainable future and an exercise in trust. She realizes that "trust" must sound like a made-up word, like "Flibberschticky." Or "Klompf," says Hilda. "Or moisture," says Midge. Everyone gives Midge a comedically appropriate look. Enid doesn't believe that this is real. She says there's no way anybody would go around doing what they're doing. Georgie says she does, and she will, and she thinks she can divine that they're a fine group. "Manners notwithstanding," she adds, because yeah, how about you put your fucking guns down already, Maggie and Enid? Not Glenn Close But Close is trying to talk some sense! Michonne gets close to Maggie and asks if they're making the deal. Maggie says no, they're taking these people back to Hilltop. Michonne is like, "Aw fuck."

It's dark, so it's hard to tell, but it appears as though Rick is whistling in the dark, taking his time looking for Negan. He lights his lighters and growls, "You still alive?" Negan -- who fell through the floor down to a basement, it looks like -- is crawling on all fours. "I'm a goddamn cat," he answers. "Come on baby, where are you?" he asks, as he searches for Lucille on the ground. A walker falls down the same hole Negan came through and starts pursuing him as Negan gets up and leaves the room. Rick calls out, asking where Negan's people are. Negan says that they're coming. "This is where you die," Rick teases. "In the dark. All alone." Negan, now walking on his feet, asks what Rick's problem is. He reiterates a lot of their prior conversation, asking why Rick won't stop being the most "stubborn, know-it-all prick I've ever crossed dicks with." Fair assessment. He says he knows Rick is working through the worst kind of shit right now, but damn! Negan repeats that he could have saved Rick. He's saved lots of people and their children and kept them safe. As he's slowly creeping toward Negan, Rick sees a sign that reads "Eaters" that's holding back what sounds like a room full of hungry walkers. He walks past it, but we'll see it again. Negan picks up something off the floor, but it's just a pipe, not his beloved bat. He tosses the pipe aside. Negan teases that Rick failed his boy and his people, and it makes him sick thinking about it: "All that wasted potential." But he thinks there's still hope for Rick. He's not going to just kill Rick if he can? Negan says he respected Rick's badass son, so he's offering to put things back the way they were if Rick can get Hilltop, Alexandria, and The Kingdom back in line: Negan will lower his take from 50% to 25. But he needs Rick to work for him, starting as a janitor. He says that's a holiday extravaganza of a deal considering Rick's been a thorn in his ass cheek. Rick counters, asking why he should trust Negan after what he did to the Scavengers. Negan doesn't know what he's talking about. Rick fills him in on that whole community being wiped out. In the dark. Negan grimaces, suddenly aware of what Simon did, against his wishes. Rick asks if that's how he saves people. "Son of a bitch," Negan whispers to himself. Management! Rick doesn't think anyone is coming to save Negan. He's relishing the moment. And he's found Lucille.

Simon and Dwight are walking down a street, both carrying guns, as Simon asks if Dwight hasn't thought about clipping Negan before. Dwight asks if it might have been when Negan took his wife or burned his face. "Naw, never thought about that!" Dwight says sarcastically, "not once." Simon seems kind of impressed by that: he says that Dwight chose to survive instead of focusing on "past discomforts." Those are some gigantic fucking discomforts. Simon says forcefully that Dwight was an adult and did what he had to do to live. But he doesn't think Negan is doing the same for them. Simon says that if he were in charge, they'd branch out and seek other settlements: "We'd make sure The Saviors survive, as you chose to." Dwight scoffs. Simon says his nuts are naked as a jaybird (meaning he's vulnerable?), and asks what Dwight says to that. They both agree to just move on. But the meaning of what that is exactly isn't super-clear. Just then, they come across the Rick and Negan wrecks, Negan's car spilling gas and guts. They look inside, and he's gone, of course. Simon, without much urgency, says that Negan could be anywhere, alive or dead. He suggests that they could keep looking for Negan and perhaps face a distasteful moment. Or they could walk away, go back, and make things even better. He thinks it's a critical moment in their history, and something they can tell their grandkids about. Uh yeah, Dwight lost his wife to Negan, so that's kind of a sore subject. A desiccated walker comes around the corner, and Dwight fishes out the half cigarette from his pack and lights it. In slow motion, he flicks it toward Negan's overturned car. The car is lit by a huge fireball. "Good answer," Simon tells him, before walking away.


Hilltop. Georgie and her two assistants are sitting awkwardly on a bench outside the big house where Gregory used to preside. Jerry is inside giving Maggie a status report that I can't begin to understand, but which I think has to do with slowing down The Saviors as they head to Hilltop. She tells him to get ready, and that he knows what they have to do. But do we? Michonne approaches, telling Maggie that they should just make the deal and let Georgie go before The Saviors arrive. Maggie says she can't let go people with a van full of good -- not with her people starving. Enid thinks they should take their stuff. Oh, so now our heroes are just thieves who rob people who have no intention of hurting them? Nice turn. Enid, cynical as fuck, thinks someone else will just kill them, and that it's a miracle they've survived so long. Enid, still holding a gun in her hand, steps to Michonne and says that when The Saviors get there, they'll fight and people will die, so why should they give a shit about people who don't care about themselves? Enid says they need to stop pretending things just work out. Miss Carl much? Michonne pointedly reminds Enid that Carl's rescue of Siddiq means they now have a doctor and a friend, as she calmly takes the gun from Enid. "Carl was brave," says Michonne. Tearfully, Enid says, "And now he's dead."


Oh shit, girl. Michonne, dead-eyed, just whispers, "Step back." Enid finally does, and walks all the way out the door. Michonne looks extremely disappointed at being the only one with any damn decency around here. Maggie chimes in that things don't just work out. Michonne agrees and says she thinks Carl knew that. He never gave up on being the person Rick wanted him to be. Maggie gulps. "And we can't give up on who he wanted us to be," says Michonne. "Can't." That convinces Maggie. It doesn't hurt that she sees Judith and another baby through the doorway.

Rick is still in the dark, taunting Negan. He says that what Negan had was never gonna last: sooner or later, he was going to meet someone like Rick. Rick says that Negan can't save him, or his people, or himself, because he doesn't care about anyone and he uses people. Negan has his faults, but I think it's pretty clear he cared about Carl and cares about a lot of the people at The Sanctuary. Rick says that Negan uses people for food, for sex, for protection, and that the only thing Negan cares about is this bat: "And you can't even save that." Rick pours lighter fluid on Lucille, telling Negan he can kiss her goodbye. "Don't you touch her!" Negan yells. Rick lights the bat and uses it to smash through the "EATERS" sign. As he's doing so, Negan finally appears and dives on Rick, sending them both through the wooden frame and into the darkness. We go to commercials.

We return to Rick and Negan having a gigantic brawl. They both get up and Rick immediately swings the flaming bat, hitting Negan on the side of his jacket -- and now they're being attacked by walkers, too. Rick hits one of them in the belly with the bat, and it catches fire. Rick points the flame at Negan, who tells him, "Get your hands off her." Rick just keeps swinging as more parts of the room catch fire.


There are flaming zombies near Rick, and more approaching through the door. Negan thinks Rick is a psychopath who's going to kill them both. "Long as it's you first," says Rick, Father of the Year to Judith. Rick gets grabbed by a walker and flips it over, but as he's doing that, Negan dives at him. They wrestle on the ground as fire zombies (or fire walkers?) get closer. Negan is able to grab Lucille while Rick struggles with a walker. We see now why Negan is Lucille's rightful owner. He uses the bat to beat the shit out of a bunch of the zombies in the room while Rick is struggling with his little hatchet. Rick notices, to his dismay, that Negan has managed to make it out through a wall opening. Rick follows and ends up outside the building, but there's no sign of Negan. Just smoke.


Good work, Rick. Really just a stellar job. Are you hiring, I'd really love to work for your crack organization, with its top-down leadership style.

Maggie emerges from the house with a crate full of LPs, which I hope include some hip hop, because if hip hop doesn't survive the zombie apocalypse, it's just not worth going on. Maggie says that she's agreeing to the deal, and that they should go sooner rather than later. Georgie says she accepts the deal, but is changing the terms: she's only going to take the one crate, not four, and she's going to give Maggie a sizable portion of her food supply. This woman is the worst negotiator since...well, we've had some interesting elections in the last few years, right? But seriously, this is a terrible, awkward deal, like trying to buy some OG Kush from Mitt Romney. Georgie -- who by the way is rocking some pearl earrings -- says that, by the looks of things, they need food far more than she does. Sick burn, Georgie! Maggie can't believe her ears. Georgie insists that this is a barter. She plans to be back in a while, and she's expecting great things. She goes to the van and returns with the key to the future she promised: it's a handwritten book full of plans for windmills, water mills, silos. They're hand-drawn schematics the likes of which any of these towns could have found in a library if anyone had bothered to look, but these are handsomely illustrated and self-published. Think of it as a limited edition. Georgie says she has plans for refining grain, making lumber, aqueducts. It's a book of "medieval human achievement," which seems like a low bar for people who were using iPhones two or three years ago, but whatever, folks gotta go medieval once in a while, I guess. She says they'll have a future by drawing from the past.


The book is literally called A Key To A Future, and it's subtitled, "Being a guide to the machinery, techniques, tasks, travails and SOLUTIONS employed by early civilizations to recent times; let this be the path forward from the past to a more advanced NOW." Oh, so it's Amway. The book is bound together with three rings. Georgie explains that the originals are in her head, but that she made photocopies; it's been an evolving document since the copy shop. Maggie is almost tearful thanking Georgie, who says that, when she comes back, she wants those crates filled, cheese for Hilda, pickles for Midge. Maggie says she'll see what she can do. "You will," says benevolent angel Georgie before she leaves. Well, that was a cool lady! I hope she comes back. Michonne and Enid watch her van leave The Hilltop from the guard tower. Enid refrains from spitting off it and onto their windshield. She reveals to Michonne that she killed Natania. She says that Natania was killing anyone, and they came across her. She explains that she killed Natania and she's here, but Carl saved someone and he died. She doesn't know how to do this, and wonders if they're just supposed to keep fighting. Michonne says she doesn't think Carl wanted them to stop fighting for their future, but that it's going to take more than fighting to get there. She says they'll fight The Saviors who are coming, but that there has to be something after.

Back at the place where The Saviors were waiting on Simon and Dwight, it seems like they've tripled in number. Someone asks, "Where's Negan?" Simon says, "Gone." Dwight says they only found blood. Someone asks what they're supposed to do now. "Who are you?" Simon asks sharply. "Negan," the man says shyly, like it's his middle name and he's ashamed of it. "WHO!?" Simon demands. "Negan!" the man insists, annoyingly. Then, more forcefully, "I am Negan!" Jeez, man, I hope your audition went better than this.


Simon reminds them that they are all Negan even if "The Big Man" isn't there: "We're still Negan." He says that they don't know if he's gone, but that Negan's plan was to go on to Hilltop and put the fear of God into those people so they'll get with the program. After what they did to Negan (unconfirmed!), what they need from Hilltop is beyond them: "It's time we come to accept that." He thinks there's only one thing left to do: "We must expunge them! We must redact them." Dwight is like, "Oh shits!" Simon says they're a mistake that they shall now erase. "We are moving on," he tells everyone. That's not good! "For Negan!" Simon says, raising his rifle. "For Negan!" everyone agrees.

Negan is waking up. He's in the passenger side of a moving car, a nasty cut on the left side of his face. He turns, and the camera pans to show us the driver: it's Jadis, wearing a plaid shirt and holding a gun to Negan's head as she steers.


Negan starts to laugh. "Well, shit," he says. "Shut up," Jadis replies and punches him in the head as we cut to black.

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