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The Sanctuary's Under Siege In The Walking Dead S08.E05

While trapped together in 'The Big Scary U,' Negan and Gabriel try to play missionary to each other. Guess who ends up on top.

Can you believe it's been three entire episodes since we left Gabriel dangling from that cliffhanger at the end of the season premiere? That would be pretty upsetting if anyone cared about Gabriel. But at long last, it's time to pick up his plot thread again and resolve it.

Ha ha, just kidding. Admittedly, the first thing we hear is Gabriel's voice over a black screen. But when the picture catches up with him, we see him in the church back at Alexandria before all this, praying that he's not afraid of death -- but only of a "fruitless death." If he is to die, he tells God, then he wants it to have purpose, he wants it to have meaning, and he wants it this very episode. I mean, he doesn't say that last part, but given that we're seeing this now, he might as well.

Even after this opening scene, we're not picking up quite where we left off with Gabriel. No, the show has backed up a few hours so that it can take one of its trademark shambling starts at it. Somewhere in the Sanctuary, early on the morning of the day of Rick's attack, Gregory is sleeping in his clothes on a dingy cot in an even dingier room. Hey, at least it's a single. And to make him feel even more welcome, Simon brings him a breakfast of eggs and pancakes that he claims to have made from scratch, even milling the Hilltop-sourced sorghum himself. This he has done as a sign of love and appreciation for how Gregory came and found him at the Satellite Outpost to tattle about the Hilltop's plotting against Negan, as soon as he knew, wink-wink. Gregory, apparently not for the first time, insists that he knew nothing about the "rank betrayal" that Simon was already off dealing with in Alexandria at the time, and Simon, with his usual sinister joviality, assures Gregory that he'll get the chance to fix it. "You fill your belly with my love," he says as he sits Gregory down to breakfast. Whether or not Simon intends this is a double entendre, the alarmed look on Gregory's face indicates that it has clearly been received as one.


Cut to the selfsame meeting that Negan told Rick that he was in (will tell Rick that he was in? These overlapping timelines can get so confusing to write about and I've covered Doctor Who), as Gregory makes smarmy, long-winded attempts to ingratiate himself with the lead Saviors. Negan, cradling Lucille as per uzh, casually faces Gregory down from the opposite end of the table, which is also flanked by Dwight, Gavin, Eugene, Regina, and of course Simon. This latter gentleman is the only person in the room giving Gregory anything at all in return; even Eugene is more blank-faced than usual. Still, employing some of those stellar room-reading skills that have successfully brought him this far in life, Gregory commiserates with Negan about the challenges that both of them, as leaders, face. These include what Gregory calls "the big scary U" -- which is his annoying, time-wasting, episode-title-checking way of describing "the unknown" -- and what he assumes is their shared distaste for killing people. Negan pleasantly volunteers that he likes killing people just fine, if it means saving more people, because saving people is what he does. Hence the name of his IRL Subreddit out here in exurban Virginia. This briefly throws Gregory off what passes for his stride -- but alas, only briefly. However, his tedious line of management-seminar horseshit gives Dwight the perfect cover to escape this boring meeting, ostensibly to go suck a heater. Dwight even shoehorns in a casual declaration of loyalty to Negan on his way out, though we know full well that when he steps outside, it's not just the cigarette that's getting smoked.

Meanwhile, Gregory is boasting to the remaining attendees that he can nip the Hilltop's insurrection in the bud by returning there and exiling anyone who doesn't declare their loyalty to Negan as well. We have, of course, already seen that Gregory will soon be lying to Maggie that Negan forced him to make this threat, but this is just classic Gregory. Negan asks if Gregory still has the juice back home to pull this off, prompting Gregory to puff out his chest about how he's still King Shit of Turd Hilltop. But he's made the classic mistake of any number of bragging weasels, in the sense that he is asking Negan to believe that he is simultaneously in control of everything that happens at Hilltop and ignorant of what's been going on at Hilltop until just now. Or as Negan puts it, with characteristic colorfulness, "Why the hell didn't you know about the Widow leading an army of your people straight up my ass in Alexandria?" Negan's menacing accusation that Gregory is playing both sides sends the latter into a brief panic, but he chokes it down with some coaching from Simon. Who then suggests to Negan that they try Gregory's plan, along with a "thick and veiny show of force," and if that doesn't work, they can just kill everyone at the Hilltop. That makes Gregory choke on his water, but it upsets Negan even more. He stands up and pounds the top of the conference table with Lucille -- a habit of his, judging by the finish at his end of the table -- as he bellows the same thing he told Jadis not so long ago: "People are a resource!" Which I suspect means "You can't enslave corpses," but that phrase doesn't sell management handbooks. Negan also thinks maybe Simon has forgotten who's in charge here, and that Simon may be guilty of "backsliding," which, we don't need to know the whole backstory on that in a three-episode arc, if you don't mind, show. And then Negan announces the actual Plan A: "Taking Rick, the Widow, and King Assface alive, and making them dead in a very, very public and instructive way. We kill the right people in the wrongest way possible and we make 'em all watch!" Which I'm sure Negan thinks is a good idea because it's both sadistic and strategic, but most of all it's his. It's also the only thing that explains how Rick and Ezekiel haven't already been killed several times over this season. In fact, this proclamation is so significant that it calls for some kind of punctuation. So right on cue, the conference room hears the four volleys of shots that we've already seen Rick and his forces fire to announce their arrival outside. Suddenly Negan regrets not having invested in a sign that reads "No Solicitors."

But surprisingly, seeing the fleet of Allied wall-mobiles that have Voltronned themselves into a machine-gun bunker right outside his front door seems to calm Negan down. With regular ammo useless against this armor and his big guns currently offsite, Negan decides that he and his nemesis might as well have a discussion. With that, Negan heads outside, followed by Simon, Dwight, Gavin, Regina, and, after a pause, a very anxious Eugene. And we once again, from inside the building, hear those fateful words: "I'm sorry, I was in a meeting." Hey, not every Negan line can be a pants-pisser.

And you already know what happened to Negan and Gabriel between then and the scene we're now in, in which we join Negan and Gabriel staring each other down in the empty trailer in which they've been treed. So Negan, who was literally boasting about the size of his dick just minutes before in his timeline, has suffered a major reversal of fortune. Now he is (a) facing a credible rebellion on multiple fronts; (b) separated from his Saviors, including his top lieutenants; (c) possibly injured; (d) besieged by zombies; and (e) trapped in a trailer (f) with Gabriel. So things are not going great for Negan at the moment. Still, always the alpha, Negan begins this interaction by throwing Gabriel to the floor and forcibly disarming him. Then he helps Gabriel up to a marginally more dignified sitting position, and the two of them settle in for a long, awkward wait.

After an indeterminate period (there are still unmanageable numbers of walkers outside, and we've seen one slow dissolve to indicate the passage of time), Negan decides to break the ice by informing Gabriel, "Your friend Rick is an asshole." "You're an asshole," Gabriel retorts, which, if I had a nickel for every time a priest said that to me...a Catholic upbringing is not for wimps, y'all. Anyway, Negan's problem with Rick, at least right now, is that "he's gonna get people killed." "By you," Gabriel reasonably points out. Negan argues that there's a big difference between killing someone, and getting them killed. Gabriel doesn't seem inclined to argue the point that this puts Negan on the wrong end of that moral calculus, and he's probably right not to bother. It's just another way for Negan to avoid responsibility for his own viciousness. He claims to be all-powerful, but then he's all "you leave me no choice" and "I can't have that," right before he mutilates someone. And speaking of choices, Negan is wondering why Gabriel risked his life for a hunk of dryer lint like Gregory. Gabriel, as we've just heard, only fears "a fruitless death." Negan laughs right along with me at the idea of sacrificing oneself for such an uber-weasel, and even Gabriel doesn't disagree, saying he thinks it's something else that landed him here. "I think," he says, fixing Negan with a smile as sinister as anything Negan could serve up, "I'm here to take your confession." And then we cut to credits before he can hear either me or Negan say, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

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Out on the road where we last saw Rick and Daryl, they're currently interrogating the large Savior who was driving the gun-truck until Rick knifed him and tossed him out. Dude's in a bad enough way that you wouldn't expect this to be a productive conversation, but he manages to choke out the good news-bad news about what just went down at the chemical plant: everyone there is dead except for Ezekiel, Jerry, and "a short-haired psycho lady." Rick and Daryl both know exactly who that is. This seems like some pretty vital information for the Savior just to hand over, especially given that there isn't much they can do to him other than shorten his life by a matter of seconds. As it is, he barely has enough time to blame Rick for all this death before experiencing his own. Yes, Rick, congratulations on having decimated yet another previously stable community.

Back in the trailer, Negan not-so-politely declines Gabriel's offer of confession, and instead asks why Gabriel became a priest. Gabriel's answer is pretty boring, but when he says that he wanted to help people through their weaknesses, that's something Negan says they have in common. In fact, Negan claims to have been doing that all his life. And then he changes the subject back to what he mentioned a few minutes ago, which is that lots of people are going to start dying inside the Sanctuary, and you know why? "Because I'm not there to stop it." As Negan starts whistling his own little two-note theme song, I wonder if this trailer is going to be big enough for both of their messiah complexes.

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Negan's lieutenants, meanwhile, are back in the conference room, where moods are a little elevated. Regina says that they'll have to assume that Negan is now dead, prompting Simon to remind them that he is Negan, as are they all, and he all but dares Regina to say she's someone else. Regina steers wide of this fraught invitation to meditate on the very nature of identity and the self, and instead floats a plan whereby they'll send a squad of forty workers out as zombie fodder to allow a few soldiers to get past and warn the outposts and then come back with the "Fat Lady," whatever that is. You and I of course already know that Savior outposts are no longer a thing; plus which Eugene points out, with backup from Dwight, Regina's plan will result in an internal rebellion in addition to the one outside their gates. Gavin adds furthermore that there are enemy snipers all around, so nobody's going anywhere anyway. Which leaves them with what he sees as the real problem: "Someone in here made everything out there happen." Wow, that didn't take long to figure out. Things get a little awkward on the side of the table where Eugene and Dwight are sitting, until Dwight takes control of the meeting and spouts some tough talk about how they're not going to get killed and he's going to lead them out of there. Simon, stretching out into what he already seems to think is his new role, comes around the table to Dwight, sloooowly and menacingly, fixes him with a glare, and voices his hearty approval. "And," he adds, "we're gonna find that subhuman coward that did this to us and we're going to kill him very slowly in front of everyone here over the course of a few very long days." Eugene manages not to voice the thought that has to be rattling around in his head right now, which is Why is everyone looking at me? Simon closes things out by declaring, "Good meeting, people. Now let's make today the best day it can be." anyone else going to get up from the table to do something about that now? No?

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Later, Dwight's in his room when he gets a visit from Eugene, here to express his thanks for Dwight's support in the meeting (where "foot met mouth at an unavoidable velocity") by offering him his own jar of briny snacks. This is also intended as a sign of Eugene's faith "that we will in fact find a way out of this pickle. Pun intended." Not really achieved, though, Eudge. While he's there, he notices Dwight's hand-painted chess set, some of the pieces of which still have wet paint on them, despite Dwight's busy morning thus far. Eugene gets a smudge of red on his thumb as a result. He inspects the set but fails to come up with anything socially appropriate to say about it, and then takes his leave. At the door, he remarks that he knows he'd be the "prime suspect in pretty much any Benedict Arnold-type situation," and again expresses his appreciation to Dwight. Who'd better hope that Eugene remembers this debt later on.


Out in the trailer, Gabriel asks Negan what he meant earlier by "helping the weak." Negan says that he used to work with kids, to show them the way. "Little assholes turn into great big ones," he warns. So all the Saviors used to be little assholes, then? Negan casually gets up and crosses the trailer, just before one of the boards sealing the trailer gives way and an undead arm reaches inside. Gabriel, already out of reach, doesn't have to move, but the moment is shot so that it looks like he's the one with the titanium nerves right now. Negan announces that they'll wait a bit longer to see if his people can get it together (or maybe until Negan himself can come up with something). Getting back to the subject of weakness, Negan doesn't dispute Gabriel's accusation that he's weak. But he says he's also strong, a mix like anyone else, and that people can use their weaknesses to drive their strengths. "And obviously," he concludes, "I am strong as shit." As proof, he tells Gabriel how he pulled together the Sanctuary and took over from the last guy who was in charge, who I am guessing is now either dead or Simon. "He allowed people to be weak," Negan says. "I don't. I make them strong, which makes this world strong." And in case Gabriel doesn't get the point, Negan promises to make a project of him, make him strong like everyone else. Which sounds ridiculous, except I realized a while ago that Negan must turn people into Saviors by drumming all the people skills out of them, so in Gabriel's case he's already got a head start. Gabriel, not understanding this, feels goaded to point out that he's already strong, as demonstrated by how he killed Saviors in their sleep during the first raid on the Satellite Outpost. Uh, not exactly an iron-clad argument, there, Padre. And anyway, that's not exactly what Negan means. But before he can clarify, Gabriel offers him another chance at confession before he dies, and he thinks he's found a crack to pick at in Negan's emotional armor. "How are you weak?" he asks. Gabriel continues to push Negan about the murders he's committed and the de facto slaves in the Sanctuary, but it all bounces off Negan until Gabriel mentions Negan's wives, plural. Negan turns away at that, and Gabriel keeps pressing at that nerve, asking if there was a first wife. "Lucille, give me strength," Negan whispers, clearly seconds from burying her in Gabriel's skull. But before that happens, Gabriel snatches his handgun back out of Negan's waistband. Negan flattens him before Gabriel can use it, if Gabriel even intended to, but Gabriel is able to dart into the other room in the trailer and lock the door behind him. This trailer has another room? With a door and a lock? And we're just finding out? Rather than bashing his way in, which would likely burn through several valuable seconds, Negan uses the bat's thick end to jackhammer an invading zombie-head into the trailer's floor. He then calls out to Gabriel that nobody is coming for them and that it's time to go. Oooooh, an adventure! Together!

Daryl and Rick scramble down the steep embankment where the gun-truck went over -- and is leaking fuel, we are invited to observe -- to recover the big .50-caliber and anything else they can collect. "Anything else," in this case, appears to include a crate of explosives. As he loads them into his bag, Daryl suggests that they just use that instead, now that the Kingdom is gone; they can just blow a hole in the side of the Sanctuary and let the zombies flood right in. Rick clearly has serious ethical doubts about this, and what it would mean for the workers and families inside. He's clearly suffering from one of his semi-regular relapses of good-guyness, no doubt brought on by his recent encounter with the aptly-named Morales. But rather than getting into that with Daryl, he argues on strategic grounds that it could turn all of the workers into fighters against them. "We're not doing this," he concludes. There's a long pause, and then Daryl -- who spent however many hellish days as a prisoner of the Saviors, eating their dog-food sandwiches and being forced to listen to their terrible bubblegum pop music and wear a shapeless, light-colored sweatshirt -- growls, "No, you're not doing this." He even gives Rick a little shove for good measure. As he starts walking away with the demolition gear in his satchel, he reminds Rick that if anyone gets killed, it's the fault of the other side, and that he and Rick have to look after their own people. Rick isn't letting this happen, so things devolve into fisticuffs between partners. Again. ALL OUT WAR!

Ironic cut to a boxing videogame being played on an Atari 2600. Yep, in this time of crisis, with the Sanctuary under siege and spies and traitors walking among them, Eugene is getting his pixels on. At least until the power goes out and he's left sitting in the dark. "Hell," he says with uncharacteristic brevity.

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Rick and Daryl are still battling one another, though Rick takes a moment to try throwing the satchel of big-bang toward the woods, as if that's going to keep it away from Daryl. They stop fighting long enough to notice that the overturned truck has caught fire, and Daryl helps Rick to his feet just in time for the ensuing explosion to blow both of them clear of the shot. And the bag of explosives was right next to it, so all they can do is sit there and watch those go up as well. Of course, the season's onscreen explosion budget is already stretched further than usual, so we just get to listen to weirdly distant booms as we watch the exasperated and sheepish expressions on their respective faces. Have these two finally learned that it never goes well when they try to recover valuable goods from other people's trucks? Nah, probably not.

After the ads, the Jeep Rick came here in is still on four wheels, but it won't start. Daryl rolls up on his bike, and after they do a little eye contact-free sniping at each other, Rick ruefully says, "Looks like I'm walking." If that was a bid for Daryl to give him a ride somewhere, Rick is disappointed because the only response is a terse "Yep." Before they head off in opposite directions, Rick says he'll meet Daryl after the "last play," because they don't want us, the viewers, to know what that is yet. Daryl asks if Rick's sure he wants to do it. Rick's sure, which will make much more sense once that play is revealed in all its nonsensical idiocy.

Meanwhile, at a slightly more functional alliance, Negan drags the dead walker fully into the trailer and tells Gabriel the plan through the door. They can use Lucille, and the gun, and "most importantly, we have each other." He also suggests they "gut up" like Nick from Fear. "Or I can just kill you," Negan says, but he insists that he would prefer Gabriel work with him. As for Gabriel, he's still stuck on his confession kick, and he primes the pump by giving his own. He tells Negan how he locked his congregation out of his church early on and listened to them all die, and now he works every day to make up for his failure. And as part of that, Gabriel will join Negan and work together with him to survive -- if Negan confesses. "Jesus, Gabe," Negan responds, speaking for all of us. Seriously, Gabriel. Why not ask what everyone is actually wondering, which is why Negan's got an empty, derelict, boarded-up trailer in his yard with literally nothing in it, serving no purpose other than to fuck up sightlines? But Negan's exclamation arises not from his weariness at Gabriel's nagging, but at what he just confessed to. But he is finally moved to make his own confession, if only to shut Gabriel up already. As expected, it involves his first wife -- his only real wife -- to whom he was married before the zombies: "I lied to her, I screwed around on her. And she was sick." Negan says that she died during the zombie apocalypse, but that he couldn't put her down afterward. "That is how I was weak. That is what I will confess." So Negan's big revelation is that he pulled a Morgan? I guess I'll take it, because it's better than humanizing this guy.

Satisfied, Gabriel peacefully reemerges from the back room, holding the gun out to Negan, and announces, "You're forgiven." Wait, for what? For not re-killing his dead wife? For murdering Glenn and Abraham and God knows how many others? For subjecting the entire Potomac watershed region to his reign of terror? general? Close the fucking deal, Gabriel, and then shoot his psychotic ass. But what happens instead is that Negan just says, "Thanks," and pops Gabriel in his stupid nose. But it isn't hard enough to knock him over, which from Negan is practically a gesture of affection. "You can keep your gun," he adds. With that, he kneels down over the dead walker he collected and cracks it open, rhapsodizing about the mess inside that's been cooking all day in the Virginia sun. "None of your people have gotten sick from this?" he asks, as he prepares to festoon himself in undead intestines. Gabriel just zips up his jacket and says, "We're from Georgia." Advantage: Stokes. For once. And, as we will soon find out, only briefly.

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Once they've suitably befouled themselves, Negan and Gabriel bang on the inside of the trailer door, then swing it wide open and stand motionless as zombies shamble in, ignoring their gory asses. Once the pressure is equalized, as it were, they head on out. There are some pretty gross specimens out there among the crowd; a whole cross-section of decay, wounds, decomposition, and, you know, actual cross-sections. Gabriel trips on one of the walkers that's no longer walking, and goes down himself. He starts to attract some unwanted, undead attention, but Negan returns for him, cracking skulls as he comes. I guess he really meant what he was saying before. The beasties are starting to sniff through the olfactory disguises of what currently passes for our heroes, and Gabriel starts firing his gun at them as they push through to the loading dock. And here is where their plan falls down, as several zombies fall down from it, right on top of them.

Back in the conference room, Gavin is stressing that there was a delivery truck due from his outpost, but there's been nothing, which means the outposts have probably fallen already. Yes, thank you Gavin, do try to keep up. They're suddenly interrupted by Laura the neck-tattooed Savior, who reports that "they" are coming up the stairs. "Walkers?" asks Eugene. "The workers," she responds, as though it's Eugene's fault. "They said we'd have to shoot them." Simon reluctantly gets up to handle it. He doesn't appear to be in the mood to shoot anyone, but we'll see how long that lasts.

Simon heads out into the hall, which is currently thronged with workers, and recites as though from a manual that they're all supposed to remain on the ground floor. The workers complain that it's too hot down there, and one of the larger ones asks when the power is going to get fixed. Simon explains that they've shut it off to conserve fuel, which he has the nerve to call "a shared sacrifice." He and the worker are about to come to blows when Dwight steps between them in an effort to calm them down. Not that it works, because people are demanding water, and also demanding to know where Negan is. Someone in the crowd of workers raises a gun, only to be dropped by a bullet from Regina. "I'm Negan!" she bellows over the smoking barrel. Say what you want about that concept, but it certainly gives his people an all-purpose comeback. In addition to which Regina offers, "Anyone else want a bullet?" The only answer is fraught silence and then...whistling. More damn whistling.

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Everyone in the hallway, workers and leaders alike, has dropped to their knees by the time Negan rounds the corner, Gabriel in tow, both of them spattered in zombie viscera but very much alive. Seeing that everyone else has taken a knee, Gabriel when-in-Romes without being told. Negan delivers his own welcome-home speech about how reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated: "I wear a leather jacket, I have Lucille, and my nutsack is made of steel. I am not dying until I am damn good and ready." He announces that he's going to get cleaned up, and then points his bat up the hall and says he'll be talking to his right-hand man. "See, we gotta figure out how all this could've happened like it happened." And then they'll get back to the business of saving people. Some woman in the hall calls out her thanks to Negan, prompting him to toss a smug aside down to Gabriel: "And that is why I am here." Negan heads off with instructions for Gabriel to be taken to Cell #2, "gently," because they're buds now. Eugene's expression at his impending reunion with a fellow Alexandrian is unreadable, but it is definitely not a happy one.

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Once Negan is back in the conference room with his lieutenants, Arat announces that they've made some progress in their investigation. She does this by tossing on the table an empty satchel which was used to steal guns from the Saviors' armory. Yes, guns like the one that Gabriel was relieved of upon entry. So on top of not killing Negan when he had the chance, Gabriel scored another one for the bad guys by allowing himself to be captured while in possession of a Savior weapon, giving them the proof they need to conclude that there's a traitor among them that must be rooted out. Gabriel may no longer be a coward, but he still sucks. So now we're back on the subject of how there's a spy in the Saviors' midst. Eugene and Dwight, as one might imagine, are rather quiet during this discussion. That's because Eugene has just noticed a smudge of red paint on the bag -- a smudge that matches the one he picked up on his thumb from Dwight's own chess set. And Dwight is noticing that Eugene is noticing, and he's looking uncomfortable for the first time since this started. That's quite a laser glare that Eugene has fixed on him there. Unless a laser pout is a thing, in which case it's more like a laser pout. This expression is much less unreadable, and what it says is, "Jesus, Dwight, are you ever not painting?"

Rick is making his sweaty, tired way down a narrow lane that runs through the woods when he hears a familiar sound that he probably hasn't heard in some time. And from a direction in which he probably hasn't heard any sounds at all from in a long time, by which I mean the sky. Yes, it's a helicopter, passing low overhead. The canopy of trees seems thick enough to shield Rick from its view, or maybe it's not interested in him anyway. Could this be the Fat Lady about which we have heard so little? (It's not.) Whatever the case, Rick resumes walking. There's a plan, and it ends with him rocking a Santa beard on a morning that includes both a weird owl and Weird Al, and he's going to stick to it, even if someone around here has suddenly been revealed to have air support.

After Negan's meeting breaks up, he asks Eugene -- "Doctor Smartypants," he calls him -- to hang back for a bit. He's got some good news and some better news. The good news is that if Eugene solves the mystery of the traitor in their midst, "I will make you very, very happy." And the better news is that if Eugene tries and fails to accomplish same, "I assure you, I will kill you quickly so you don't have to see all the awful, horrific things that are going to go down here when we run out of food and water. What I'm saying is that I got your back either way. You got mine?" He certainly does know how to motivate his subordinates, doesn't he?

Rick's approach to wherever is marked by someone watching him through a telescope. It's kind of a garbage telescope, so it's no surprise when it turns out to be wielded by a garbage person. The Scavenger up on the lookout tower blows a whistle to announce the visitor. Yep, this is a really dumb play, Rick.

Gene Page / AMC

Back at the Sanctuary, Eugene is back in his accustomed role as the Alexandrian Prisoner Welcome Wagon, holding pillows and other creature comforts as he taps on the locked door behind which Gabriel presumably languishes. "We've eaten dog together so I imagine that joins us in some manner for life," he calls through the door. There's no response from inside, so Eugene quickly unlocks the door to find Gabriel in a right state. He's alive, but sweaty and feverish, as though he might have caught a bite out in the yard. Eugene says that Gabriel needs to see "Doctor Carson Two-Point-Oh, ASAP." Gabriel agrees with that, though not for the same reason Eugene is thinking. Carson, Gabriel reminds Eugene, is Maggie's doctor, and he now thinks that is the reason he's there. "We have to get him out of here," Gabriel tells Eugene. Okay, sure, let's go with that, since obviously the confession thing was a bust. Better luck with this new mission, Gabe.

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