The Waiting Was The Hardest Part

A key question is answered and many lectures are given along the way to the mid-season finale.

  • Continuity

    Oh, For The Love Of Glenn

    Mystery solved! Badly! As everyone on the Internet had surmised weeks ago with all the squirrelly behavior and doubletalk on Talking Dead, Glenn Rhee is not dead! When he fell into a crowd of walkers, Nicholas landed on top of him and they ate his guts, but not Glenn's, because Glenn managed to shimmy under a Dumpster and somehow keep all those grubby hands and teeth away from his precious body.


    And then he waited. And waited. And waited for what must have felt like the time it took for Walking Dead fans to get completely trolled about this whole thing.


    And then even the walkers got bored and went away, even though there's a smelly, breathing, live man nearby. Maybe they'd also rather be watching The Good Wife. Then a day passed. And finally Glenn crawled out, lured by some rejected music cues from Friday Night Lights to find not a single zombie moving around anywhere nearby!


    Well, this is some bullshit.

  • And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor

    Evian Water

    Yup, being under a Dumpster for several days waiting for walkers to lose interest in munching you up is thirsty work! Don't be without the clear French spring water that will keep you alive under such circumstances. Who knows, some snotty teenager named Enid might even throw a bottle your way and you'll miss it and the water will splash all over the ground, making you even thirstier! Life is precious, but clean water is even more precious and less likely to be a bullshit fake-out. Remember, it's "Evian," not "Naive."

  • Awkward

    Teens. Amirite?

    Situation: Glenn is desperately seeking more information about what happened in Alexandria and whether his wife is, you know, dead.

    What makes it awkward? Enid is upstairs somewhere at the antique shop where she's been holed up and shouting down her non-answers to Glenn, which makes it like every parent/teenager conversation that results in no action or answers whatsoever.

    How is order restored? Enid blows off Glenn after letting him grab a new, not-broken bottle of water and takes off before he can find her.

  • That'll Do

    We Get It. You Have A Stick.

    Morgan is practicing his peacekeeping Aikido when Rick walks by to mention that they need to talk soon. Maybe it's to tell Morgan to give it a rest with the stick practice in public. That's the kind of advice friends give each other.

  • Classifieds


    Contractor with expertise in luring walkers for short-term contract to create a path between crowd of pesky undead invaders. Straight path between two groups preferred, but will also accept complete diversion if vehicle is available. Under no circumstances should contractor shoot anyone answering to "Glenn," "Daryl," "Sasha," or "Abraham." See Rick or Maggie for more details and payment specs (canned goods, mostly paprika soup ingredients).

  • A Wizard Did It

    Oh, Hey, David

    As Glenn is retracing his steps, he comes upon David, the unlucky bastard who was left behind at the gate when he couldn't make it up and over. I wondered why nobody bothered to shove a knife in his head and put him out of his misery, and now we know why. So that Glenn could come back and do it later and dramatically take the receipt-roll note to Betsy that David left behind. If it doesn't make sense at the time, it must be for future plot convenience. More disturbing: if David was being eaten and the walkers had unencumbered access to his body, why did they leave his juicy, tender face flesh virtually untouched? Why would they leave any of him, even a gross eyeball stalk, uneaten? Maybe these walkers are getting too full these days. They left Nicholas in a similar state.

  • Hell Yeah!

    Preacher, But Not The Cool AMC One Debuting Next Year

    Rick will never pass up an opportunity to let someone he hates know it, and Father Gabriel is no exception. When Gabriel tapes up a few flyers for a "Prayer circle for the solar panels," Rick walks by and without a word takes one of the papers and tears it, not losing a beat of his stride. Carl says, "Dad..." If you're Father Gabriel, that's gotta sting a little.

  • We Made A List

    Better, More Appropriate Gun-Safety Teachers For Ron Than Carl And Rick

    • Carol
    • Tara
    • Maggie
    • Aaron
    • Michonne
    • Rosita
    • Morgan (yes, even with just the stick)
    • Judith
    • Literally anyone but Carl and Rick
  • Meeting Time

    This Morgan Shit Has Got To Stop, Y'all

    Who called the meeting? Rick.

    What's it about? Rick wants an explanation as to why Morgan let several Wolves exit Alexandria, given that those assholes went on to attack him at the trailer and almost killed him. Care to explain, Morgan?

    How'd it go? Rather than being defensive, Morgan gets emotional and admits that he doesn't really know for sure what's right anymore. He compares the situation of not killing five people he didn't think needed to die to the time Rick found him at his compound and let him live, despite Morgan crazily trying to kill him. Morgan admits he did want to kill those men, but still believes all life is precious. "That idea changed me," he says, "it brought me back and keeps me living." Of course, the best part is two reveals: Carol and Michonne are also in the room, ready to tell Morgan that life's not as simple as four words about not killing.

    2015-11-23-twd-13 2015-11-23-twd-14
  • Here's An Idea

    Somebody Check On That Church Tower!

    Sure, things are busy around Alexandria what with all the recovering and whatnot, but even with a horde of walkers outside, it's probably a good idea if somebody figures out why random pieces of lumber keep falling from the church tower. You know, the one that got slammed into by a truck? That seems like it could be a problem.

  • That Quote
    "Really? ...Really?"
    - Michonne, calling bullshit on Rick's secrecy -
  • Plot Lightning Round

    In the middle of Rick trying to hatch a new, terrible plan over Michelle's doubts, Deanna comes over to share her hand-drawn plans for an expansion of the town. Uh, you do know that death is literally knocking at the fence, right? Deanna believes things will continue one way or another and, by the way, here's some plans; knock yourselves out, Rick and Michonne.


    Rosita trains a group on machete technique, but Eugene is freaked out by the sound of groaning walkers outside the gate, so he can't really concentrate. When he complains that he's a weapons novice and people around him are wearing open-toed shoes, Rosita tells him to get a grip. Then she speechifies about how it's so much worse to watch the people around you die than to die yourself knowing you didn't do all you could to save them. Eugene has had enough and takes off.


    While hanging out in her diner of solitude, Enid peeks outside to see if the coast is clear.


    It's not, but the coast isn't clear inside either because Glenn sneaks up and surprises her!


    Glenn decides he's taking Enid back to Alexandria, and she's not thrilled about that plan. Obviously.

  • Love, Hate & Everything In Between

    Misdirected Heroism

    Because Glenn is a mostly humorless adult these days with a kid on the way, he decides, after coaxing the gun away from her, that Enid must come back with him to Alexandria. He figures it's what Maggie would do and despite Enid being the absolute worst (as her name suggests), he's not going to give up on her. Typical exchange: "Asshole," says Enid. "You draw a gun on me and I'm the asshole?" Glenn replies.

  • It's A Date

    Brace Yourself, Tobin

    It's not always sexy, but sometimes men must bond by doing what it is men do: saw some wood and then screw that wood to something else. Together.

    Who's on a date? Rick and Tobin.

    Where has he taken him? Tobin, uninvited, sees that Rick is trying to secure the gigantic wall with one piddly piece of wood and offers to help make a brace instead. He then tells Rick that Rick's not the raging psychopath he and the town thought he was when Grimes and Pals first showed up.

    Are things headed in a horizontal direction? No, this is purely a diagonal-brace bromance.

  • Bad Habits

    Could We Kill Glenn Again, Please?

    If you don't like lectures about the value of life in the face of ultimate darkness, you've chosen the wrong show to watch. As Glenn and Enid decide to fill up balloons with helium (oh yeah, there's a helium tank hidden near them) as a zombie distraction, Glenn decides to give Enid a lecture about why she's the way she is. It's because she's lost too much to want to get close to anyone else. Enid shuts him down and really, it's just super-annoying. Shut up, Glenn.

  • Alert!

    Ron Goes Rogue

    Alert Type: Armory Breach Alert.

    Issue: Ron sure does want to shoot something! But to do that, he'll need ammo for the gun Rick gave him.

    Complicating Factors: You can only get ammo in town from the armory, which is guarded by Olivia.

    Resolution: Olivia's not much of a guard. Ron creates a very small distraction and it's enough for him to sneak in and get bullets.

    Spoiler: Ron hasn't had enough practice with guns to save his own life or anybody else's. Tragedy probably lies ahead.

  • That Quote
    "The world is trying to die. We're supposed to just let it."
    - Enid -
  • I Am Not A Crackpot

    Dear Deana, Or Whomever Is In Charge: There Is No Reason To Go Over The Fence Without Permission; Please Eliminate All Who Do. I Am Not A Crackpot!

    Spencer, dumbass, decides to take it upon himself to play Man On Wire and try to get over and across the zombie herd to round up a vehicle and create a distraction.


    Never mind that this is completely out of character (he's a coward) and that he's using a freakin' grappling hook instead of something that will stay in place. A huge hunk of time is spent trying to save his lame ass and Tara risks her life hopping over the fence to get a good shot and save him when he falls into the herd.


    Somehow, by some lame miracle, he survives. But should he have? The rule should be that unless you're off performing some mandated task, if you go over the fence, you're on your own. Forever. Break the rules? See ya, wouldn't want to be ya.

  • Hell Yeah!

    Bird On A Wire

    After Spencer is safe, Rick growls at Tara for risking her life for these people. He asks what she was thinking and, shocked and upset, Tara offers the only visual answer that seems to fit. Yeah, fuck you, Rick.

  • Wrap It Up

    Morgan visits Denise the doctor and learns about "FWaPPRS" (Fever, Warmth, Pus, Pain, Redness, and Swelling, symptoms of infection) before convincing her to come make a house call to the patient he's got locked away, who maybe could use some antibiotics if there's a chance he'll live. Carol sees them leave together and follows.


    Spying with a baby is no good, so Carol drops off Judith at Jessie's house and has an uncomfortable conversation with Sam (still rockin' that second-floor landing), who asks about monsters and whether his dad became one when he began killing people. Sam's definitely not living with the stress of being in this world very well.


    Carol confronts Morgan about his hiding place, but we don't get to hear how he responds just yet.


    Ron is following Carl around, presumably with a loaded gun.


    Michonne studies Deanna's map, which has lots of room for crops such as alfalfa, but no room for a Gold's Gym. WTF?!


    Rick apologizes to Tara for getting after her earlier and she explains that she was just acting on instinct. Just then, Deanna pops up, as she's been doing a lot lately, to thank Rick for saving Spencer. Rick says he only helped save Spencer because it was Deanna's son, but she doesn't think that's true.

    2015-11-23-twd-35 2015-11-23-twd-36

    The Friday Night Lights-style music returns as green balloons float in the sky, making Maggie come running, certain that Glenn is alive. Pretty good, right? But then this shit happens:


    Oh no! Come back next week for the mid-season finale.

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