More Talking Dead Than Walking Dead

A very dialogue-heavy episode develops the characters, gets new feuds going, and delivers one more big surprise involving Carol.

  • Previously

    Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) found his girlfriend Karen (Melissa Ponzio) burnt up and demanded Rick (Andrew Lincoln) find the killer and if that's not bad enough his sister Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) is sick with potentially killer flu, new guy Bob (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) has a drinking problem that could put the group in danger, the prison survival council makes a plan to raid a veterinary college for badly needed meds, Daryl (Norman Reedus) has a problem with Michonne (Danai Gurira) running off all the time, the vet raid gang gets surrounded by walkers and has to ditch their car, and Rick figures out that Carol (Melissa McBride) killed Karen, and another guy, in an attempt to stop the flu from spreading. She doesn't deny it when he asks.

  • Meeting Time
    Screens: AMC

    Screens: AMC

    Carol Calls A Meeting With Her Not-Daughter

    Who called the meeting? Carol.

    What's it about? To let Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino) know that Carol is going on a run with Rick (the supply kind, not the fitness kind).

    How'd it go? Creepy. Lizzie thinks a lot of people who've gotten sick along with her are going to die, but no biggie because at least they get to come back. Carol has to explain again that walkers are not people. Lizzie compares it to growing up and becoming a different person, but with less flesh falling off. Lizzie insists she's not weak and that this is what she thinks. Sure, whatever, kid; good luck with walker puberty. Carol uses the exchange to refresh Lizzie on knife killing, telling the girl to keep her shirt out of the way and to not be afraid to kill, kill, kill until one day you become a hardened rock of a person. Lizzie thanks "Mom" and then corrects herself with "ma'am." Carol is not having that and tells the girl not to call her that. If that wasn't grim enough, the scene is intercut with Rick doing some investigative work and recreating Carol's murder of Karen in his mind.

  • Flashback

    Imaginary flashback! Rick cracks the case of Carol the cut-up

    It's one thing to be told somebody committed murder, but it's quite another to go check out the clues yourself and rebuild the horrible crime in your mind. You'll see the knife go into a sick girl's head and watch her lifeless, bleeding body dragged down a prison hallway. Wow, in Rick's mind Carol is guilty as shit now! Thanks, imagination!

  • Bad Habits

    Tyreese The Bad Listener

    Hey, Ty. Ty! TY! Dammit, Ty, answer me! Tyreese is so broken up about his sister being sick and his girlfriend being barbecued that he's taken to ignoring the people with whom he's trying to complete an important mission. Last week, it meant sitting in a car brooding while walkers were on the attack; this week it's squatting while washing the world's dirtiest shirt in a puddle of muddy water. Not that we're complaining about the washing because, hey, that's a nice torso, but seriously, Tyreese, we need to you to stop giving everybody the silent treatment. Right? ...Ty? Dammit, Ty!

  • Travel

    I've Never Wanted SiriusXM More In My Entire Goddamn Life

    You know what makes a road trip awkward? Knowing that the person next to you killed two of your friends and having the person suggest you don't trust them. This trip is not fun at all. Hey, Carol, can you dig around the floorboards and see if there are some Michael Bublé CDs around or something?

  • Symbolism

    Welcome To h.3LL

    The Symbol: A modified sign at Big Tony's Express Mart gas station.

    The Scene: The vet raid crew arrives to find a gas station covered up in trees and shrubs. There's a car, but Daryl says it needs a new battery. Why not check inside?

    The Meaning: This will not go well.

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    The Walking Foliage Dwellers vs. Tyreese's Anger Issues

    As the group tries to clear away brush from the abandoned gas station, Tyreese takes it upon himself to go into a mini-rage and aggressively pulls on branches, accidentally opening a door and letting walkers pop out and attack. The gang has it well in hand with their swords and knives until Tyreese grabs on to a walker and refuses to let go. The creature ends up on top of Tyreese and has to be pulled off by Daryl and shot by Bob.

    Winner: Tyreese and the crew, but the spirit of camaraderie has been badly damaged.

  • Character Study

    You should try these fruits, they're most excellent, Your Survivorness!

    When Rick and Carol are searching through houses in the suburbs for meds and food, they find a walker and two living people who were hiding out in the bathroom. They're a couple who are lucky to be alive. Sam (Robin Lord Taylor) has a dislocated shoulder and his girlfriend Ana (Brina Palencia) has a foot that broke and healed badly. Of the two, Sam is the far more entertaining one, sprinkling his bro patois with expletives and good cheer.

    Name: Sam.
    Age: Mid-20s.
    Occupation: Dude.
    Goal: To hang out with some other cool people, eat some awesome apricots, help out. You know, dude stuff!
    Sample Dialog: "And I thought everybody was an asshole before this all went down. Now I love people! People who are alive."
  • That Quote
    "Anger makes you stupid. Stupid gets you killed."
    - Michonne -
  • Snapshot

    Big Tony Before The Shit Went Down

    We don't know who you were, Big Tony, but you seemed to get along with your employees and you were probably one of those bosses who was always like, "Hey, take the rest of the day off. You deserve it." And here, have a utensil to the head, too, because being pinned under a ceiling fan is no way to spend the afterlife.

  • That Quote
    "You don't have to like what I did, Rick. I don't. You just accept it."
    - Carol -
  • On The Menu

    What Can You Scrounge From A Suburban Supply Run?

    You would think it would be nothing but Pop-Tarts and moldy milk, but some folks have been keeping a greenhouse going and there's even a tomato garden. If you don't get killed, here's what you can come back with:

    Fruit: Nature's most succulent sweets! Also works as a peace offering when you're meeting other ragged survivors.

    Tomatoes: In green and red. Try them both!

    Conversation With Carol About Her Ordeal As A Domestic-Violence Victim And Her Dead Daughter: This one's off-menu, but will probably happen if you spend enough time picking tomatoes with her. Feel free to open up about your own dead wife.

  • Passages

    R.I.P. Ana (1990-present, est.)

    Sending you and your boyfriend to scout the area and collect fruit was probably a bad idea. You weren't very experienced fighting walkers and you seemed way too eager to help out even when you didn't have to. Sorry your bad leg got chewed off and that you were eaten by two walkers in broad daylight. But at least it didn't happen at the prison where you could have put others in danger. Maybe we'll find your boyfriend around somewhere and tell him where he can find your leg.

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Caught Between Sick Walkers And Door Number 2

    Toxic, flu-carrying zombies are behind Daryl, Michonne, Bob and Tyreese in the vet building as they try to get out. But in front of them is a mystery door with an indeterminate amount of walkers behind it. Which do you choose? Well, considering you need to move forward and that moving back means getting nasty germs all over you, the choice is clear.

    Winner: Daryl and friends, but only because there were very few walkers behind the door.

  • Plot Lightning Round
    walking dead S4E4 bagfight

    You Booze, You Lose

    Having gotten all the medicine that ends in "-cillin," Daryl and friends try to find a way out.


    Michonne clears the way with a smooth beheading.


    Tyreese creates a makeshift exit by taking out a window.


    Bob loses control of his backpack as he jumps out and nearly loses it to walkers. Everybody screams for him to let it go, but he manages to get it back.


    So what was in that bag? What, just a bottle of cheap-ass liquor! Not great, Bob!


    Bob makes an even dumber move, telling Daryl not to do it when he moves to toss the bottle. Oh, Bob, you're gonna regret that one.


    Like two seconds later.


    Aw, Bob just wanted to get a little shitfaced and drown out the quiet. Sad Bob.

  • Hell No!

    Goodbye, Carol

    Rick has given some thought to the Carol situation and decides, by way of a locked car door, to tell her she's no longer needed at the prison. Carol cries and suggests she'll take her girls away, but Rick says that's not an option and that Carol will survive just fine on her own. Maybe. Probably. We can't imagine she won't be back, but it's a shame we're losing the character developed most over the last two seasons.

  • That Happened
    2013-11-04-walking-dead-21 2013-11-04-walking-dead-22

    Sad Musical Driving Montage

    Daryl, Michonne and co. drive sadly in silence back to the prison. So does Rick. We don't see Carol, but she's also driving somewhere, too, heading for parts unknown. "Man, it's nice to have the car to myself," thinks Rick.

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