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Top Ten Time

Pharrell finds his sass, Korin finds more of Gwen's wardrobe, but Carson still hasn't found a razor on The Voice.

You guys, let's be honest about something: up to, and including this very night, Pharrell hasn't been having a great season. Even as the reigning coaching champion, his team has been weak and with this latest round of eliminations, Madi's all he has left. But for the first time in a long time, I saw something. Something beautiful. I saw Pharrell's coat. The fact that he chooses to don what I can only describe as a cross between a letterman's windbreaker and a pimp coat signals, to me at least, that he's finally coming out to play. That he ditched his (astronomically expensive) sunglasses in the process is only a bonus. A sassily dressed Pharrell is the best Pharrell, and for this return to form, I am truly grateful this holiday season.

But yet…there's still the matter of the rest of the show. Brad Paisley performs! Teams Gwen and Adam perform! Korin gets Twitter-saved once again (seriously, what is wrong with you voters?!), and Evan gets eliminated, partly because of his terrible sweater (probably; see above and judge for yourself)!

Here's the power Rankling of the Top 10, with videos from the Knockouts:

  1. Braiden Sunshine

    Pro: His voice is incredibly well developed and he seems sweet.
    Con: Gwen has him doing songs that are too old for him. Performing without his glasses doesn't help either.

    Saved By: America
    Team: Gwen

  2. Zach Seabaugh

    Fun Fact: Zach was actually montaged during the Knockoffs, so this video isn't even from the official The Voice YouTube. Thanks, random user!

    Pro: His baritone is easily the best that this show's seen in several seasons.
    Con: He doesn't seem to know how to perform without being a cheeseball.

    Saved By: America
    Team: Blake

  3. Korin Bukowski

    Pro: Her voice is as clear as a bell, and she's clearly popular on social media.
    Con: This is the second week in a row that she's had to rely on Twitter to save her; she needs to step it up and add more "Korin" and less "Gwen" to her next performance.

    Saved By: Twitter
    Team: Gwen

  4. Madi Davis

    Pro: She definitely has a vision.
    Con: The execution of that vision can be wonky at times.

    Saved By: America
    Team: Pharrell

  5. Emily Ann Roberts

    Pro: Technically, she's fine?
    Con: Personality-wise, she's as dry as the turkey some of you are going to be subjected to this week.

    Saved By: America
    Team: Blake

  6. Shelby Brown

    Pro: She's flown under the radar so far, so there's no one voting against her…
    Con: ...but she needs a breakout moment soon so people start voting for her.

    Saved By: America
    Team: Adam

  7. Barrett Baber

    Pro: Basically, he's the whitest of the white guys.
    Con: Everything! He fails to grasp the basics of musicality.

    Saved By: America
    Team: Blake

  8. Amy Vachal

    Pro: Artistically, she's the most developed of all the performers.
    Con: Her style can be polarizing, and the wrong cover at the wrong time could cost her.

    Saved By: America
    Team: Adam

  9. Jeffery Austin

    Pro: Jeffery's continually improved each week.
    Con: He's neither Sam nor Jordan Smith.

    Saved By: America
    Team: Gwen

  10. Jordan Smith

    Pro: He's the vocal equivalent of your favorite kitten video.
    Con: None; he's the trifecta of unthreatening: high-pitched, glasses, cardigans.

    Saved By: America
    Team: Adam

Here's how the teams currently stand:

Team Adam: Amy Vachal, Jordan Smith, Shelby Brown

Team Gwen: Braiden Sunshine, Jeffery Austin, Korin Bukowski

Team Pharrell: Madi Davis

Team Blake: Barrett Baber, Emily Ann Roberts, Zach Seabaugh

Do you think Madi is strong enough to rep Team Pharrell solo? Will Korin ever not be in need of the Twitter save? Debate below!


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