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Sasha Has Some Decisions To Make On The Walking Dead

The solo Negan attacker figures out how badly she wants to stay in the fight.

  • Bad Habits

    Hey, It's Another Montage Cold Open

    I'm all for ruthless efficiency, but if you have to do a montage every week on top of the "Previously on..." bit just to get your story moving and get us all up to speed on what's happening, maybe you're spinning a few too many plates? Maybe just a few? Anyhoo, in this one, we see some grubby seawalkers, we hear Tara discussing Oceanside with Rick in more detail ("They have guns," she explains, breaking her promise to keep their whereabouts secret), and we see the crew go on a full-blown mission to get those guns from them women. Enid and Carl have a conversation about remembering the people they've killed. Too many people from Alexandria crowd into a tiny boat. And in some foreshadowing, a bunch of waterlogged walkers appear to have broken out of a shipwreck. Will they show up later? Oh, you know they will.

  • Mutual of PTV's Animal Kingdom

    Behold The Smelly Seawalker

    Speaking of water-saturated zombies, let us take a moment to appreciate the shuffling beauty of the seaweed-sprouting, sand-absorbing seawalker. Can you even imagine the smell? This is some Planet Earth 3 shit right here.

  • Hell Yeah!

    Warrior Eric Emerges

    As the Alexandria folks are laying traps in the woods and preparing to overtake Oceanside, Aaron's boyfriend Eric has joined in and said he understands now that the choices are cowering and hiding, or fighting, and he chooses fighting. Way to get on board, Eric! That's awesome! So sorry that this means you'll probably die soon, as you are a love interest most likely to be sacrificed for the sake of plot. (And while I'm speculating, let's just assume that Aaron will end up dating Jesus.) It was nice knowing you, Eric, you seemed really great!

  • Character Study

    David's My Name, Raping's My Game

    Name: Rapey David.
    Age: Mid-30s.
    Occupation: Rapist Among Saviors.
    Goal: To get on a premium cable channel where he can creepily fondle a breast threateningly instead of weirdly touching his captive Sasha's shoulder and ripping her shirt a little.
    Sample Dialogue: "There's all kinds of fun and interesting things you can do with rope. God, you're pretty."
  • Passages

    R.I.P. (But Not So Much) Rapey David

    Wow, that was fast! Negan intervenes, catching David trying to threaten Sasha and reminding him that rape is not allowed in The Sanctuary. Rather than cutting off a hand or some other body part, Negan just dispatches the guy completely, perhaps as a way of winning Sasha over and white-knighting the situation (Negan is wearing a white shirt in the scene; it seems a little obvious). It kinda makes you wonder how David lasted this long around Negan if this is his m.o., but the show doesn't explore that. Anyway, guess your rapey days are over, David. Rest (but don't rape!) in peace.

  • Meeting Time

    You Should See This As A Jailportunity!

    Who called the meeting? Negan.

    What's it about? Negan knows a badass when he sees one and, much like his adoration of Carl, he likes the "beachball-sized ladynuts coming in all kamizake like that" that Sasha displayed trying to take over the compound by herself (and, obviously, failing miserably). So, as he did with Eugene, he hopes to show her what the good life can be and turn her into a soldier for him.

    How'd it go? As with any talk with Negan, you'd better strap in because this shit's going to take a looooooong while. Negan does his best to sweet-talk Sasha as he also tries to extract information on what Rick might be up to. Sasha puts on a good show of pretending she's on her own, calling Rick Negan's bitch. So Negan gives her a knife, giving her the choice to either try to take him out (not wise), kill herself (too anticlimactic), or simply stick it in Rapey David's head so he doesn't come back to dead-life and kill her. Seems like a pretty easy choice for Sasha.

  • Awkward

    Eugene, The Good Host

    Situation: Eugene visits the prisoner Sasha and tries to make her feel at home.

    What makes it awkward? Though you may believe (as I do) that Eugene is simply taking advantage of the situation and playing a long con on Negan, he does a good job of stating the case for not living in pants-pissing fear of being killed by The Saviors by joining their cause. Still, trying to bring Sasha a pillow and make her see the logic in joining Negan seems way premature, despite Eugene invoking the memory of Abraham and getting very emotional.

    How is order restored? Sasha tells Eugene to go, but stops short of telling him to go to hell, which is polite, at least.

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Gregory vs. One Damn Walker

    Maggie, who has been busy tarping up veggies and dodging "I ain't gonna work on Maggie's farm no more" jokes, is visited by Gregory outside the Hilltop gates, who is trying to make nice with her (or at least is pretending to for the time being). She asks him to be a lookout as she works, so he pulls out a knife and does so, taking one moment of temptation, but deciding not to kill her with it. Instead, he sees a walker approaching and offers to take it out. He chickens out, leading Maggie to go do it herself, but wait, nobody's ears are working and another walker manages to catch Gregory by surprise, knocking him over and almost nibbling on his face. Maggie kills both, and now she and everybody else know that Gregory's claim that he's killed walkers before is a total lie. He can't even defend himself against one of them.

    Winner: Maggie.

  • Hell No!

    Post-Apocalypse World's Worst Feminist

    Tara manages to sneak back into Oceanside, which clearly is not very well defended if someone as bad at sneaking around as her can do it. She holds Natania hostage, demanding that she talk to Rick before he and his people overtake the town by force. Tara gives her all of like 30 seconds to decide. Cyndie also shows up and is a little less annoyed to see Tara, and is even open to her pleas that The Saviors killed her people and her girlfriend. Natania doesn't want to join the fight. But it doesn't matter because even if she did, explosions have already begun outside. This is Rick we're talking about, after all.

  • And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor

    The Patriarchy!

    Are you a village of women living peacefully amongst yourselves and doing no harm to anyone else? What the fuck, bro? How you livin' like that? You need some hard-charging testosterone-driven leadership up in that piece! Look, let us show you: one explosion! Two explosions! Three! Are you scared yet? That's what a male leader will do for you, dazzle you with sound and fury and then demand that you turn over your guns or there's gonna be a big fight and women are gonna die. You're welcome, ladies! Or should we say...lady-bros!

  • Plot Lightning Round

    Natania and Cyndie get the drop on Tara because, come on, it's Tara and it turns out she wasn't even carrying a loaded gun. So they trot her out in front of Rick in order to stop this attack on their village, but things don't work out quite as Natania planned, especially when her own granddaughter punches her in order to keep her from shooting Tara. Then things get majorly interrupted.

    That's because a mini herd of seawalkers shows up (hey, nice foreshadowing earlier!) to ruin the party. Rick and crew take up defensive positions and with the help of some of the Oceansiders, the undead are quickly dispatched.

    And that's how you win friends and respect in the zombie apocalypse! Some of the Oceansiders seem ready to fight but Natania just wants Rick and his gang of thugs to go, even if they take all the guns with them.

    Negan is pleased that Sasha has chosen to kill the walker (formerly Rapey David) who was rooming with her instead of offing herself with the knife. He reiterates that there are job opportunities for someone like her.

    Gregory, wallowing in his cowardice, is drinking again. But he's also planning to take a trip somewhere, probably The Sanctuary.

  • Alert!

    A Bazooka, If You Have It

    Alert Type: Not-So-Clever Ruse Alert.

    Issue: Sasha asks her frequent visitor Eugene to help her with something. Through the door, she tells him she wants to end things; she doesn't want to be a tool of Negan's to hurt their friends, so she wants out. Permanently.

    Complicating Factors: Eugene is pretty fucking gullible, even if he's working toward ends that benefit Alexandria.

    Resolution: Eugene brings Sasha the death pills he made, which is totally not what she wanted; she was looking for a blade or some sort of other weapon to help her escape or kill somebody, not herself.

    Spoiler: Those pills are probably going to get used somehow on somebody.

  • Wrap It Up

    Guns acquired, Tara makes awkward small talk to say goodbye. Cyndie really wants to fight, but it looks like Oceanside is going to sit this one out if Natania has anything to do with it.

    It turns out that the shadowy, crossbow-wielding person who saved Rosita last week was not, in fact, Daryl, but Dwight. Dwight wants to help Rick fight Negan from the inside.

    Rick is into it, but there's going to have to be some loyalty tests involved. And that's it! Tune in next week for an extended-length season finale.

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