The Strain Only Has One Relationship That Still Works: Fet And Feraldo

The two go-getters get it done while everybody else sputters and stalls.

All right, it's been twenty-three days since vampires came to America and turned everything to shit, but is that any reason to let your friendships and romances die?

It seems that's what's happening to the characters on The Strain, all of whom are, in some way, recovering from a blowout finale that left other characters dead, missing, or in some sort of flux. Of course, the nation is at war and things are looking pretty grim for Team Humanity, but this is supposed to be a plucky action TV show! Why the long face, people? Buck up, little campers!

And that's why the functional friendship between exterminator-turned-vampire hunter Vasiliy Fet and councilwoman-turned-battlefield general Justine Feraldo seems so fresh and necessary. The two not only respect and genuinely like each other, but they're working in tandem to do something about the plague, and to fight to get their city back. Fet -- who is currently helping Navy SEALs in their attempt to track down The Master (now in the body of former goth-rock star Gabriel Bolivar) -- reports to Feraldo, but she's the one asking for a favor when they meet at the New York Office of Emergency Management. When she barks out her frustration on the phone and then apologizes for the "disease" she's always had of speaking her mind, Fet says with open admiration, "Don't you ever use the cure." She wants more soldiers from the U.S. government, something Fet can't really provide. But instead of turning on Fet, Feraldo shakes his hand and urges him to keep doing what he's doing -- helping the soldiers, where he can, in getting a victory anywhere possible. It's an easy, mutually admiring exchange, one that underlines how badly everyone else is relating at the moment. Feraldo finds Fet to be one of the only New Yorkers she can trust to lead the fight. And Fet admires Feraldo's New York Strong gusto.

Ephraim is a drunken wreck, still struggling to improve a bioweapon that appears not to be as effective as was at first believed. He's now without a girlfriend and lab partner. He's losing the respect of Feraldo, who visits him in his makeshift lab and advises him to take a shower. His son is still missing and Eph has nightmares about the boy returning as an ugly (though probably less annoying) creature of the night. And his relationship with his ex-wife Kelly is complicated when her shambling disguise of a human body tells him he has to trade The Lumen, that weird book of power, for Zach, who (for now) is still safe and human.

Michael Gibson / FX

Michael Gibson / FX

Speaking of The Lumen: Setrakian is taking his sweet time studying its many secrets and translating the thing, much to the frustration of Fet, who stops by for a visit and is mostly ignored; and Quinlan who wants to go kick some ass, but is urged by Abraham not to be hasty. Setrakian's ongoing obsession with vampire lore is frustrating everyone around him and it doesn't seem like he's getting anything useful out of the book yet after a week of study.

Michael Gibson / FX

Michael Gibson / FX

Quinlan may be frustrated by Setrakian's study-dragging, but he can't be thrilled about Fet's hostility either. Fet doesn't like Quinlan and makes it perfectly clear that he's never going to trust a vampire, even one as badass as Quinlan. To make matters worse for the ancient warrior, Quinlan isn't getting along with what remains of The Ancients either. They don't trust him, and he keeps insisting he's not their servant, even if their goal is the same: to kill The Master.

And perhaps most disturbingly, Gus -- who had serious hero potential last season -- is now holed up with his vampire mother at their old apartment, and drawing his own blood to feed her in a dog bowl. It's depressing and super-codependent and a huge step back for Gus.

All the more reason to celebrate Fet and Feraldo, who -- in the midst of a group of survivors who are all alienating each other -- are enjoying a healthy, productive working relationship that may be the city's only hope.

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