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Rick Goes Total Dick on The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes gets his anger out one way or another and brings Morgan along for the ride in our latest EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP!

The screen is black, but we can hear gunfire and screaming. The image comes up of a flashback to the moment Simon's crew massacred the Scavengers at the garbage dump. We see a giant mound in the background of piles of trash, but in the foreground, there's a male Scavenger lying in a heap, dead in a pool of blood. As the shots continue, Jadis scrambles around the corner toward us. She sees the dead body and quickly drags it back, moving it away from the blood and swinging the legs around. She covers the body with rags and whatever else is around. Jadis takes the body's place, lying prone with her arms under her and her eyes open, quickly managing to look very convincingly dead. While Jadis lies still, a Scavenger runs through there and past our view and is shot at by a pursuing Savior. More gunshots, and then the Savior returns, apparently successful in eliminating that straggler. He comes back, and it's the guy who was unconvincingly calling himself "Negan" a few episodes back. He sees that it's Jadis on the ground and spits at her, landing the loogie on the back of her coat. "Shouldn't have played, lady," he says. "Not your game." Hearing a lot more gunfire, he raises his rifle and runs back the way he came. The camera pans down to Jadis. Her still face suddenly moves, and tears roll out of her eye. We hear a whoosh sound effect...and then it's suddenly quiet, some time later. Jadis slowly gets up. She takes off her boots, her pants, and her bloody overcoat. She's only wearing a white slip.

We see a very small, tidy, and attractive room containing a very small mattress on the floor, a small bench, a stool, and a dresser. In the foreground is Lucille the bat, leaning against the wall. Jadis, now wearing the clothes she had on when she kidnapped Negan, enters the room, so we know we've flashed ahead to the present moment. As percussive music plays, she looks at her watch. There's a small time jump, and then we see her sit on the bench, breaking down crying. Then we see her take stuff out of the dresser, including guns and a big flashlight, and put the items in a suitcase. We see her write something down in a book.


Then Jadis picks up Lucille, carries her over a shoulder, collects herself, and checks her watch again.

Outside in the junkyard, Jadis opens the doors to a storage container. She stands there holding the bat as sunlight enters the unit. "What the shit," mutters a familiar voice. Cut to Negan, who is tied up in ropes, lying horizontal on a sled with wheels. Jadis grabs a chain and rolls him out of the unit as he continues: "No, really, tell me, what the shit!?" That takes us right into opening credits.

Hilltop. Zombies are banging against the gates, as usual. Inside, Carol is splitting wood in full armor, which seems inefficient. Ezekiel approaches and remind her that the escapees are probably on their way to The Sanctuary, and that Henry could be following them. Carol says she agreed to stay and defend Hilltop with Maggie. Ezekiel is surprised that Carol won't go look for Henry, surmising, "You think he's already dead." He can't believe Carol can't fool herself into thinking the boy might still be alive, the way she suggested that Ezekiel play King to keep himself going. He sure got over the slaughter of so many of his people rather quickly. Carol looks disappointed in her own damn self. Ezekiel says he thought Carol was the bravest person he'd met. Yes, I get that this is Carol reliving her ordeal with Sophia, but latter-day Carol wouldn't just hide and avoid it. This seems deeply out of character for where Carol is supposed to be right now, and the fact that Ezekiel is pointing out that inconsistency doesn't make it much better. Ezekiel says Carol's being stopped by cowardice. Ouch, that one really hurts, King. Carol chops a piece of wood in shame.

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Tara emerges from the Hilltop mansion holding her arm so that we know it was hurt. She sees Daryl right outside and says, "Hey." She tells him it's been over a day since she was shot by that arrow from Dwight: "Still not sick. Doc says I'm cool." Let's not go too far; I think you're using the word "cool" wrong. Maybe your body temperature is a little low. Daryl calls Tara a tough son of a bitch (huh?), but Tara thinks it's because Dwight shot her with a clean arrow. Daryl thinks it might just be luck. "It's not like a bite," he says. "Sometimes nothing happens." Really? Is that what the rules of this universe are now? Because that seems to keep changing. Daryl thinks that if Dwight were trying to help, he could have sent a message. Or he could have let them know what happened instead of letting Hilltop spend a day watching people die from tainted weapons. Tara says that everybody else who got injured in the battle got sick. She doesn't think it's an accident, and that Dwight might still be able to help; they might need him now more than ever. She wonders if she might have gotten killed if she had taken out Dwight when she had the chance. "Do what you gotta do," she tells Daryl, "but know that it's just for you. I'm out." These are the two worst talkers on the show, and when you put them together, their conversations are like banging two rocks together, except the rocks are made of glass and they stab your hands.

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Michonne is inside the house reading a letter, presumably the one Carl wrote to her before he died. She cries a little. Rick enters the room and looks mad. Dammit, no emotions in this house! Not over Cuurrrrr-ullllllll. (I bet Rick really misses saying that name.) As Michonne keeps sniffling, Rick looks super-awkward as he wipes away one of her tears. Remember when these two had mad chemistry? What happened to that? "Do you want to read it?" asks Michonne. Rick looks down at the letter, draws away from her, and just shakes his head. "I NEVER LEARNED TO REAAAADDDD, MICHOOOOONNE!" Not really: he goes to the closet to get his jacket, signaling that he's going out into the world. The world of avoidance! Never you mind where that might be! "We need food. I'll find some," he says, lamely. Me Rick, hunter-gatherer; you Michonne, stay here, watch baby. "What did he write you?" Michonne asks. That stops Rick. "I don't know," he says, "I can't." Michonne, seemingly surprised that Rick hasn't read the letter his dead son wrote to him, says that he has to. She tells Rick that she acted like this, too, when it happened to her. You move to move away from it. "Andrea stopped me," says Michonne, "and now...I'm stopping you." Tears in her eyes, she fiercely says, "Carl wrote that because he wanted you to read it. It is one of the last things he ever did." Rick looks weary and tearful. "You're staying," she tells him. She takes his jacket as Rick wipes his eyes. Rick goes over to a chest of drawers and opens the top one, where the letter marked "Dad" sits on top. He pulls it out.

Outside the mansion, Morgan is walking along when Carol spots him. She stops her woodcutting, which has apparently been going on for so long that there's no longer woodlands, and asks if he's going to find the boy. "Find them," he says, referring to The Saviors. This is not a rescue mission; this is a fucking-kill-everybody-including-bloody-ghosts mission. Carol says he doesn't have to. In that infuriatingly certain Morgan voice, Morgan says he does; he could have before and he should have. Call him The Orkin Man because he's about to exterminate. Morgan starts ranting that he was supposed to kill them, until Carol looks uncomfortable, whereupon Morgan notices her reaction and calms down. He chuckles that he thought it would be different. When he starts to walk away, Carol says, "Fine. But I'm coming with you." Which is a line I swear I've heard about 900 times on this show. "Hey, I'm going outside on a suicide mission." "Fine. But I'm coming with you." "Oh shit, Negan is coming, I'm gonna go see what he looks like and get my head bashed in, probably!" "Fine, but I'm coming with you." "You guys, Bananarama has reunited and they're playing the abandoned love shack south of Alexandria!" "FINE! But I'm coming with you!" Carol grabs her gear to go. Fine, Carol, but we're coming with you!

Inside, Maggie is having a meeting with Rosita and Dianne. Rosita says that the relay cars are set up, so they'll have ten to fifteen minutes of warning if The Saviors attack again. Daryl walks into the room, which used to be Gregory's office. Dianne says that their ammo is low -- too low to fend off another big attack. Daryl thinks The Saviors may be running out of ammo, too, and that going hand-to-hand might be their only option. He shows a knife to demonstrate what hand-to-hand means, in case nobody understands.


Daryl thinks the Saviors burned through a lot of ammo getting through the walkers that had them pinned in at The Sanctuary. Dianne points out that there aren't a lot of places nearby to get more. Not since they cleared out Ammo 'n' Ammo 'n' Still More Ammo -- a store that, primarily, sold lottery tickets. But also ammo as a sideline. Pounding music plays to signify rising drama that the show itself is not providing. "Mierda," says Rosita suddenly. She just remembered that they have an ammo maker -- namely, Eugene. Maggie's not sure they have the supplies for that. Rosita says, "If they don't, I know where they find it." That line was kind of mierda.

Jadis at the junkyard. She's still holding Lucille over one shoulder as she checks her watch. She gets up from where she sits. Negan says he can smell whatever happened here. Jadis pours a bucket of salt into a wheelbarrow. Negan says he knows she's burning the bodies away. Negan says that people are a resource, and that he doesn't throw away resources like that. He says he believes most people can be put on the right path -- his path. "I wouldn't have killed all your people," he tells her. "No, that was the work of someone not following the program." Negan admits that he fucked up, and owns this mistake. He says that he put his faith in someone and ended up punching himself in the dick. That's not my expression -- he really said that. "I am sorry for this," he tells Jadis, sounding as sincere as he did when he was discussing Carl's death with Rick. Negan, drawling the way Rick does sometimes when he's trying to be earnest, says he's sorry Jadis lost all she had, but he can help her get some of it back. Jadis suddenly springs on him, swinging the bat and bringing it down just short of bashing his face.


And we go to commercials on that moment.

In the woods, Carol has found a path near the road that she's 50% sure is the one the escapees took to get back to The Sanctuary. She finds something on the ground. It's a turnip. She says that they were definitely on this side of the road. Or maybe Michonne took my advice and escaped from Rick with her vegetable. Morgan is like, "I kill turnips! It should have been me! I don't die! Like a turnip!" And then he sees the ghost of a bloody turnip and, really, at this point, don't even act like that couldn't actually happen on this show. Instead, though, Morgan thinks he catches a glimpse of Henry. He calls the boy's name and follows as Carol comes along. He finds the boy standing in the woods, facing away. But when Henry turns, he has a stab wound in his neck and it might as well be a ghost turnip because it's just Morgan's psychosis again.

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"You know what it is," says Phantom Henry. Is it a signed copy of G.I. Joe And The Transformers Issue Number 3? Is it a tiny piece of poo? Is it my social security number, which is also the passcode I use on your mom's burner phone? "You were supposed to!" says Phantom Henry. Supposed to not make any more humorous lists of three? Jeez, sorry! "He's not here. He's not here. YOU ARE NOT HERE!" Morgan yells, just as Carol arrives to see this man ranting to himself. "You weren't supposed to be there," says Morgan. Realizing that he looks shit-crazy, Morgan says that Henry is dead. "You know he is," he tells Carol. Carol, real as fuck, says that she didn't come out here to look for the boy. She came out here to keep an eye on Morgan. And that eye has seen some crazy shit already. Morgan says he's seen Carol save people again and again, but she can't save the dead. Carol says that Morgan's not dead. Morgan agrees, but that's not what he's saying. He doesn't die, but he sees other people die, again and again. Even when he looks away, he still sees it. The music turns into a rapid heartbeat. Morgan walks away, past a grisly-looking zombie on the ground with its head split open. He has picked up the track where The Saviors went toward the road. Carol follows.

Emotional Rick is watching Judith play with some stuffed toys and a bowl of cereal. As he watches, the camera zooms in on a gym bag with Carl's old hat sticking out. Rick looks like he's about to have a panic attack. So he gets up.

Outside, Rick's wearing the jacket Michonne took from him earlier, and carrying an assault rifle. Uh, you picking up some Chick-fil-A or something, Rick? He walks with purpose toward the gate, but makes a stop near the prisoner pen and asks Alden where they went. By which he means the escapees. Alden says he already told Maggie everything. "So...tell me," Rick advises. Alden says that they didn't really have much of a plan except to get back to Sanctuary. Rick asks what Alden would do if he had gotten free. Alden thinks about it for a second and finally says there's a dive bar along the way; some of the others took him there once to see whether he thought it might make a good outpost. Alden starts to assess the chances that they'd actually go there, but Rick doesn't even wait to hear him finish before he's already walking away. Alden stops him with a "hey," and asks Rick if he can just do Alden a favor if he goes out there. Rick, looking super-annoyed, turns. Alden asks Rick to not kill any more of them than he has to if he does find the group. Alden says that they made a choice the night before -- the wrong choice -- but that maybe it hasn't hit them yet. "You could show them," he tells Rick. "Might bring them back. You could do that." Rick looks at Alden as if he just suggested that Rick stick his entire arm in a hand-crank food processor and set it to "high." "Yeah, I could," says Rick dismissively before walking the way he was already going. I think Alden is going to find out really soon what it's like to live under Rick's rule.

Negan is still lying down, tied up. Jadis is looking at her watch, which is beeping. She dumps Lucille in the wheelbarrow and walks away. Negan wants to talk about things, yelling, "I had nothing to do with this!" Jadis disappears around the corner. Negan is able to move himself around by scooting the cart he's lying on with his boots. Now what happens next is really strange: it doesn't seem like we jump ahead in time at all, but there's an awkward cut, and suddenly Jadis is pushing out a cart with a weaponized, chompy walker attached to it. The walker's intestines are hanging off the side.


Why would anyone even do this? I guess to scare Negan? This seems like a lot of work to torture someone, even by this show's standards. There's a gunshot that hits the cart, and Jadis is suddenly ducking out, back the way she came. Negan somehow now has a gun in one hand and a lit flare in the other because fuck this show.

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Negan himself remarks that whatever Jadis is trying to do, she must not actually want to do it, because she left him alone with a bag of guns. He says he found something else, too: a set of black-and-white photos that are artfully arranged below his elbow and the flare. Negan is threatening to light the photos, which he's sure are very near and dear to her heart. He wants to have a chat. Jadis peeks her head around the corner. "Let the healing begin," says Negan as he looks over to her. We go to commercials after that very weird bit of business.

Morgan and Carol are walking on a road where, off in the distance, a herd of walkers is passing through. "We should let it pass," Carol suggests. Morgan says that the trail goes straight through and that they could lose it. He wants to go straight through. Carol is like, you dumb fuck. But she still goes along with him. Before they get very far, though, Carol sees a long walker coming toward them. A stick is pushed through on both sides of its torso. "That stick," she says. It's made of wood? Comes from a tree? Might have termites? "It's Henry's," she says. Oh, that was totally my fourth guess. Morgan goes over, pulls half the stick out from the zombie's front and shoves the thing through its face. It falls. Carol's eyes are teary. Morgan starts walking toward the herd. Carol asks him to stop, saying that the walker came from the other direction: maybe they can go that way and find him. "We go that way, you know what we'll find," says Morgan, grimly. Carol, suddenly getting all Schrödinger's Cat, says she decided what it was, but she really won't know unless she goes. "You can try, too," she tells him. Morgan is already saying no before Carol even finishes. He says that Carol saves people, but that he watches them die. "I'm supposed to," he tells her. Carol's eyes are red and she's close to crying as she steps forward and tells Morgan that when she ran away, he found her and saved her. A tear rolls down her cheek for poor fucking Morgan. She says that she came back from it and he can, too. He shakes his head. "That wasn't me," he tells her. He says he's not strong like her. And now Morgan is crying, too, big tears falling out of his eyes, and it's like this might be an Emmy reel in another dimension where the show was just made up of acting this good that wasn't surrounded by so much other crap. Morgan goes off about how he's always waiting for everyone around him, and sure enough it happened again like it always does. He says he has to kill them. He has to. Morgan hands Carol the bloody half-stick, and she takes it -- but only after Morgan keeps holding on to it for a little too long. He lets go and walks toward the herd. Carol calls after him, but he just keeps going.

Gross close-up on the zombie attached to the cart in the junkyard. Jadis walks out into the open right where Negan can shoot her to tell him not to destroy those photos. Negan gets it -- it's not like you can just order more prints these days. Negan wants to know, "What the shit? This is how you kill people? With that thing? Slowly?" Good point, but his meta schtick is feeling a little tired today, if I'm being honest. Jadis says no, and repeats back to him that people are a resource. She asks him to put the flare away and says that the photos are all she has left -- all that's left of this world since he took all of it away. "Took away me," she says. I do kind of miss her old fractured English. Negan closes his eyes, as if realizing what he's inadvertently taken away from her. He goes into confessional mode. "My wife's name was Lucille," he says. "She got me through. I didn't give her shit and she got me through." The original Lucille got him through regular life. And the bat got him through this. He says that he named the bat after her; it has nothing more to do with her than that, but it's the only little bit of her he has left, like the snaps are to Jadis. She agrees. Suddenly, her watch beeps, and we hear the sound of some sort of engine. Jadis goes wild-eyed and pushes the zombie cart toward Negan. He fires the gun at it while Jadis comes around and wrestles the flare out of his hand until it lands in a puddle and goes out.


Then we see a helicopter hovering over the junkyard. Negan is shocked. Jadis emerges from her room with another flare that she quickly lights, but it's too late: the helicopter turns and flies away. Jadis yells after it, "I'm here!" Angry, she brings the torch over to the bat, which is still lying in the wheelbarrow. I'm not convinced that the flare would be enough to burn the bat to a crisp, but I'm no flare scientist. Negan tries to reason with Jadis, saying he wasn't going to burn the photos, and that getting rid of the bat won't do anything for her. Jadis says that she'd get to hurt Negan. He swears he can settle things, promising, "I swear on my sack I will." Jadis, tearful, puts down the flare. She starts crying. Negan looks pretty emotional too, just lying there.

Rick is in the woods already, and without any apparent effort, he's already beaten Morgan and Carol to finding the runaway Saviors. Morgan comes around with his stick, and Rick points his gun at him. Morgan doesn't put the stick down even though he sees Rick. "Morgan. Morgan!" says Rick. "You know me." Morgan blinks and calms down a little. "I'm not right," he says apologetically. Rick wonders if Morgan should be out here, but Morgan tells him he's not going anywhere. Rick realizes that Morgan is out here for the same reason: to kill some escaped Saviors. Rick tells Morgan he's out here for that, too: "And we finish it. You and me." Morgan has been waiting to hear that. The two of them walk out onto a road and find a severed hand and foot next to a car.


As they're looking at it, we see Rick get blindsided, clobbered from the side. Aren't Morgan and Rick supposed to be these badass trackers, like Daryl? How did they get snuck up on like that? Both of them, together? It makes no sense.

After commercials, Rick wakes up in what appears to be the abandoned dive bar Alden mentioned. The escaped Saviors are there. They've got some injured ones who had their legs and arms hacked off, apparently to stop the spread of zombie fever. Jared is there complaining that maybe they should leave those survivors behind, since they're dying anyway. There's at least a dozen people there, and they're debating whether dead weight should be brought along. Rick whispers to Morgan, asking how long he was out. "Long enough to end up here," Morgan responds, unhelpfully. Some of the former Saviors are arguing that they have nothing to go back to. But Jared thinks that despite losing the battle at Hilltop, things have changed. They have Rick and Morgan as captives, and that's worth something. Jared thinks Negan will be pleased.

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They all notice that Rick is awake. (Nobody's noticing Morgan much.) Jared comes over, bends down, and says, "Rise and shine, girly." He asks if Rick is ready to do some walking. Jared is ready to lose the injured people and head home. He picks up the bottom of a speaker stand, ready to bash someone's head in. Rick interrupts, saying that they have a truck and can get them back to Hilltop, and a doctor. That plan makes no sense if these people are just gonna die anyway. Rick gives a little speech saying that they made a bad choice, but that it's not too late to start over. If they let him and Morgan loose, they can come back to Hilltop and become a part of their community with a fresh start, promising, "I give you my word." Oh, Rick. He adds that not a lot means much these days, but that a man's word has gotta mean something. Jared, the smartest person in the room right now, tells his compatriots, "You asshats aren't dumb enough to believe that." But they are. They want to hear Rick out. Rick says there's no time to think about it, since there's a herd nearby. He bellows loudly enough for that herd to hear him that they're going to have to make a choice, and pretty quickly. Jared doesn't believe any of it. He saw Morgan strangle one of his own people, and he thinks these two are just out for blood, not peace. He calls Rick's words a steaming pile of bullshit. Morgan agrees, saying he came to kill all of them. Jared takes his gun and points it at Morgan, who just smiles. He warns Jared that the herd is coming, and that Jared's going to need all his bullets. Morgan cheerily says that when all that's left of them is the stuff the zombies won't eat, there won't be anything left for him to kill, and that's a damn shame. Coooooooold-blooded! "We're done," says Jared. "Let's dump 'em and bounce. I want a sandwich." I have never identified with anyone on this show more than at this moment. Morgan starts shouting that he doesn't die, and everybody turns. He's shouting so loud that Jared points his gun at him again, and one of the other guys puts his hands on his ears. "EVERYBODY TURNS!" Morgan bellows. One of the other Saviors grabs Jared's gun and warns that he's going to ruin their chances of getting back to Hilltop. Jared pushes him back, and the scary music that was playing stops. Suddenly, they hear the sounds of snarling walkers: a bunch of them are entering in through open doors that apparently nobody bothered to secure. There are dozens of them. The bar Saviors start backing up and firing their guns.

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The injured on the ground, of course, get eaten first. Rick yells that he and Morgan can help defend the place; he tells them to cut him loose and give him a weapon. Jared warns his people not to cut these pricks loose; he's going to kill them right now. But one of the other gullible people knocks Jared over, sending his gun falling away. For that good deed, the guy who knocked Jared over gets overwhelmed by walkers. Ignoring Jared, some of the survivors let Rick and Morgan loose. "Gimme the stick!" Morgan yells, and someone throws him a bo. Morgan uses the stick on some zombie heads while Rick starts firing his gun. Morgan uses the bo to hold up his gun, which doesn't seem practical at all. Rick is almost attacked by a walker, but one of the ex-Saviors behind him shoots and takes it down. He gives Rick an "I got ya" nod. Rick says he's almost out of ammo and backs away, telling the others to go on ahead. Once the zombies are taken down, Rick and Morgan exchange a look. Rick rushes forward with his hatchet and buries it into the head of the guy who just saved him a few seconds ago. There are two others behind them; Morgan stabs each of them in the neck with his stick. Wow. This is some shady, shady shit, Rick. Morgan shoots another guy right in the face. One of the remaining survivors tackles Rick, and they fight for his gun. Rick throws the guy at the floor and toward a waiting walker that bites the guy in the back of the head. I just noticed there are no women or children among this group of escapees. I wonder if that would have changed the dynamics of this scene of Rick executing everybody, including them. It seems less shitty if it's a bunch of middle-aged men, but it really isn't. Rick not only went back on his word, but he came out here specifically to exterminate these people, not to see what their intentions were and whether they could be saved. Score one for Negan.

Morgan notices Jared sneaking out of the overrun room and gives chase. He moves slowly into a room with a pool table where, instead of Jared, he finds Ghost Henry. While Morgan is thinking about that, Real Jared attacks him. As Morgan lies on his back, Jared gets on top of him and tries to stab him with a pool cue, asking, "You like sticks, right?" Morgan kicks him off, pushing him toward some walkers that made it into the room. Jared comes after him, but Morgan throws closed a sliding metal security gate. Jared is trapped. Morgan has Jared by the shirt and holds him against the fence as the walkers get closer. "Let go!" Jared yells. Morgan holds on. Jared screams again for Morgan to let go as Jared's eaten by the walkers.


Morgan just watches as Jared, dying, keeps crying, "Let go! Let go!" Morgan finally lets go, but it's far too late for Jared, who is pulled to the ground and devoured. Smell ya later, Jared.

Back in the room of broken promises, Rick notices that one of the ex-Saviors is still alive, lying on the ground bleeding and taking shallow breaths. "You said." "I lied," Rick replies. The man says, "We could have lived...after this." Rick shoots the man in the head with his revolver. This isn't even cold-blooded -- this is no-blooded. Rick is one hard motherfucker, and not in any good way. Rick, sweaty and bloody, looks around the room and sees death all around him. Morgan comes over, stabbing one of the bodies in the head with his stick for good measure. "Everybody turns," Morgan explains, as he walks out of the room. Rick is still holding his bloody hatchet as he follows Morgan. He reminds his old friend that Morgan saved him, back on his street. He asks why Morgan did that. "We should go," says Morgan. Rick just keeps asking, "Why'd you save me?," as if he regrets that happening. "Because my son was there," Morgan finally answers. He walks out. Rick has to really think about that as he looks into a cracked wall mirror.


Junkyard. Negan has his leather jacket and his bat again. "You didn't lose you. You should know that," he tells Jadis, who is sitting and staring at her photographs. He asks if she wants to tell him what that whole helicopter thing was all about, and if she'll come with him. But she's not very interested in his path. She goes back to looking at her pictures while Negan says that the offer still stands, and that he'll come back and check in on her sometime; maybe by then she'll want to share. He leaves the premises.

Carol in the woods. It's nighttime. She finds a bloody piece of body armor small enough to have belonged to Henry. Just then, Carol hears walkers snarling and Henry screaming for help. She runs over. Henry is pinned inside what appears to be a fallen tree. Carol runs through some water to get to him, and pulls back the three walkers that are trying to attack him, stabbing each of them in the head. The intense music fades and we just hear them both breathing hard as she pulls Henry to her for a hug. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry!" he cries. Carol says she's sorry too. "You can survive, I was wrong," Carol says, crying.

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Hilltop. Smiling Jerry is the best Jerry. They start banging on the gates to move the walkers along and open the fence. Jerry finds Ezekiel to tell him, "Your majesty. Dude." He has good news. The gates open, and Henry rushes in, calling for Ezekiel. Ezekiel holds the boy tightly. But he looks to Carol, who is also walking in. He looks at her adoringly. Carol just nods to him and walks on.

Later, after commercials, Carol and Ezekiel are speaking next to a fire. She admits he was right; she was just afraid. "But you are no coward," he reminds her, only hours after calling her a coward. She tells him she had a daughter. When she died, she was nothing. But with the people she survived with, she found herself. Or some better version, at least. But, she says, it always feels like it could all just be swept away. She says that doesn't mean it will, and that it doesn't mean she couldn't find herself again if that happens.

The gate opens again. This time it's Rick and Morgan. Michonne looks over in annoyance. Morgan, bloody, goes straight to Henry and puts his hand roughly on the freaked-out boy's shoulder. "I killed them," says Morgan. "I killed the man who killed your brother. I did." He smiles. "I killed him." Henry puts his own hand on Morgan's shoulder and sorrowfully says, "I'm sorry." That's not the reaction Morgan was expecting, and he takes the boy's hand away. "No. No," he says, "don't ever be sorry." Morgan walks away, leaving Henry plenty of material for future counseling sessions.

Rick walks past Alden and Dianne, who are sitting together at a campfire. Nothing needs to be said. It's obvious what Rick did. Alden looks really bummed. Michonne, too.

Morgan is sitting on a log by himself, crying as we watch him from behind. He seems completely lost. His breath hitches.

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We see Jadis return to her tiny room, dragging a rolling suitcase. She puts the photos away. Cleans her hands. Lies down on the small bed. Stares up at the ceiling.

Negan is driving back to Sanctuary. "Jesus Christ," he says, pulling over. He talks to someone we can't see, opening the passenger door. "Holy hell. If shit could shit, it still wouldn't look at shitty as you. Get in."

Negan arrives at Sanctuary with a passenger we can't see. (Probably Gregory, right?) A guy who looks like a young Michael McDonald says he knew Negan was alive. "Hell yes I am," Negan tells him. But he wants the guy to keep it a secret: "I've got all sorts of surprises to roll out."

Daryl and Rosita are spying on a Sanctuary building where bullets are being made. There are buckets of shell casings that Rosita says Eugene can use to make hundreds of rounds of ammo. "Let's do it now," Daryl offers. They see Eugene walk out, wearing a lab coat. "We don't take out the machines," says Rosita. "We take out the man." Can't they just do that right now? One shot, guys.

Hilltop mansion. Rick, having apparently bathed, is putting on a clean white shirt. There are candles lit, and everything is quiet. Rick approaches the drawer holding Carl's letters. He takes out the one for himself as Michonne enters the room. "I can't. I'm sorry," Rick tells her. She says he doesn't have to be. "I love you," he says lamely. She says she loves him too, putting her hands on his face and kissing him. They bump foreheads. Michonne leaves the room, giving Rick space. Rick sits back on the bed and looks into the mirror. He closes his eyes. He finally reads the letter Carl wrote for him. Sad but hopeful music plays as Rick stares at the letter, nodding a little bit. We go to black on that.

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