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Going Viral, But Not The Way You Want Things To Because, Oh Yeah, No More Internet

Things go very wrong when the flu strikes inside the prison on The Walking Dead.

  • Previously

    Farmer Rick (Andrew Lincoln) saw a (relatively) sick walker among the hordes that are starting to dangerously crowd the prison fence, Michonne (Danai Gurira) returned from trying to find The Governor (David Morrissey), Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) got himself a lady friend, Carol (Melissa McBride) taught kids how to knife-fight as Carl (Chandler Riggs) sneakily watched, and new nerd Patrick (Vincent Martella) caught a fast-moving flu, died, and got undead.

  • On The Menu

    Rat In The Raw

    Fresh, living rats are on the menu, shoved through a chain-link fence in a non-batter of grime and with the faint scent of the human flesh that just touched it. It may not be the meal you were expecting or hoping for, but think of it as an appetizer for what's behind that prison gate. Who's serving it? Who cares? It's good eatin'! There are several ways to eat your rat:

    Head First: Let the sniffing rodent smell your dead mouth before it can sniff no more. The sudden moment of fear makes the top half tastier!

    Tail First: For the undead slurper, suck down the tail first as a teaser for the pulpy treat to follow.

    Up The Middle: Or start with the juicy bits first and leave the head and tail as something to chew upon while you push against that goddamn fence to get some real food.

  • Here's An Idea

    Don't Sing "I've Got You Under My Skin" When There Are Flesh-Eating Walkers Around

    Surely there are better romantic song choices to croon to your new girlfriend, Tyreese, when there's a very real and present danger of seeing what's under her actual skin in a very real, flayed manner. Perhaps even in this episode! Unless she's into that sort of thing. I mean, that's your business.

  • Snapshot

    Shout-out To Walker Nick

    The children love their new friend, Nick, even though he happens to be a fetid walker. Children are precious and unprejudiced like that. Too bad we can remember his name, but not the names of any of the new human characters on the show.

  • That Happened

    Not A Wu-Tang Clan Listener

    If you listened to the Wu, you would know to always "Protect Ya Neck." Even at night. Even while you're sleeping. You never know: that Milhouse-looking kid Patrick could get sick, die, turn into a walker and find his way into the wide-open and unprotected Cell Block D where you are peacefully dreaming of waffles. Oh, waffles. Why can't you be in my mouth right now OH SHIT OWWWW!

  • Snapshot

    Thanks A Lot, Patrick

    That moment when half of your intestines fall to the floor and you realize that Patrick, now and forever, is the king of all-time great prison practical jokes. You win, Patrick, you rascal. You win.

  • Love, Hate & Everything In Between

    Want Me To Post This On Instagram? I Made An Offline Version Of Instagram, By The Way

    Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie's (Lauren Cohan) love has entered the stage of their relationship where he thinks, "I will take a photo of you while you sleep and show it to you because that's what love is. I think. If you don't kill me or break up with me, it's meant to be."

  • Meeting Time

    Carl Calls A Meeting About His Second Amendment Rights

    Who called the meeting? Carl.

    What's it about? Carl wants to remind his dad Rick that he's been behaving and not acting all Damien about killing people lately. He's even helping with worms and slop and boring-as-shit farming chores. So, can a good kid who's helping feed pigs and stuff please get his gun back? Please, dad? Come on, dad. Please? Dad, don't be a fucking dick.

    How'd it go? It seemed to be going well until those two new sisters come running out of the prison yelling about some crazy thing or another, maybe walkers in cell block D? Rick tells Carl to go up to the guard tower with Maggie. Well, shit. Maybe Maggie has a gun she can give Carl. That would be awesome.

  • Alert!

    Patrick, You Dick!

    Alert Type: Walker breach alert.

    Issue: Patrick's death, undeath, and attack means multiple walkers loose in Cell Block D. Rick, Glenn, Daryl (Norman Reedus) and the gang try to clear the menace as quickly as possible.

    Mitigating Circumstances: There are still people in Cell Block D, including children, and the rescuers can't just shoot willy-nilly. Plus, it's important to ask if someone got bitten even if they look fine.

    Resolution: Walkers are killed and people are rescued, but apparently following the security plan to the letter doesn't mean it's foolproof.

    Spoiler: Carol acts quick to amputate the arm of bitten new guy Ryan (Victor McCay). But when she rolls him over, she sees he has a bite on the back of his neck. The guy has two young daughters.

  • That Quote
    "Haven't seen anybody be lucky in a long time."
    - Bob (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) -
  • Character Study

    Finally, Someone Who Can Deliver A Baby And Has Two Legs

    We don't know much about "Dr. S" (Sunkrish Bala) as he's called, but we do know he seems to know his stuff, casually throwing around Google-worthy medical terms as he examines ripped-apart bodies. He also doesn't wear gloves or a mask as he does this, so maybe he's not that smart.

    Name: Dr. Subramanian.
    Age: Late 30s.
    Occupation: Doctor.
    Goal: To be smarter than the Army medic and the vet.
    Sample Dialog: "Could be pneumococcal."
  • Meeting Time

    Carol Calls A Meeting Of The Junior Death Panel

    Who called the meeting? Carol.

    What's it about? After being asked by an infected Ryan to look after his two girls, Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino) and Mika (Kyla Kennedy), as if they were her own, Carol brings the daughters in to see their father one last time.

    How'd it go? About as traumatizing as you'd expect. After witnessing their dad pass away after just a few words, the crying sisters are told immediately by Carol that "It's time." She says they can wait outside while she does what has to be done. Lizzie has the terrible idea that they should do it themselves. "No! I can't!" Mika whines. Lizzie takes Carol's knife, prepared to run it through her dad's head, but she starts hyperventilating and loses her nerve. Carol does the deed as the girls try to look away and bawl. Jeez, that did not go as planned.

  • And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor

    What We Have In The Way Of Medications

    Dying of a sudden, fast-moving flu virus? Quarantined in the prison cell block that used to be death row? Try What We Have In The Way Of Medications, recommended by 1 out of 1 farm veterinarians for people suffering from the onset of flu-like symptoms. It's not Theraflu, but it's all we've got.

  • That Quote
    "You're So Stupid. (To Carol) She's messed up. She's not weak."
    - Stone Cold Mika Samuels -
  • Fashion Show
    Photo: Gene Page / AMC

    Photo: Gene Page / AMC

    Get The Look: Biker Gravedigger

    Burying the recently deceased is hard, but there's no reason it shouldn't also be badass. There's nothing more metal than mass death and nothing more street tough than volunteering to put all your close friends underground yourself. Just make sure you look good while doing it.

    Black Bandana Worn High: It will protect you from an airborne virus, yeah, but it also looks like half a death cowl.

    Shovel Held Up By Your Wicked Crossbow: You don't need two shovels to dig, but having an extra for show is nice.

    Leather Gloves: To high-five yourself in the most fucking awesome way when this shit's finished. Also good for holding a post-burial beer.

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!
    Photo: Gene Page / AMC

    Photo: Gene Page / AMC

    Teeming Fence Masses vs. Shellshocked Survivors

    Dozens of walkers push the prison fence until it looks like it might fall over. Rick, Glenn, Daryl, Maggie and others try to poke the heads of the horde to make them back off. As this is happening, Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) finds the dead rats, figuring out quickly that somebody has been feeding the walkers. (Best guess: Lizzie.) As the fence is tipping over, Rick looks over at his pig shack and has an idea. He tells Daryl, "Get the truck. I know what to do."

    Winner: Fence pushers, for now.

  • Enhance!
    Screens: AMC

    Screens: AMC











    Photo: Dana Edelson / NBC

    Photo: Dana Edelson / NBC

  • Hell Yeah!

    Michonne Is Not A Machine

    After watching baby Judith do the cutest cover of the "Cups" song yet, Michonne acts strangely as the baby starts to cry, clearly uncomfortable being around her. When Beth (Emily Kinney) asks Michonne to hold Judith, she says emphatically, "No!" But then she relents. And then as something breaks in her, Michonne's defenses go down, she holds the infant close and starts crying herself. It's the most emotion we've ever seen from her and clearly there's some as-yet-unrevealed backstory here.

  • Mutual of PTV's Animal Kingdom

    Rick's idea to get the walkers away from the fence is to take his beloved pigs and to slaughter them outside, drawing the undead away so the others can reinforce the perimeter. Rick slashes into the sides of three piglets and it breaks his heart even though the flu outbreak meant they were going to have to kill the swine anyway.

    Do the walkers fall for it? They do.

  • Symbolism

    Let The Farmers Farm

    The Symbol: Rick's burning pig shack, now devoid of pigs.

    The Scene: After Carl reveals that Carol's been teaching weapons training to the kids, Rick gives Carl his gun and straps one on of his own. He burns down the pallets that made up the pig-raising area and burns his shirt too. After all, it was soaked in the blood of the small pigs he just slaughtered.

    The Meaning: Rick can try to deny who he is, but he's needed more as a leader and a killer than he is as a cucumber-growing rancher.

  • Passages

    Karen, 1972-present

    On his way to deliver flowers to his ailing girlfriend Karen (Melissa Ponzio), Tyreese instead finds a trail of blood leading outside. Two burnt-to-a-crisp bodies are there. They are Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru presumably Karen (based on her bracelet) and "David from the Decatur Group," who was mentioned as having flu symptoms. Did they burn themselves to death with the nearby can of gasoline? Or, more likely, did somebody kill them? Either way, sorry, Tyreese. She seemed like a nice lady. You know Beth is newly single, right?

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