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Casting A Wide Vignette

Scattered stories about the rest of the scattered survivors as they keep crossing paths.

  • Previously

    The Governor's siege of the prison did not go well at all with major casualties on both sides. Tyreese witnesses the Kill-Along Kids shoot Alisha. Tara goes into shock as things go bad in the prison attack. Maggie and Glenn get separated as everybody bailed from the smoking prison and Maggie went looking for her sister, Beth. Sasha, Bob, and Maggie get left behind by the escape bus. Beth ended up taking off with Daryl, which is probably the smartest move of all.

  • Flashback

    Dear Diary: The Apocalypse Is Totally Not As Bad As I Was Expecting!

    Tricky, tricky show with your narrative experimentation! In the opening, oft-neglected character Beth is running away from the wreckage of the prison with Daryl in slow motion, but we hear an auditory flashback as pages from her diary are read in voice-over. The diary was one she recovered when the group made it to the prison, and we get to hear how full of hope she was as they moved in and she believed they'd found a place they could stay forever. Of course, this was before Lori died in childbirth, before her father was beheaded by The Governor, and before they lost their home in the dumbest one-tank battle in military history. As the happy memories play out, we see Beth and Daryl running for their lives through the familiar-looking woods and finally breaking for a clearing where they lie down next to each other, exhausted.

    Screens: AMC

    Screens: AMC

    Wait, what's that in the sky? Uh oh, that can't be good!

  • Alert!

    Oh, Now Things Are Suddenly Too Tough For Daryl To Handle

    Alert Type: Sad Daryl Alert.

    Issue: Exhausted and frustrated and stuck with the perkiest person left in the world, Daryl is silent and brooding as he and Beth share a campfire alone.

    Complicating Factors: Beth and Daryl had to escape the prison so quickly that they don't know if anyone else survived. So Daryl's not exactly sure how to calibrate his level of brood.

    Resolution: Beth snaps Daryl out of it by telling him there have to be more survivors, they just have to find them. "You're a tracker, right? So fucking go track someone!" I mean, not in so many words.

    Spoiler: Daryl's very good at tracking; you wonder why he didn't think of that first.

  • Awkward

    Situation: While trying to track other survivors (hooray for mud footprints!), Daryl is told by Beth to have a little faith. "Faith ain't done shit for us. Sure as hell didn't do nothing for your father."

    What makes it awkward? Nothing, except that her father just got his head chopped off less than 24 hours ago!

    Who's feeling awkward about it? Once he realizes what he just said, Daryl, big-time.

    How is order restored? A long, kind of hilarious silence in which Daryl looks properly shamed. Beth is too nice to call him on his stupidity. Daryl offers her one of his precious bandanas to store some food she's picking. For Daryl, this is huge. Soon, they kill a walker together, which is an even bigger bonding moment.

  • Place Of Interest

    Train Tracks Of Doom And Hope

    Some pretty bad stuff went down here, judging from the bodies and the walkers eating the bodies and that the bodies look fresh. In fact, we'll probably see some of what happened later. But maybe these tracks lead to a better place? It's not entirely impossible, is it?


    Oh, right, yeah, don't look at the small shoe next to the train tracks. That will probably just make you break down and cry.

  • Symbolism

    Delete Journal Entry: Yes/No

    The Symbol: A page torn from Beth's paper journal.

    The Scene: The night that she and Daryl found the train tracks, the bodies, and the small shoe, Beth is fueling the campfire with, presumably, the pages we've been hearing her read.

    The Meaning: As she says in flashback voice-over during the scene, back when the prison was fresh and new, "If this doesn't work, I don't know how I could keep going." Beth is losing her faith, and if things don't change soon, she may find no reason to go on living.

  • That Happened

    One Big Man And Three Little Ladies

    Just as we suspected, baby Judith is alive and well and carried in the beefy arms of Tyreese, who is also watching over the killer sisters Lizzie and Mika. Not only does Tyreese have to deal with crying, diapers, walkers rustling around at night, and morbid questions from Lizzie like, "Is everybody dead?" but they don't make a Baby Bjorn in Tyreese's size, probably.

  • And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor

    Pampers Non-Biodegradable Swaddlers

    Does a baby poop in the walker-infested woods? Of course it does! All the time, when it's least convenient for your survival! Make sure you're not having to deal with a onesie blowout by sticking with the leading brand, Pampers. You know, before this whole undead thing, we were working on a 100-percent biodegradable diaper. But now? Fuck it. Just toss that dirty thing any old place in the woods, partner. What are they gonna do? Fine you? Pampers: because you ain't got time for this shit.

  • That Quote
    "She's gone. You yelled at her and now she's gone!"
    - Lizzie, hilariously, to a stressed-out Tyreese as they chase after Mika -
  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Father, Son, and Tyreese vs. Train-Track Walkers

    Unwisely leaving his young girls alone, Tyreese goes to check on a noise and finds a family being attacked by walkers. A father and his adult son are fending them off. The son doesn't last very long.


    Tyreese decides to help.


    But then the father gets bitten, too. This family is very unlucky.


    Back in the woods, Mika is about to shoot some walkers who are approaching as her sister Lizzie tries to keep the baby quiet by, you know, smothering it to death.


    Tyreese kills the last of them, but there only the father is left alive and he's bitten up.


    Winner: Tyreese, but just barely.

  • Here's An Idea

    Don't Smother The Baby, Lizzie


  • Hell Yeah!

    Welcome Back, Carol

    As unlikely as it might be that Carol, surviving completely on her own, just magically showed up just as Lizzie, Mika, and Judith were about to be attacked, it's nice to have her back. It we're going to retcon it, we'll just say she's been watching the prison since Rick threw her out waiting for an opportunity to snatch the two girls away. Looks like her plan came together, and it sounds like Tyreese never got the word that Carol killed his ladyfriend. When Tyreese suggests they go back to look for Carol's car (after she lies about how things ended with Rick), she refuses.

  • Place Of Interest

    Why Not Try Terminus?

    As he's very close to dying, the man that Tyreese tries to help tells the group that he was trying to follow the train tracks to a place where they'd be safe, even the kids. It's called Terminus, and there's a map conveniently posted nearby that reads, "Sanctuary for all / Community for all / Those who arrive survive." That's a lot more than we could say about the prison, Rick.

  • Fashion Show

    Get The Look: Injured Swashbuckler

    Adventure awaits! Sure, things look a little grim, but there's no reason not to smile and be dashing. All you need:

    Bullet-Wound Bandage: Preferably tied by a pond by a lovely lady who may have just lost her brother in a prison attack.

    Shirt Tied Askew, Baring Three Quarters Of Torso: It drives the lasses insane! Even if they, you know, might have just lost their brothers. Don't bring that up! Oh, you did. Damn.

    A Smile: It really stands out on such a grim show! Smile at our lady friend, and when she looks at you strangely, tell her the smile's not just because you survived. It's because you survived and you're a little horny.

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Maggie vs. The Dead Bus

    While Bob and Sasha seem to be forming a little flirty romance, Maggie is completely consumed with finding Glenn. She knows he was on the bus as it was about to leave and, wouldn't you know it, the three-person group finds the bus shortly after. Unfortunately, it's full of walkers. Maggie has to know if Glenn was in there, so they open the rear door and try to let the walkers out and kill them one by one to ID them. That only works a few times before the rest of the walkers bust out all at once. Maggie, on a rampage, kills a few of them, including one she slams over and over against the side of the bus. Bob, Sasha, and Maggie take like a half second to mourn their friends from the prison, none of whom we really knew by name. Maggie goes into the bus and faces off against more danger, but is relieved with crazy laughter to find that none of them was Glenn. So he must be out there, alive somewhere.

    Winner: Maggie, who is not yet a widow.

  • Plot Lightning Round

    Glenn The Armored Survivor

    Glenn wakes up weak and disoriented, up on a platform above a huge horde of walkers. Oh crap, he's still in the prison! He calls out for Maggie, but of course everybody's gone. Doesn't look like he'll be getting out that way:


    So, he goes back into the prison. He goes back to his cell, finds his riot gear, and lies down, exhausted, sick, and almost ready to give up on life. What snaps him out of it? The instant photo he took of Maggie.


    Glenn gets emotional. Then he goes into Robocop mode. He packs up supplies from around the prison (which, oddly, is still secure on the inside) into a large backpack. And he finds a bottle, which should come in handy. He pushes through the crowd bravely and the helmet-POV shots are pretty disgusting.

    2014-02-17-walking-dead-27 2014-02-17-walking-dead-28

    Glenn finds a survivor, Tara, just hanging around. Well, that's weird.

  • Bad Habits

    Dead Weight

    Has there been a Walking Dead character drippier than Tara? First she pretends like she knows about guns, then she can't seem to keep track of her sister in the middle of a big shootout (does she even know that her niece is dead?), and now she's sitting around holding a gun and doing absolutely nothing even when Glenn is telling her she needs to get up and get out. Only Glenn's demand that she help because he can't get out alone moves her, but you get the feeling she's going to be complaining all the way, going, "Ugh, I wish they would just eat me already, this sucks." I mean, I know your girlfriend just got shot by some kids and that the guy you thought was a good leader turned out to be a total psycho and you feel all guilty about it, but this whole dishrag routine has GOTS TO STOP.

  • Wrap It Up

    Glenn's plan is to throw a Molotov cocktail as a distraction.


    It works!


    Sweet freedom!


    We learn that Tara's sister Lilly got swarmed by walkers during the battle and didn't make it out. Glenn finds out from Tara that Hershel was killed.


    Glenn tries to give a little speech about love and not giving up and how they're going to go find Maggie, but the party is interrupted by walkers, as always happens.


    Glenn tries to fight, but he's pretty weak.


    He collapses.


    Tara fights off the rest of the walkers.


    And then some. As she's obliterating a head into tiny chunks, a military vehicle pulls up.


    Ooh, new guys! Or this is about to be the worst '80s music video shoot ever.

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