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Reason FORE! Golf-related walker gore, as usual.

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Beth The Emotional Explorer

Daryl spills his guts, just not literally, to Beth, who finally breaks down his emotional defenses.

  • Previously

    Daryl was sad at losing so many people, but not so sad that he cried because that would be crazy! The Governor chopped off Hershel's head while Hershel's daughters Beth and Maggie watched. Beth and Maggie got separated as everybody was trying to get out of the prison. Beth, who was trying to get the kids out, ends up with Daryl, who told her she couldn't go back. Beth later tried to convince a despondent Daryl that they're not the only survivors left.

  • Place Of Interest
    Screens: AMC

    Screens: AMC

    Not exactly what I meant by "Let's go parking"

    A beat-up old sedan in a clearing is the locale for a wordless cold open in which Daryl and Beth are running from walkers and scurry into the car's trunk. Daryl ties a rag to hold the lid of the trunk down and somehow it works, through what looks like a very long, very tense night of hiding from the undead, who could at any moment try to open the thing. It doesn't look as if either of them catches a moment of rest. It's not exactly sexy banter and good times if Out Of Sight is what you were expecting.

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    Eastman Eberfirm Aluminum Arrows

    The post-apocalyptic southeast is no place for inferior tools. Spend a year or two in the humid muck of Georgia using wooden crossbow arrows to hunt, kill, and win arguments. See what happens. How's that waterlogged, splintery wood looking now? Not too great, eh? Should have gone with Eastman's Eberfirm Aluminum Arrows! They don't splinter or burn in a fire. Get our point? Well, maybe you should have.

  • On The Menu

    What's On The Menu At Daryl And Beth's Makeshift Camp?

    Daryl's damaged arrows make it tough for him to shoot a tree rodent, so instead he has to use a stick and a knife to hunt something a little lower on the evolutionary chain. That means dinner options are a bit limited. There's...

    Rattlesnake: Even gamier than it sounds! Remove the skin and cook it and you've still got a charred, horrible tube that will never in a million years remind you of what a burrito used to taste like.

    More rattlesnake: It was a long-ass snake! There's quite a lot left.

    Guess what...rattlesnake!: We haven't even gotten close to the tail. Or the rattle. The tail rattle. Whatever, that's good eatin'!

  • A Wizard Did It

    Bogus Bogeys

    Beth decides she wants to drink alcohol now that her dad, a former alcoholic, is dead and can't tell her not to have any. Makes sense, right? Anyway, the search for booze leads Beth and Daryl to a country club and golf course where the greens are not that different from, what, two years ago? With no care whatsoever? Is this self-sustaining, agricultural golf sorcery? Did the walkers take up the game of golf and transfer their hunger and aggression into exceptional grounds-keeping skills? Do Daryl and Beth even notice?

  • Snapshot

    Hanging Chads

    Inside the country club, there are lots of sleeping bags on the floor and walkers strung up from the ceiling. Nobody bothered to put them out of their misery/undeadedness, so they just flop around, forever choking, but not really.

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Beth vs. Alcoholism

    Beth, searching for her first taste of sweet, sweet booze, finally finds a bottle as she searches through a dank, dark kitchen area at the country club. She finds a bottle on a high shelf, brings it down, and is interrupted by a walker, who's like, "Really, I should take that."


    Beth says, "No! You can't have it, it's mine!" and bashes the creep on the head.


    He says, "But I think you have a problem!" and Beth screams back, "How can I have a problem if I haven't even started drinking?" So she stabs the walker in the face with the broken bottle repeatedly.


    Then she stabs it in the head with her knife.


    Winner: Beth wins the argument, but not the battle over drinking.

  • Symbolism

    Your Money's No Good Here

    The Symbol: A dead woman apparently dressed up like a mannequin and propped up with a sign reading, "Rich bitch."

    The Scene: Still searching the country club, Daryl and Beth come across the figure. Daryl says to just leave it alone because the woman's dead, but Beth wants to take it down. Out of respect or something.

    The Meaning: The 1 percent? It seems like the country club became a shelter, judging from all the bodies lying neatly on the ground. There was probably such a thing as class resentment even after the walkers came.

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Daryl vs. Anger Issues (And A Roomful Of Walkers)

    As they enter a large room, Daryl and Beth are swarmed by a bunch of walkers coming in at once. Beth hangs out in a corner while Daryl takes them all out, using his crossbow, then a golf club, then a knife.


    He grabs another golf club after the first one breaks and begins beating the crap out of an elderly walker. And not in the head, either! Daryl starts beating it all over the chest with the club instead of just killing it, leading the walker to say, "Hey, this wasn't part of the deal!"


    When Daryl finishes getting out his aggressions, he takes one last swing. Unfortunately, Beth catches some of that anger as well.

    Screen: AMC

    Screen: AMC

    Winner: Daryl, one under par.

  • That Quote
    "I know you think this is stupid. And it probably is. But I don't care."
    - Beth, in desperate pursuit of one alcoholic drink -
  • That Happened

    Hell For Alcoholics

    Beth cries and can't bring herself to swig from the last bottle of liquor left, which happens to be peach Schnapps. I'd be crying too, but mostly because the only liquor left is peach Schnapps. Daryl agrees. He breaks the bottle and tells Beth that her first drink isn't gonna be some bullshit thing like that, even if this is Georgia and, you know...peaches.

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    It won't make you go blind, probably. Good luck!

  • Playing Games

    Truth Or More Truth

    What's the game? I Never, but Beth doesn't know to call it that.


    Who's playing? Daryl, who's never played this before, and Beth, who has only watched others play.

    What's at stake? Just secrets, really. They're both already getting pretty drunk on moonshine.

    Who wins? Beth, who gets Daryl to open up about never having left Georgia, about never having been on vacation, and about what his life was like before the shitstorm. Daryl takes an angry piss in front of Beth, screams about her spoiled life, and then drags her outside to kill a walker with a crossbow. They fight about Daryl's crappy attitude and about how Beth is less of a fighter than the other women and a lot more likely to die, which Beth seems very self-aware about. Daryl finally breaks down about all the death, having lost hope in seeing any of their friends again. He feels guilty about not having prevented the governor's attack and finally begins to cry. Beth holds him. Victory at drinking game, Beth!

  • Meeting Time

    Porch Meeting, No Walkers Allowed

    Who called the meeting? Probably Beth.

    What's it about? Talking about feelings and stuff.

    How'd it go? Nicely. Daryl talks about what life with Merle was like. He never really had his own identity, he was just a scumbag who went along with whatever Merle was doing. (And since he didn't even exist in the comic, that makes sense.) Beth talks about missing Maggie and the rest of her family and how she always pictured Maggie and Glenn having a baby and her dad growing old enough to be a grandfather. Beth states the obvious: that Daryl has adapted remarkably well to the new world. Then she predicts she'll be dead and Daryl will be the last man standing. "You're gonna miss me so bad when I'm gone, Daryl Dixon," she says. It's a little creepy. Then she has the worst idea ever. She wants to burn down the moonshine house.

  • Here's An Idea

    Don't Burn Down The Only Shelter You Have While You Still Need Shelter

    It's nighttime. Beth and Daryl are both a little drunk. Why not burn down the house and go into the woods in the middle of the night? Brilliant! Well, if you're gonna do it, at least do it with attitude:

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