Rejected Titles For ABC Family's New Martha's Vineyard Reality Show

  • Summering
  • WASP Meet
  • Polos & YOLOs & Fro-Yos
  • Sailing & Yale-ing
  • Old Money
  • Tom Collins Tipsies
  • Snoots
  • Madras Nation
  • Four-Martini Lunch
  • The Seersuckers
  • Garden Partying
  • To The Many Historic Lighthouses
  • Check Yourself Before You Prep Yourself
  • ...What's The New Housekeeper's Name?
  • Muffy's Unplanned Pregnancy
  • Pier Pressures
  • Trust Me, I Drive Better Drunk
  • Chill In Chilmark
  • The Pills
  • Yes, It's Really Called Gay Head, Now Grow Up, Chester
  • LOL White People

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