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It's A Hard-Knock Dwight On The Walking Dead

Negan's right-hand man is stressed about everything, including breaking Daryl.

  • Hell Yeah!

    Oh Thank God

    Apparently, television survives the zombie apocalypse, so long as you're able to put up with all your TV coming from grainy old VHS tapes, watching it on a tiny-ass screen, and living under the thumb of Negan, which our old burn-faced friend Dwight is doing. But hey, Who's The Boss? You could do a lot worse, TV-wise!

  • We Made A List

    Things That Dwight Is Really Into, As Shown In Jaunty Opening Musical Montage

    • Table hockey
    • Carving miniature zombies (and I love him for that!)
    • Making the perfect egg sandwich from scavenged items
    • Kneeling before Negan
    • Watching chained and/or impaled walkers go up and down their chest poles along the perimeter
    • Feeding dogfood sandwiches to his captive, Daryl
  • Alert!

    Song Of The Psyche

    Alert Type: Earworm Alert.

    Issue: Daryl, who is naked and probably afraid, is being tortured by loud music, specifically a song called "Easy Street." The song plays over and over.

    Complicating Factors: He's also feeling pretty guilty about his part in getting Glenn's head smashed in, probably.

    Resolution: After many bad sandwiches and getting some clothes to wear, Daryl is finally taken to the doctor by Dwight.

    Spoiler: The doctor's visit isn't for restorative vitamins or a prescription for medical marijuana, you can bet.

  • Awkward

    Oh, Sherry

    Situation: Dwight brings Daryl in to the infirmary to see a Doctor Carson (but not the same Harlan Carson from The Hilltop). Dwight's former wife Sherry is already there getting a checkup of some sort.

    What makes it awkward? There's a pregnancy test on the table.

    How is order restored? "It's negative," Sherry says helpfully. Daryl is like, "Now, this is torture!"

  • That Quote
    "I ain't never gonna kneel."
    - Daryl, being wildly optimistic about his future relations with Negan -
  • Party!

    Dick Party Move!

    What's the occasion? Negan is pretty happy with Dwight's service and as such offers to let him have his pick of any woman who'll have him (for the purposes of sexy partying). That's after mentioning offering up Sherry first, though, which he then takes back as a joke and asks if Dwight's penis is all right.

    What are the refreshments? Buried resentment and lots of shots, probably.

    Whose big public scene will everyone be talking about tomorrow? None, since Dwight turns down the offer and even offers to go take care of a "grab and run" incident outside the compound.

  • Here's An Idea

    Always Look Up Before Approaching A Giant Pool Of Guts

    Dwight comes across a bunch of wiggling walkers lying in the road and then sees a big round collection of guts, but looks up too late to see that there are undead falling off a broken overpass above.

    2016-11-07-twd-falling-zombie 2016-11-07-twd-08

    He falls and finds himself struggling against two of them during what should have been a routine retrieval mission.

  • Meeting Time

    Who's The Boss? Well, All Of Us When You Think About It.

    Who called the meeting? Negan.

    What's it about? Fat Joey, pinch-hitting on feeding-Daryl tasks from Dwight, leaves the door unlocked, allowing Daryl to escape his cell. But it's pretty much a set-up.

    How'd it go? Daryl ignores a warning from Sherry, who sees him trying to leave, and makes it outside where he tries to grab a motorcycle. Of course, he's quickly surrounded by thugs, and soon, Negan, who tries to scare the piss out of him with threats of a head-bashing. Negan tells Daryl he has three options: end up on a spike, earn points in servitude like most of the people, or be one of Negan's right-hand dudes, living like a king. When Negan asks all his dudes to state their names, they all say "Negan." Negan goes off to get a drink while his men beat the crap out of Daryl.

  • Passages

    R.I.P. Gordon

    We only just got to know Gordon for a moment, and just as we did, he was taken from us. Gordon was a friend of Dwight's and he had a wife named Maria, but she died and things have been awful and Gordon recognizes that they have no real freedom under Negan. So he escaped. But Dwight is tasked with bringing him back and even saves his life from a walker attack. But after that Gordon seems ready to die. Dwight talks him into returning to town, but perhaps as an act of mercy, Dwight shoots him instead of forcing Gordon to go back to a life he doesn't want.

  • Awkward

    More Awkwardness With Sherry

    Situation: In a stairwell, Dwight runs into his ex-wife, whom Negan stole away, and asks her for a cigarette. They smoke. He asks if Negan is good to her. She says yes. She asks if he's happy. He says yes and that he did the right thing.

    What makes it awkward? They're both probably lying.

    How is order restored? "It's a hell of a lot better than being dead," Dwight tells her. Maybe they can live with that.

  • Snapshot

    Terrible Exposure

    Despite everything, Dwight tries to help Daryl by telling him he should go along with whatever Negan says. "Negan's taken a shine to you. You're lucky." But in order to get Daryl over the hump, he still needs to break the guy. So Dwight switches the music to Roy Orbison's "Crying" and reminds Daryl that his actions got Glenn killed, just as Dwight's led to his sister Tina's demise. Then he gives Daryl a Polaroid of Glenn's destroyed head and Daryl begins to cry. A lot. Pictures really are worth a thousand words!

  • Wrap It Up

    Hoping Daryl is sufficiently broken-of-spirit, Dwight brings him back around to Negan. Negan monologues for a while about how he and Dwight didn't used to be so chummy. He had plans to marry Dwight's sister Tina, who was falling behind in points, before they absconded with her medicine and she died. So Negan took Sherry in her place and took an iron to Dwight's face after Dwight returned, apologetic.


    The story doesn't do much to convince Daryl of his career opportunities under Negan and the promise of his own living quarters. When he's asked his name, he gives the wrong answer: "Daryl." Negan doesn't kill him on the spot, which is a little surprising.


    Dwight throws Daryl back in his cell. Daryl's been paying attention. He tells Dwight that he gets why Dwight did what he did. "You were thinking about someone else," Daryl tells him. "That's why I can't."


    Dwight sees the guy he just shot, Gordon. He's spiked in place, and it must occur to Dwight to wonder if Gordon is the one who's better off.

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