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Reason Effects of gravity on zombie innards.


It's Suddenly The Sweet Life Of Eugene Porter On The Walking Dead

Science smartness is repaid handsomely when Eugene makes a home with The Saviors.

  • Flashback

    Oh Yeah, That Time Fat Joey Was Eliminated

    Remember that time Fat Joey was killed by an escaping Daryl Dixon over at The Sanctuary? It seems like such a long time ago, but for The Saviors, it's happening right fucking now, as Negan might say, slipping us back in time to all the stuff that happened right after that.

  • Alert!

    A Blight For Dwight

    Alert Type: Reversal Of Fortune Alert.

    Issue: Dwight realizes, almost from the instant he finds Fat Joey dead, that things are about to get very bad. He runs to Daryl's cell and finds him gone. Oh shit!

    Complicating Factors: Dwight finds a note meant for Daryl in Dwight's torn-apart room and he has a pretty good idea where it might have come from, based on how he sneakily shoved the note into his back pocket as Negan arrived.

    Resolution: An ass-kicking at the hands (and feet) of Negan's men.

    Spoiler: Dwight knows this game all too well and how to play it.

  • We Made A List

    Things In Eugene's New Room That Make It Not So Bad Given He Could Be Dead Right Now

    • A TV!
    • Freakin' Atari!
    • A potted plant that appears to be in good health, even if it's fake.
    • Books!
    • Working electricity!
    • Fresh clothes!
    • A stereo that plays that annoying "Easy Street" song. Eugene likes it.
    • A lock on the door. For, you know..."Eugene time"?
    • Access to more books in a library!
    • A fully-stocked fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables and beer, even!
    • No lobster, but orangey pasta from a can!
    • Fresh kettle chips that Eugene doesn't even want.
  • That Quote
    "You were supposed to break him. Did he break you?"
    - Negan, angry at Dwight for losing Daryl and Sherry -
  • Awkward

    The Best Of Carson

    Situation: Dwight is being treated by Dr. Carson, who insists on talking about Sherry, who has disappeared. He reminds Dwight that Sherry gave up her freedom to save Dwight's life.

    What makes it awkward? Carson is sending some undue attention Sherry's way and offering career advice. Dwight doesn't seem to appreciate it, though he says nothing.

    How is order restored? Dwight puts on his shirt and grabs a handful of lollipops from a jar. And maybe plants something in the office that will be revealed later.

  • Bad Habits

    Cigs To Be You!

    Dwight finds a pack of cigarettes inside an upturned big-mouth bass in his room. We can see the edge of something in there as well as cigarette butts that clearly have lipstick on them. Dwight takes off on a motorcycle to investigate!

  • Meeting Time

    Are You Some Kind Of Fucking Smartypants? No, Seriously, I'm Asking!

    Who called the meeting? Negan.
    What's it about? After getting a tour of the point system and learning how to sign for stuff you want in the market, Eugene is thrown to Negan and his thugs and it could get ugly. It doesn't help that Eugene is holding a jar of pickles.
    How'd it go? Like an unexpectedly great job interview. Eugene is pissing his pants, but when Negan starts questioning his intelligence, Eugene's cockiness shines through. He impresses Negan by finding a solution to the problem of guard walkers falling apart: why not use a smelter to reinforce them in molten steel? Negan is super-impressed at this bad-ass idea and has a new favorite science officer. He rewards Eugene not only with some kind words, but with an offer to let him party with some of his wives. No sex, just dinner and conversation.

  • That Happened

    Things Fall Apart

    Negan's point that his zombies are falling apart is proven when one literally loses its guts to gravity. Gross!

  • Party!

    The Yars Have Not Been Kind

    What's the occasion? Negan's gift to Eugene for being so smart is a party with three of his wives. Eugene chooses to make it a night of Yars' Revenge on Atari and boasting about his intellect versus the massage he's offered.

    What are the refreshments? Beer, wine, and all the giant pickles you can eat!

    Whose big public scene will everyone be talking about tomorrow? How Amber drank too much and they convinced Eugene to make some homemade helium and fireworks and a giant foam fountain. As party tricks go, Eugene is pretty amazing and he earns himself a big hug.

  • Place Of Interest

    You Can't Go Home Again

    Dwight goes to the home he shared with Sherry in hopes of finding her there, having figured out that the note to Daryl matched Sherry's handwriting. Instead, he finds a note waiting. Sherry apologizes for turning Dwight into the man he's become. She's not sure if he'll show up with pretzels and beer or to kill her and she didn't wait to find out, so she's gone. Dwight, finding a framed photo of the two of them, the letter, and their wedding and engagement rings, gets very emotional. And it turns out he did bring pretzels and beer to the location they said they'd meet if they were ever separated. Sherry says that she let Daryl go because he reminded her of how Dwight used to be. She wanted Dwight, who has trouble remembering things, to forget that person he was. She suggests he get away because, she says, being under Negan is worse than being dead. Even if you hate Dwight, it's pretty heartbreaking.

  • Hell Yeah!

    Eugene Asserts Himself

    In his next party with two of the three wives, Eugene is told that Amber wants to kill herself and he's being asked to help. He's resistant at first, but then goes along with the plan to create a concoction of two pills that would kill her. But first, he needs the ingredients. He gets in line at the pharmacy (basically one cranky lady who doesn't give a shit about your insurance problems) and, impatient with waiting in line, cuts to the front and pulls his "Friend of Negan" card, calling himself "Chief Engineer" of The Sanctuary and taking a bunch of meds, a bedpan, and even a cute stuffed sloth he calls a "Gremblyguck." Even if the energy is wildly misplaced, it's fun to see Eugene get his mojo back. And it's to the They Might Be Giants song "Everything Right Is Wrong Again" that we see a Breaking Bad-inspired chemistry montage. I'm not even mad at it!

  • Playing Games

    You Come At Dwight, You Best Not Miss

    What's the game? High-Stakes Screw Your Buddy.

    Who's playing? Dwight and Doctor Carson. Eugene gets to watch.

    What's at stake? Dr. Carson's life, it turns out, when Dwight convinces Negan that he tracked down Sherry and killed her and that Carson was the one who helped Sherry escape.

    Who wins? Dwight, who planted a note in the doctor's office, implicating him. Negan, who wants to believe the worst about people, bought the story, and Dwight's conviction and heartbreak sold it. Dr. Carson escapes getting a hot iron to the face, but what he ends up getting is even worse.

  • Here's An Idea

    Don't Trust A Guy Whose Favorite Game Has The Word "Revenge" In It

    When Negan's wives Tanya and Frankie come to retrieve the poison for Amber, Eugene reveals the he knows it's not for helping her. He's figured out that the two pills were meant to take out someone of twice her weight, namely Negan. Eugene refuses to go along with the plan even after they threaten to tattle, and he's going to hold on to those pills himself. They leave in a huff, leaving Eugene to his Atari.

  • Wrap It Up

    Negan, along with Lucille, pays a visit to Eugene. Eugene's terrified, but manages not to freak out long enough to hear that Negan is quite pleased with him and tells him he should not be afraid. When he gets the "Who are you?" test, Eugene embellishes quite a bit, saying he was Negan even before he met Negan, he just needed the push.


    Eugene, who is yelling orders for the molten metal project, stands next to Dwight, eating a pickle and carrying his cute stuffed sloth doll. Eugene, I think, has figured out what Dwight did. So they're just two dudes, standing next to each other, with secrets. They have a lot more in common than either one of us has figured out yet, probably. This should be an interesting friendship developing.

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