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Battle 'Til You Can't Battle No More

Finally, a moment for Kimberly's hair to shine.

The final night of Battles brings with it few surprises, but do jazz and kidney stones really count as surprises anyway? Probably not, so it's best to focus on Kimberly from Little Big Town; her hair (so big, so fluffy, so teased) is the true star of the evening.

Here's how the final battles throw down, Rankled on a scale from fine to awesome:

3. Ricky Manning vs. Brittany Butler

Song "On Broadway"
Team Pharrell

Brittany and Ricky both earn major points for taking on the only showtune of the Battle Round; though they are both intimidated at first, they manage to flip the arrangement in a way that plays the uniqueness to their advantage. Though they start off the performance disjointed -- while Ricky sings, Brittany deliver a serious case of bitchy resting face -- it ultimately comes together. Brittany's voice is incredible and Pharrell likens her scats to skittles (what does that even mean, P?). In the end, though, it's Ricky who really takes the note to let loose to heart and he delivers a confident performance that sees him working both the stage and camera really, really well.

Winner Ricky Manning

2. Beth Stangler vs. Mia Pfirrman

Song "I Turn To You"
Team Adam

Do you think having a Christina Aguilera song in the Battle Round is a requirement? If it is, Adam certainly made the most of the opportunity by handing the song to Beth and Mia, two young singers with big voices but little stage presence. After being appropriately intimidated by Stevie ("neither of you are Christina Aguilera"), the two are further challenged by Adam to perform with subtlety. Luckily, both manage to deliver -- the performance is filled with some nice harmonizing and controlled vocalizations, though Mia's belting is pitchy at times. Beth really works the stage, making the most of her opportunities to interact with the crowd.

Winner Mia Pfirrman
Steal Beth to Team Gwen

1. Kensington Moore vs. Reagan James

Song "Team"
Team Blake

For the first time in the history of The Voice, someone missed a rehearsal. Was Kensington dying? No, but she had kidney stones, which I imagine feels the same anyway. Her absence means that Reagan gets double-rehearsal time, giving her a change to work through the song with both Kimberly from Little Big Town and a recovered Kensington. The work pays off during the performance, as fifteen-year-old (!!) Reagan easily takes the stage with far greater confidence than that of her partner. The two harmonize well together, but Kensington is simply singing, whereas Reagan is truly performing.

Winner Reagan James

Honorable Mention: The Montage

Teams Blake and Gwen

Per Tuesday night tradition, The Voice disposes of three unseen battles by means of a mashup. Can you believe we were robbed of Charli XCX? How rude.

Winners Alison Bray, Anita Alvarez, and Bryana Salaz

With the Battle Round now complete, here's where the teams stand:

Team Adam: Chris Jamison, Alessandra Castronovo, Damien, Rebekah Samarin, Blessing Offor, Matt McAndrew, Toia Jones, Mia Pfirrman

Team Blake: Griffin, James David Carter, Grant Ganzer, Tanner Linford, Jessie Pitts, Taylor Brashears, Reagan James, Allison Bray

Team Pharrell: Elyjuh Rene, Luke Wade, Jean Kelley, Taylor Phelan, Menlik Zergabachew, Katriz Trinidad, DaNica Shirey, Ricky Manning

Team Gwen: Taylor John Williams, Sugar Joans, Craig Wayne Boyd, Troy Ritchie, Ryan Sill, Beth Stangler, Anita Alvarez, Bryana Salaz

How do you think the teams are looking? Are you excited for the Knockout Round to start next week? I'll be teasing my hair Kimberly-style in anticipation!

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