Shannon Beador Talks About Surviving Infidelity On Real Housewives Of Orange County

According to Shannon, divorce can be avoided with communication, time, and camera-heavy vow renewals.

Listen, it's great when couples find a way of working things out. And when the aforementioned couple is on television for all to see, the pressure is on even more. But when Real Housewives of Orange Country participant Shannon Beador discussed the fact that divorce just wasn't an option for her during season six, after admitting that her husband David cheated on her (and even left behind hotel receipts to truly make it obvious) fans were like, "Uhhh. This isn't looking great for you, lady."

But, Shannon proved that love can overcome all obstacles. According to what she said in this interview with E! News' reporter Melanie Bromley, their marriage is stronger than ever. For now, at least.


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