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Chip Off The New Block

Jason's skeleton closes out the Real World season, and our power rankings.

The appearance of the noirishly named Lafayette Ricks in the role of Jason's skeleton/father came as a surprise to me. I don't know who else I thought would show up for Jason, given that his baby mama just had said baby and we've heard about Jason's non-fathering father nonstop all season. Maybe it's good that I still have this naïveté about how far Real World is willing to go with this shit and/or how low people will stoop on-camera? But here he is, foolishly trying to sell "I'm here now, that's all that matters" and "you didn't do too bad." Really, Ricksie? With the snapshots of your "real" family who you raised, and the thinking "you have some of my character" can be taken as a compliment in this situation?

It's hard to watch, but it's also sort of affirming, because Jason's trying to take it for what it is and find the good in it, focus on the better-late-than part -- and he's also trying to respect Nicole's feelings about their altercation and move forward. He's wrong to have put hands to her, of course, but everything he does afterward is right, I'd say. She can't forgive him and she can't pretend to, which is right too, and he knows he has to sit with that and do better in the future, and that's what he's doing.

...I assume. A cursory glance at the guide for next week doesn't show a reunion episode; the one time I'd really like an update on the housemates and we get bubkes (probably because stupid Bruno wouldn't come back or something). Are Tony and Madison still together? Whose bra was that on Sylvia's head?


I have questions!

"What the hell?" I'll list the housemates from best to worst each week. First place gets 7 points, second place 6, and so on. Whoever has the most points at the end of the season is probably the most awesome person in the RW: Skeletons house. No, Mr. Snuggledicks doesn't get his own slot. No, I don't think this is a terribly scientific system. Yes, I went to university "for this."

  1. Violetta
    What a comeback by Ambassador Milerman, folks. Noting that violence doesn't solve any problems doesn't seem very insightful on her part, until she sighs, "Look at me and Madison," and her clumsy "check out this new...thing on device!" efforts to herd everyone away from Jason and his dad are sweet. She says she's learned a lot from her roomies, especially Madison, and I believe her; she says she cares about them even if she's not crying because she's "just kinda like a serial killer," and I...believe her on that too? Hee. Well played on the homestretch, lady.
  2. 2015-03-11-rw-nic-01 2015-03-11-rw-nic-02
  3. Nicole
    You know...this isn't to mitigate against Jason putting her on the wall, at all, but when Nicole says despairingly of Jason, "You're a boy," and couches the incident in terms of his having gotten physical with a woman, it's in no small part about her realizing she's not a boy -- that as tough as she is, fit, a trained EMT, jumping in to restrain housemates of all genders throughout the season, Jason can still pick her up, can still best her in that way. Yes, it's that he did it, to a woman and to a friend of his...but it's also that he could do it, and as much as she's one of the guys, she's not, and she's rattled. She admits this, partly, at the end, but again, when she says she misses the person she "thought he was," she may miss the tougher cookie she thought she was just as much. Zero judgments from this tall drink of water, by the way, and it's shitty any way you slice it. Points for doing her and not giving in to pressure to make nice because it's the end of their time there, too.
  4. 2015-03-11-rw-jason-sweep
  5. Jason
    Shoving Nicole is not okay, but he knows full well he fucked up and doesn't make excuses, which is more than you can say for 95% of this show's misbehavers. He still loves Nicole even if she never talks to him again, and he's trying to figure out how to incorporate his father into his life, and forgive him, without forgetting the past. Basically a solid dude who lost it because he felt unspecial; it happens.
  6. Tony
    The crack about getting "doing dishes in Chicago" off his "bucket list" shouldn't have cracked me up, but: here we are. Apologizes to Sylvia, is charmingly pro-therapy when production sends one in to talk about domestic violence, and says he and Madison are together, and he's going to prove to her and himself that it can work. That sounds like dangerous reasoning, frankly -- romantic relationships can't be about "proving" -- but we'll see. (We won't. I give them 8 weeks.) In conclusion, see next.
  7. Madison
    Don't bone your boy on the communal couch. Come on.
  8. Sylvia
    Apologizes to Tony; fails to offend otherwise. Thought she'd be my favorite in the house. Nope. Has some chilling out to do.
  9. Bruno
    Bruno blows off the therapy, and all the housemate hangs of the last week, even the last night out; he'd rather hang out with Carla, which, okay, but it's one night? Carla picks him up for the airport, and he says goodbye to Nicole, and only Nicole, before "shrugging" that he doesn't care how it looks or what people think of him. Horseshit: he's crazy insecure, and would rather Irish-goodbye them than feel less-than (which is his own self-isolating doing), not to mention that he can't spend an evening without Carla. She loves him, no? So she'll still be there in two hours after he has a gracious drink with his roommates? Glad to see the back of this dink, for real.

Season To Date Rankings

Rank Name Points Trending
1 Nicole 76
2 Jason 68
3 Sylvia 56
4 Violetta 51
5 Tony 44
6 Madison 42
7 Bruno 31
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