A Tragic Turn

The show's revolving-door casting gets literal.

  • Previously

    Father Gabriel renounced his clerical collar -- in the campfire! Deanna's husband Reg built a wall! Her douchebag son Aiden commanded Alexandria's supply runs and lost four people last month, supposedly because they panicked! Jessie's husband Pete menacingly welcomed Rick to Alexandria! Rick, Daryl, and Carol were in a secret conspiracy, and Jessie's son Sam caught Carol stealing guns from the armory! Carol shut him up with promises of cookies and also promises to tie him up for the walkers outside the community if he blabbed!

  • Fashion Show

    Get The Look: Man Of God Returned From The Wilderness

    Despite having burned his cellulose collar on the road, Father Gabriel appears to have found a fresh one, if not a full priestly outfit.

    Collar Out: Gabriel seems more or less comfortable in his new vestments as he steps behind the makeshift pulpit in a makeshift garage chapel. But a gift of fresh strawberries left by a thoughtful parishioner leaves him hot under the collar.

    Chapter And Verse: If Gabriel planned to turn over a new leaf, he instead tears out an old one. And another. And most of the Old Testament, as well as all of the New Testament. This guy has some kind of vendetta against religious artifacts lately.

  • Meeting Time

    The Alexandria College Of Architecture And Design

    Who called the meeting? Noah.

    What's it about? Noah thinks it would be a good idea for Reg to pass along some of the knowledge that built that wall.

    How'd it go? Reg is glad to hear that Noah's in for the long haul, and agrees that it would be helpful for someone else to know how to build, repair, and reinforce structures. Best of all, Noah won't have to worry about student loans (spoiler!).

  • And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor

    The Shit Will Be Right!

    Take it from me, Eugene Porter: this component is what we need to repair the community's failing power grid. And there is one brand that means quality, but I don't care what it is and I'm not going to tell you. Seriously, just grab anything that looks like this because I don't want to come along on the supply run to help pick it out. Accept any substitute. Seriously. Oh, I'm coming anyway? Great.

  • Symbolism

    Not So Wise Now, Are Ya?

    The Scene: While on "patrol," Rick finds Jessie in her garage, standing over the remains of her destroyed owl sculpture. He offers to look into the crime for her.

    The Symbol: Wisdom and knowledge lie in ruins.

    The Meaning: Rick wants to get it wet.

  • That Quote
    "Were it not for me and my mention of this city's potential for home and hearth, not a one of you would have had the vision to come here, let alone the cojones to travail such a fraught and punishing pilgrimage. That, sister, is a fact."

    - Eugene Porter -
  • Travel

    Ware? To The Warehouse!

    The away team -- Glenn, Tara, Noah, a reluctant Eugene, and Alexandrians Aiden and Nicholas -- arrive at a warehouse that stores supplies for solar energy systems.

    Warehouse FAQ


    Q: What are the ins and outs?
    A: Aiden and Nicholas plan to bust right in the back door, but Glenn insists on locating all the exits first in case things go pear-shaped. But what are the chances of that happening?


    Q: Is there a welcoming committee?
    A: Yes, more than one. Noah deals with a single greeter when they arrive, and then he and Glenn discover hordes of them milling around the front entrance. Which should make for an interesting departure when it's time to go.


    Q: Is there a friendly staff?
    A: The group discovers some tireless full-time employees manning a caged-off area deep in the warehouse. I'm sure they would be happy to join our heroes for a bite if they weren't tied up.


    Q: Will we find what we're looking for?
    A: Not only that, they're practically unboxed already!

  • Plot Lightning Round

    Aiden Blows It


    Uh-oh, a soldier-walker has the run of the place, and it's still got riot gear. Aiden's bullets only ricochet off its face-shield!


    Glenn knows what to do, but Aiden isn't listening.


    Which is bad.


    Really bad.


    Really really bad.


    The explosion flattens most of the group except Aiden, who's been impaled on the wreckage of a shelving unit. Because when you don't listen to Glenn, bad things happen.


    Eugene and an injured Tara are cut off from the others and each other, but not from the walkers escaping from the breached cage.


    Glenn and Noah to the rescue!


    The survivors regroup in the shipping office. Tara's still alive, but it's not looking good.


    The good news? So is Aiden, it turns out. Well, it's not totally good news, because Aiden needs to be de-kabobbed in the presence of numerous walkers and is a douchebag anyway. Nicholas wants to bail, but the others, including Eugene, insist on doing the right thing. Because that's what Tara would do.

  • Health
    From the desk of

    Dr. Peter Anderson


    Sergeant Abraham Ford


    Post-Traumatic Stress, Failure To Re-Assimilate, Anger Issues, Incipient Alcoholism


    Joining an offsite construction crew that is suddenly beset by walkers and heroically rescuing one worker the others leave for dead, accompanied by therapeutic repetitions of the healing affirmation mantra "mother dick."

  • Awkward

    Beer Summit

    Situation: Pete pays Rick a visit to suggest they have a beer together.

    What makes it awkward? Rick's after Pete's wife, and isn't sure if Pete knows it. In either case, Pete is clearly not on his first brewski.

    How is order restored? Pete tells Rick they'll be friends and leaves without ever having accused Rick of anything. Or even having sat down.

  • Passages

    R.I.P. Aiden Monroe

    Nicholas is the first to realize that the effort to unskewer Aiden is doomed to failure, and informs him, "You left them. We both did. That's who we are," before bailing. Aiden confesses to Glenn what really happened to the runners he lost: "They didn't panic; we did." Glenn and Noah are forced to leave Aiden to his fate, which is probably to be one of those increasingly common "Wow, what happened here?" zombies.

  • Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Nicholas vs. The Outside Zombies; Glenn and Noah vs. The Inside Zombies

    Nicholas tries to flee via the front exit, but the undead mob outside takes his gun and forces him back into the revolving door. At the same time, Glenn and Noah are overrun and out of ammo in the lobby, with nowhere to go but into the other side of the same revolving door. Leaving our two intrepid adventurers and Nicholas with literally nowhere to go.

    Winner: The walkers, failing some major development.

  • Meeting Time

    Constructive Self-Criticism

    Who called the meeting? Tobin, Chief of Construction.

    What's it about? Tobin nominates a new Chief of Construction.

    How'd it go? Tobin informs Deanna, Reg, and Maggie that he blew it, and that Abraham is not only the reason Francine is still alive, he's still out on the site directing the work. Deanna agrees, and after Tobin departs, relieved in more ways than one, Maggie tells her it's the right call. Deanna seems concerned that yet another of the newcomers is in charge of something now. Maggie reassures her rather than taking over her job on the spot.

  • Alert!

    My Name Is Sam. I Live On The Second Floor.

    Alert Type: Domestic Abuse Alert.

    Issue: Since Jessie's kid Sam busted Carol stealing from the armory, he's not blackmailing her into baking cookies with him.

    Complicating Factors: Sam lets slip that he sometimes breaks things when he's angry…like the owl statue. And cookies aren't the only thing he wants from Carol.

    Resolution: When Carol asks why Sam wants a gun, the kid makes a run for it.

    Spoiler: Carol probably isn't going to be worried much longer about Sam squealing on her.

  • Hell Yeah!


    At the warehouse, Eugene has escaped the building with the still-unconscious Tara, and is now using the van -- including Aiden's loud club mix -- to draw away the walkers (especially the ladieeez) from the front of the building! Now Glenn can use a rifle butt to smash through the front of his and Noah's section of the revolving door, Nicholas can follow and retrieve his gun, and they can all get out of there! Aces!

  • Hell No!

    No Saint, Nicholas

    But Nicholas panics, as is apparently his wont, and he forces his side of the door open to the outside -- which forces the other side open to the inside, allowing the walkers on the inside to grab the unfortunate Noah and drag him into the lobby.

  • Passages

    R.I.P. Noah

    And thus Glenn gets to watch close up through the Plexiglas as Noah is torn apart. It's not hard to imagine Beth Greene looking down from somewhere and saying, "Really?"

  • Wrap It Up

    Nicholas catches up with Eugene to hijack the van back to Alexandria. Eugene tries to stand him down, but he's outmatched; Eugene's not half the coward Nicholas is.


    Glenn to the rescue again! But not Noah this time.


    Carol decides to see what's going on at Sam and Jessie's house, only to get the door shut in her face. Pete's hostile attitude, combined with Carol's hard experience from her past life with Ed, seems to tell her all she needs to know.


    Oops, Noah left his study notes in the van. Somebody tell the professor he won't be in class tomorrow.


    Gabriel shows up at Deanna's house to blow the whistle on Rick and his group, warning that they're bad people. Deanna is in denial, but she promises to think about it.


    And neither of them seems to be aware that Maggie's listening in. Before Deanna finds out, she's sidetracked by the sound of Glenn hollering for help as the away team returns, much diminished and with nary a Micro Inverter.


    Meanwhile, Carol is reporting to Rick that Pete's been hitting Jessie and maybe Sam, too. In fact, Carol has already fast-forwarded to the end of this plotline in her head and she informs Rick, "You're gonna have to kill him."


    It's good to be the Constable.

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