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Oh, Brothers

Bruno's right about everything; just ask him! ...Later. Ask him later.

See my comments from last week about Bruno possibly having a brain injury. His behavior this week is sufficiently selfish and clueless -- at no point does he apologize, to anyone, for anything -- that I'm less inclined to believe he's suffering from some kind of post-concussion syndrome and more into the theory that, whether consciously or not, he understands that his rages earn him both attention and deference. People are afraid of him; people are all the time running after him or muscling him out of rooms, trying to calm him down, and what he takes from that is not "I'm out of control" or "I poison every situation I'm in because I'm a fucking toddler emotionally" but "I am feared/have power, ergo I am in the right."

Like, he's cool with Briah now, sort of...because Briah apologized...but on Briah's last night in the house, he stays in with Carla instead of going out with the housemates, and it's not because he feels weird around them because he locked himself in the confessional and lay on the floor all anger-cashed, it's not because they made him feel unwelcome (though they should have, IMO). He just...doesn't want to go. He'd rather stay in with Carla, who clearly has no idea how her boy's acting up when she's not around.

And not for nothing, but back in the day, Bruno would have gotten the boot well before now, never mind for lunging repeatedly and with intent at housemates. I guess the production can't maintain as strict a no-blackout-rages policy if the entire premise of the season is to provoke them...but he doesn't even get a talking-to, just an off-camera producer asking about Bruno's horseshit daddy issues. (The same producer does ask Sylvia if she thinks Bruno should leave the house, but it's not like the answer matters, and Sylvia knows it.) Bruno's dragging Nicole and Jason down with him in the rankings, too.

"What the hell?" I'll list the housemates from best to worst each week. First place gets 7 points, second place 6, and so on. Whoever has the most points at the end of the season is probably the most awesome person in the RW: Skeletons house. No, Mr. Snuggledicks doesn't get his own slot. No, I don't think this is a terribly scientific system. Yes, I went to university "for this."

  1. Sylvia
    Her obvious dread when Briah first arrives would be funny, except it...isn't, given what happens, and she's right on when she says Bruno won't ever admit he's wrong, or even think it in the first place, so she's kind of done. Respect also for her saying in so many words to Madison's face that she thinks Madison's "an idiot" for trying to have a relationship with Tony.
  2. Violetta
    The stripper/birthday thing never went anywhere, fortunately, because that kind of showoffy sex-positivity is tedious to us old ladies. Ditto the needing of the brassiere, although this old lady is probably jus jellus. But Violetta is fairly awesome this week: trying to talk to Briah, then wisely figuring out he's in loyalty-dick mode and backing off pronto; approaching Bruno with a slurry "You're angry, that's fine. Cake pop?"
  3. Tony
    His bro, Shane, also comes to visit, and what a contrast with Bruno's stiff, aggro relationship with Briah. Shane is out, has been out, and Tony could give a shit -- and they've taken adversity from childhood and used it to bond them, not drive a wedge between them. Tony apologizes to Bruno for the trifling whatever that set Bruno off, trying to squash it and resume a peaceful living situation for the final days in the house, which I respect while still wishing he hadn't given Bruno the satisfaction (Bruno doesn't even accept it graciously, just keeps banging on how Tony had his finger in Bruno's face, like, what are you, four?).
  4. Madison
    Put a whole pair of shorts on there, Cheeks.
  5. Jason
    On the one hand, I'm impressed that he knows how to talk to Bruno when he's in Bettenhulk mode, but on the other hand, I wish he wouldn't bother. It's turning into a competition between him and Nicole for who can cosset and enable Bruno's anger the most, and it's an only slightly better look than the anger itself. When Briah arrives, Madison wonders if someone should go with Bruno "in case he gets mad," and Jason's prompt, dry "nope!" is, in my opinion, a way smarter play long-term; too bad he didn't stick that landing.
  6. Nicole
    When she suggests taking Bruno's shit and blaming Briah for it, I laughed, but I also felt genuinely scared that she and Jason would do it, and get killed. It's sweet that she's loyal to Bruno, and I don't disagree that part of the Bruno-smash behavior comes from protecting himself, or deep wounds of childhood, or whatever -- but her protection of him, from restraining him during freak-outs to SPRINTING after him when he charges out of the van, is starting to feel really unhelpful.
  7. Bruno
    He won't go out with Briah and the housemates. He forbids Briah from discussing their grandfather's death. He claims he's no longer homophobic, but is clearly weirded out by Briah's sexuality, which Briah hasn't been able to bring himself to explicitly declare to Bruno (because: Bruno) and even says it's "awkward for" him. (For Bruno, not Briah, because why would Bruno care what's awkward for Briah, or anyone else?) He really believes he's right to lunge at Sylvia for "putting her hands on" him, and to rage at her for knowing he can't fight back because she's a girl. He lets Nicole chase him all over Chicago and get him calmed down, then doesn't even let the front door close behind him before he's right up in Tony's face back at the house. I'm sure his dad really was the Great Santini dickwad Bruno describes, but reasons aren't excuses, and...congrats, Junior. You're turning into him. Get the fuck over yourself.

Season To Date Rankings

Rank Name Points Trending
1 Nicole 61
2 Jason 54
3 Sylvia 45
4 (tie) Madison 33
4 (tie) Tony 33
5 Violetta 30
6 Bruno 28
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